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Swiftboat Vote in the State of Empire (Within You and Without You)

Remember the 5th of November

The Old King grows weak in the twilight of his years

The QWest of the Grail is begun in fits and starts

The martyred black man and the martyred Indian being part of the "runaway slave" narrative of the Nemi rite

The Beastly boy from the Wild Side lashes out in violent rage against unconquered Woman in his first act of recognition

(The Fresh Prince of Bel Air = "Major Tom: Coming Home")

(Rachel Pollack, Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom)

Penelope and Helen: 29-year-old brunettes Die Young Daily while blondes like to have fun


Helen is enthroned in the City of Second Troy

(The Libyan Sibyl)

In 2003 the Democrats were "Swiftboated" out of the presidency; ten years later the process repeats with the Swift Vote -- the blonde being metaphorically "Right" as the path of Virtue falsely so-called -- a sweet pill for conservative reactionaries who prefer the stagnation of mundanity to progressive unknown darkness (Liber AL-ism)

Life is Beastly or Beautiful


Pop Idols in Troy

Hera gives Helen to the Trojans after the Judgment of Paris

The video behind her live performance lends a new dimension to "Without You" -- when Adam (Ego) and Eve (Body-Soul) are separated, they fall into duality, Shiva gazing upon Shakti as Maya in the world (the externalized Image burned into the brain of the World-Soul), which is, after all, "nothing" without him, being "without" and not "within"

Adam, that is to day Adi-Manu, the first man, has been created in God's image. God has imparted him His own breath. So, Adam is God manifested. Note that, at the beginning, Adam is alone, symbolising uniqueness, the A-dvaita, the not-two. At that stage Adam is the Androgyne, the Ardhanarishvara. It is only after that, from one of his ribs, God creates Eve. So Eve is created from Adam, Prakrti is an emanation of the Brahman and not distinct from That. It is the symbolization off the appearance of duality, with on one hand Adam standing for Consciousness, Shiva, Purusha, and on the other hand Eve standing for Manifestation, Nature, Shakti, Prakrti. (Gaura Krishna)

The Feminine Mystique as Object-Other (Tat Tvam Asi)


The China Doll with money, notoriety, etc. as Eve "without" is seen falling forever, farther away from her eternal lover Adam (as the girl in red does at the end of the "Shades of Cool" video, while the girl in white, as what is "within," drowns)

(Frithjof Schuon)

(Hugh Urban on Jakob Boehme)

Sherilyn Fenn's accident scene came from David Lynch's impression of Fenn as a porcelain doll, and from the idea of seeing a porcelain doll breaking. He kept telling her about that, and that's how the scene was born. Lynch said of the scene, "I just pictured her being able to do this. She's like a broken china doll". Lynch got the same inspiration for the car accident scene in Mulholland Drive (2001). His direction to actress Laura Harring was to act like a broken porcelain doll. (Wild at Heart)

The continuing descent of Lady Parts into Oblivion forms an 8-month Moebius Striptease with Malaisean 777 down in K. West under the aegis of "I will show you my back parts" in the cleft of the space rock (Exodus 33) vs. Face-to-Face apprehension of the Κόρη Κόσμου (Shekinah Glory as Galactic Virgin)

Upside-down numbers read as SSSEEN for those quantum observers seeing Isis fall forever in exoteric dis-play

Little Rock Wonder (The Mysteries)

Seeing EVE

"Taylor" the probe scientist wears a Tailored Veil of sexy blonde girls when probing the Dark Side of the Lapis ex Coelis

The Philae lander is dead -- the wink-show of the Kore Kosmou Benben is followed by blindness 

(Perhaps the rest is found at the center of Mecca)

This being the rich men trying to force a Gimel through the eye of a
needle to enter heaven

Wanting for White Knights to show her glimpses of blue hydrangeas
(once they put their childish video games away)

Antares as 'heart of the Scorpion' riddling Judas mysteries all November

22 tarot cards


Cooper in the Black (Veronica) Lodge


Coke or PepsiWAR


The 89s are the center hub around which her Wheel of Vertigo spins

The 19 (Sun) Goddess circling the Moons in the Middle


Dahlia split to Malkuth-Binah idols:

Track 8 "Bad Blood" = Strength tarot card as "Roar"
Track 9 "Wildest Dreams" = 1+8 as Moon tarot card on the wild side of Once Upon a Dream

(Pollack, The Haindl Tarot)


The Taylor Swift-Katy Perry feud is Kurd Kobanis fighting ISIS

Taylor is Betty as Agent Cooper confronting Veronica's Black Lodge. 1989 hints Nirvana's 'Bleach' and singers who have to die, but perhaps not literally

ISIS murdering Kobani Kurds = Isis and Courtney (the Lovers) murdering Kurt Cobain. Lesser Jihad is a reflektor of Greater Jihad, upside-down and backwards (for Hanged Suicide Kings). A full spectrum of LeClairian Rays in the Heart-Shaped Prism with Moons on the horizon of Golgotha. Palm trees promise "To day shalt thou be with me in paradise" (a 33 minute EP). Looks like Courtney found MH370 after all.

T.S. Eliot on the beach hears mermaids singing


Somewhere in that endless space Without between brunette Mary and blonde Chuck

I kissed a girl (and killed her)


Taylor as the Young and Beautiful Singer is channeling Daisy Buchanan as the blonde c of Gatsby's infernal party palace of Troy-Rome

The brunette's question of "Will you still love me when I got nothing but my aching soul?" being what happens when the artifice of the beautiful day-image falls away into the Night of Black Beauty (for Odysseus chasing Jordan Baker)

(Laurie MaGuire)

Death and rebirth: The so-called living in the Day-World are truly dead in Amenti -- "ye are like whited sepulchres, which appear beautiful outwardly, but within are full of dead men's bones"

(Noah S.)

Taylor Swift the boring and Virtuous all-American blonde white girl is 'bout to get culturally enriched by the Vicey brunettes

Those who pursue a path of Virtue through Asceticism may avoid confronting the beastly Shadow at the heart of the Labyrinth for as long as they can (Crowley discusses this in many places); those who pursue the less-taken road of Sacrifice will directly confront the Beast and turn poison into medicine, returning to the integrative state of the Mother in Binah

Orpheus sings "about a girl" as always (but nobody was really paying attention to the lyreics, anyways)

(The Blank Space between us:)

Want an axe to break the Vice

Mercury is described as "Swift" as the (blonde) Fool-Magician, complement of the (brunette) Priestess


The blonde who jumps / the blonde who does not jump

Those fascinated by T-Swizzle must confront the decision to jump or not jump themselves; to become a Katniss or join the Empire (since she is a reflektion of themselves)

The greatest ordeal in Crowley's A.'.A.'. system is the 'crossing of the abyss'. One reaches the brink of a great gulf and must either surrender everything one is and jump, or remain behind to become a 'black brother' . . . The 'crossing of the abyss' is foreshadowed in A New Hope, at the point at which Luke and Leia swing over the chasm, but is actually achieved in full in Empire Strikes Back, at the climax of the film. . . . Faced with the choice of crossing the Abyss . . . Luke chooses to jump, which is the act that redeems him from a future of corruption. (


Ferguson blonde Vertigo on the Spinning Wheel







  1. great post. speaking of Love and oblivion...Mia Love is the dark representative from nowhere.

  2. She introduces Blurred Lines to this duality

    Lana's New York is not the same as Taylor's New York; the former inhabits an archetypal America on the level of an interior spiritual reality (hers), while the latter inhabits the exterior landscape of the Empire -- the New Jerusalem vs. the Old Jerusalem

    The daylight of the East in its two forms, Initiatory and Profane

    "We were two kids, just tryin' to get out,
    Live on the dark side of the American dream.
    We would dance all night, play our music loud,
    When we grew up, nothing was what it seemed."

  3. Always a learning curve here. Dennis


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