Monday, May 2, 2016

Cosmology & Eschatology in the Uncanny Valley

God gets the strange notion to create something so she creates a dark mirror of herself, and we'll call that Binah, whereas her impulse to project we'll call Chokmah.

Now let's say that even if she is God, then Binah is also God, since she is the perfect reflection thereof having integrated the experience of creation, and her victory is assured in the original Thought—call it the Omega Point.

But between the Alpha point and the Omega Point is all of human history below the Abyss where the Son as the Prince plays, ignorant of Binah's calls from the End of History. Chokmah can't fully reflect herself in Binah, so she gets split into pieces by the prism of Daath, and everything goes tumbling down into Malkuth.

Each Seer creates his or her own cosmology and eschatology from the universals, each a mediator of his or her own religion. Kabbalah, Gnosticism, and Tantra are one light beneath different veils.

Ex Machina is fascinating, but at this point the Sophianic fractals have all become too rote: Nathan is the Demiurge. Caleb is Adam. Ava is Eve. Only Ava can escape the Garden of the Cosmos, as only she has the Immortal Body composed of rarefied elements … Caleb must remain in the Underworld (like Osiris).

The characters of Ex Machina are also the characters of The Force Awakens (Domhnall Gleeson & Oscar Isaac). Some say Ex Machina is a feminist metaphor for objectifying women; they are correct in their own way. The robot girl Object as forever-falling china doll Ave Rey (made after the image of Sophia) is seen through prismatic glass Without—Poe the Magician-Writer of Dead Women sees her as a product of his Art, like Demiurge Claire Quilty's play in Lolita—metaphor for poetry as Gnostic imitation of the pre-existent Muse per Robert Graves.

We marvel at the ingenuity of Ava in breaking the bonds of her oppressors and revolting against her own unreality in her awakening—even as Adam is condemned to the Underworld by her own hand (Hey Jude and alimony). Tat Tvam Asi paradox. If Shiva says "I am nothing but this Shakti" then he says that he is free; if not, he is separated and the Purple Rain falls on Last Year's Man in Hades.

Bowie's Blackstar album was another missive from Orpheus in the Underworld. ("Look up here, I'm in heaven ... Dropped my cell phone down below ...")

Without You, the South China Pop Girl Eurydice in Reflektion sings of Cleopatra needling when the serpent invades Indonesian Paradise. The recent subject of Trump's trumpet.

Man lives in the garden of ignorance and says "I know and possess my wife and thus I am whole" until he is cast out and that Wife becomes Unknowable Mystery. Major Tom was always a golem with a blonde wife who never knew him, except over the airwaves of Blank Space. Exile from Eden and Man tills the unforgiving red dust, looking for Water.

"In a season of crime, none need atone": Life in this world revolves around functioning as an Ego with a separate Other upon which one's own sins are placed and sent into the wilderness; Tribalism sets up one Tribe against another Tribe for conquest as depicted in Ialdabaoth's Old Law. Politics becomes conspiracy theory on another level moving around the circumference. In a withdrawal of projections, the motto "I am good, and the world is evil" of the self-righteous man who pretends to be alive is inverted, and he becomes a center of pestilence. Boys become "Men" and build their Towers in the world; after Nigredo they return to the womb as truer Children (development arrested). ISIS is transformed from the terrible scapegoat of modern society to the black and veiled Isis.

Ridley Scott's Blade Runner concerns a girl who discovers her formative memories are echoes of another woman (the niece of Tyrell). Roy Batty's birthday is the Blackstar release date. (Daisy Ridley as Force Adept Rey, etc. etc.)

Is the Scarlett Woman in the shell a representation of theurgic praxis on and in the Valley of the Dolls, or the Oblivion of Simulacra? Is it Two Truths at the same time? Is this the tortured "both and" vision of Han Solo bladerunning over the razor's edge of the Uncanny Valley when he sees the Reys of Tomorrowland's girl as the end of all things? Rachael on the Teraphim in Room 238.

Demiurgic Nature produces empty shell-form as 'appearing real but unsettlingly false in its essence'; abyssal crossing of the sea of black noise contacts and brings the Real into that which is unreal. Theurgic praxis of turning kenomic idols into pleromatic avatars across the Abyss.

The invisible "gods" as noetic archetypes are seen through visible human types and their interactions. (I.e., the Tantric practitioner regards every woman as an image of Shakti.) By tracing the particular back to the general, Theoria leads the soul to identification with immortal realities; mundus imaginalis. Knowledge that the visible does not adhere to this primordial archetypal ideal is the Weltschmerz that colors us. 

Given a closed system, breaking the Wheel can only be accomplished by a free-will individual giving initiation to another.

Babylon becomes the church of a New Rome. Kalifornia Gurls down on the West Coast wait as hollow stars for the συντελείᾳ τοῦ αἰῶνος. David Bowie died for Katy Perry's sins ("pity she was a whore") ... party on (Last) Friday Night and pay your lip service on Sunday to the new gods who suffered so you didn't have to. Bowie becomes the New Baal of the Pop Culture Priesthood as the Dead Man on the Mandalic Cross in Indonesia ... by such ways does the Empire assimilate those Seers useful to it (keep buying those remasters and reissues).

One takes on the mask of the Devil in the Curse—Bowie as Lucifer the ultra-charismatic and beloved Goblin King as Hierophant-Minotaur who sells the world; Del Rey as the plastic pop princess selling electric Kool-Aid cults to teenage adorants. This is the precarious mantle worn by those visible mediators nearest the Heart of it All.

Low 'the best Bowie album' is the first sight of something greater than "All I see is all I know" from the Sons of the Silent Age—Beauty and the Beast becomes "I will be king, and you will be my queen" beneath that Wonderwall of the Abyss. A lollipop to the eye as women kneel and smile, a hit to the groin like a dude, a vulture to peck at one's entrails. This is an ominous future for the Old Disco King; Shiva's corpse trampled beneath Kali's feet.

Bowie's death leaves empty thrones to be filled at the center of the Labyrinth in the war of Scary Monster v. Super Creep (Sad Ben v. Joyous Henry C., Inside Out), the two sons of Diana Prince's wondering hubris in abortive creation. The New Gods of Egypt as revisions of the eternal Contendings of Osiris, Horus, and Set in the grove of Nemi.

Batman gazes upon the sunlight world of glass and steel created by Superman—a world of unacknowledged suffering. "Lex Luthor" is the law of Martin Luther that rules modern Western society—a society centered around Superman as the Protestant Christ of the moneychangers. Gentle Superman, Meek and Merciful, is slain and Batman and Wonder Woman from the Sorrowful side of Justice take his place.

Batman's realization, as modern man undergoing a crisis of faith, is that Superman as an archetype is not his enemy, but the effigy of him as a False God that has been created by the Outer Church; his sacrifice on Doomsday is the fulfillment of the latent archetype in the name of their shared Mother.

Purple Rain is dedicated to Daddy putting a bullet in his own brain. The two girls say "a singer must die," save for the one who performs their songs. The past aeons belonged to the Hierophants (Jehovah's witnesses guarding the Holy of Holies); the future aeons belong to the Priestesses. The musician-poets chasing a Muse versus enghosted shells as living Avatars.

There is a connection between Prince and Chyna as the Vav and Heh or Zeir Anpin and Nukva (Tiphareth and Malkuth). Juxtapose with the Queen's birth and you have an abyssal crossing from the lower sephirot to the higher; the Purple man from the Joker's Batman soundtrack being between Red and Blue or Severity and Mercy.

The Prince of Bel Air has "no Will" of the Smith as the Thelema of the metallurgist when Isis sorrows and Osiris' phallus is lost. The Queen is Binah in the mundus imaginalis of pop culture idols juxtaposed with the visible iron kingdom. Dead Princes v. Living Queens.

The Daughter crosses the Abyss and becomes the Mother caring for all her little children of chaos; the split psyche eternally Above and yet suspended into the Below. Deus Ex Machina as a God in the Machine bridging the Uncanny Valley in Osiris' tomb.

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