Wednesday, September 30, 2015


The more things stay the same (remake, repackage, re-evaluate) ... 

Pig's flesh is very close to human flesh; the archetypal and collective King is enmired in carnal sexuality without a transcendent aspect. "Black Mirror" relates to Eurydice reflekted in mortal woman as sex object, which is the subject of another episode of the series. A National Anthem where she sings Without You. Happy Birthday, Mr. President. Jeremy Corbyn is Henry Corbin as opposition shadow preaching Sophian Mundus Imaginalis.


Keys to Cosmic Doorways in a masterful image series pinpoints the exoteric Hierophant as Attis symbolically entering Cybele's black box. But, this is only symbol, and it is not perceived. The Outer Church at work. (It is all very simple, isn't it?) The two tigerfish of "no salvation outside the church."

We placed them under the royal crown, and his Catholic Majesty should understand that we found these kingdoms in such order, and the said Incas governed them in such wise that throughout them there was not a thief, nor a vicious man, nor an adulteress, nor was a bad woman admitted among them, nor were there immoral people. The men had honest and useful occupations. The lands, forests, mines, pastures, houses, and all kinds of products were regulated and distributed in such sort that each one knew his property without any other person seizing or occupying it, nor were there lawsuits respecting it. ... So that when they found that we had thieves amongst us, and men who sought to make their daughters commit sin, they despised us. (Mancio Serra de Leguisamo)



(Quod est superius est sicut quod est inferius)


Boehner castration in Cybele's cube

The two CHVRCHES as symbol and reflektion of the Heavens above and below: Honeymoon's release was completely overshadowed by a release by the Pope, of all people … which is to say, the Jazz Singer is still subordinated to our Cult Leader, who says "Isis is Satan" while paying lip service to the Queen of the South. The solar Outer Church puts on a great show of signs and wonders, and thus the lunar Interior Church is eclipsed by the Shadow of the earth.

I.e., Another Brick in the Wall of Sound for the Comfortably Numb separated by Shades of Cool obscuring the luminous face of the Lunar Creatrix. Trump building a wall against Mexican daemons or Europe building a wall against Isis refugees.

This is all in accordance with LeClair's Moon in the Middle as the central pivot of reality, or the Still Point of T.S. Eliot's "Burnt Norton" around which Major Tom endlessly spirals away from and toward in his tin can spaceship; the Adam to her Eve down in the (Phantom) Dark Paradise of Subject and Object. The axle rose of Mecca (Sad Core).

The Chvrch of Lesser Jihad claims its usual victims (running races around the Kaaba).

Terrence loves him (Knowledge & Conversation w/Math Daemon): NASA Looking for Water again … beastly pig's flesh or Adamah dust covering the silver screen of the Moon.

("Is there water on Mars?" he asks ... soul in Whitman's red jellies of the flesh. Man must till the ground by the sweat of his brow until all is accomplished. A cup of bitterness to drink.)

The duck boat axle story below Boehner's cube being the duck comet story (Osiris as the eye of the camera implies Isis). The comet is actually two comets as Water-Water Dahlias. The lower axle being also Cybele's stone in Rome.

Below the Abyss, beastly boys fight for girls on TV in black and white. Above the Abyss, brunette girls kissing blonde girls in color. (This is the real gay marriage story.)

The singing comet spinning her alternately-revolving turntables while falling through space--or, the Moon as a bit of spinning space rock falling through the heavens on a star line tour. Lolita in the Garden knowing what only the girls know. She has nothing to do but wait for the rest of the Cruel World to return to her transtemporal Omega Point.

The Jesus Mysteries: The Hierophant crucifies and divides xirself on stage for the Multitude. Charlie Manson with the Blood of the Gods slices and dices into created things. The Mystery enacted by our modern priesthood is everywhere broadcast, but perceived by none.

Parsifal in the Grail Castle must ask the Question when these Mysteries are presented to him—but the youth always flees from Gethsemane when Judas kisses the Hierophant.

The Lonely Queen (Under the Waters)

Yogi Bearer (Tropico Dakini Atoll)

(C. Alexander Simpkins, Annellen M. Simpkins)

(Ruth Hoberman)

But the film is a saddening bore
For she's lived it ten times or more
She could spit in the eyes of fools
As they ask her to focus on
Sailors fighting in the dance hall
Oh man look at those cavemen go
It's the freakiest show
Take a look at the lawman
Oh man wonder if he'll ever know
He's in the best selling show
Is there life on Mars?

Girls Kissing Girls (And Those Who Oppose)


  1. 'Bruno’s text is an extraordinary mixture of esoteric, mystical, and philosophical, but also poetic and artistic elements. From a variety of different perspectives, the text consistently emphasizes the hopeless suffering and torment of the heroic soul, whose metaphysical thirst can only be quenched by attaining the one “object,” “beauty,” or “fire” of the divinity itself,86 which however seems to remain forever out of reach as long as he lives in this world of the senses. Of central importance in Bruno’s symbolic universe is the “cruel and beautiful” goddess Diana, for she is responsible for the “sweet pain” of the lover, who is forever driven on by the passion—in the double sense of the word—of his never-satisfied love: “although the soul does not attain the end desired and is consumed by so much zeal, it is enough that it burns in so noble a fire.” ...

    'While God himself remains a dark an inaccessible mystery, all his manifestations are female ... More specifically, from a modern perspective we would have to speak of a sadomasochistic eroticism, as shown by frequent statements such as this one: “Why do you fix your gaze upon an object whose contemplation consumes you? Why are you so smit- ten by that flame? Because this torment contents me more than any other pleasure.”89 Bruno’s attitude towards sex is extremely ambiguous. One the one hand, sexual frustration as such seems—in line with the courtly ideal—to be a central dimension of “heroic suffering,” even to such an extent that one might describe it as a necessary mystical “technique.” On the other hand, the ascent from the pursuit of earthly beauty to divine truth is—in line with the Platonic concept—possible only by means of contemplating the earthly beauty of the (female) body; and Bruno repeatedly hints that this spiritual ideal is compatible with sexual activity:

    'Alas, he will say, if a shadowy, cloudy, elusive beauty painted upon the surface of corporeal matter pleases me so much and so incites my captivates me and so sweetly binds me and draws me to it, that I find my senses offer nothing so agreeable to me, what would be the effect upon me of that which is the substantial, original, and primal beauty?...Therefore, the contemplation of this vestige of light must lead me by the purgation of my soul to an imitation, a conformity, and participation in that most worthy and most lofty light into which I am transformed and with which I am united. For I am sure that nature, having put this [corporeal] beauty before my eyes...wishes that from here below I become elevated...Nor do I believe that my true divinity, inasmuch as it is shown to me in its vestige and image, would be offended if I happened to honor it in its vestige and image and to offer sacrifices to it, provided that the impulse of my heart remained ordered and my affection remained intent upon what is higher.' (Wouter J. Hanegraaff, Hidden Intercourse: Eros and Sexuality in the History of Western Esotericism)

  2. the resolution of itch problem need study by understanding mystery
    knowledge is .as it''s necessary to make the distinction between pleasure or not .
    I Know NOW !
    and i have one dream , and multiples nightmares to solve alone .
    this one was the harder job i have do.
    i did it
    and i guess , i wasn't not alone on my nights
    of working so hard ,
    i will solve 1
    the second will be resolved .
    in my mind this subject is over
    i have a job to do now .
    free ? NO solid ..

  3. Replies
    1. Q: Quo Vadis?

      A: Mile-y's Below

      Where's Oswaldo?

      Still on the Red Planet

      Richard & Francis

      Don't Speak

      The Rossoneri

      (Frank Black's Horse)

    2. Mir-1 had returned safely to the surface last night, having been lowered by derrick into freezing waters cleared by the icebreaker Rossiya. Mir-2 was expected to appear shortly afterwards.

    3. down down

      depp-er on



      (all i wanna do is get by baby baby bye bye)

    4. '"Columbus was a world hero against American nativism. . . . As Catholic descendants of Columbus, member knights [of Columbus] were 'entitled to all the rights and privileges due such a discovery by one of our faith.'" On the cusp of the 400th anniversary of Columbus's landfall, the Knights of Columbus and various other Italian-American organizations began to lobby Congress for federal recognition of Columbus Day.'

      De Dea Syria (on the Beach):

      The Dark Horse was a Paradidomi from Babylon Below to the Black Beauty of Babalon Above in Pepsi-Cola waters. Now the Trojan Horse of Isis Veiled comes again from the Other Side to demolish the Walls (of Troy or Mexico) built by man against Penelope (Major Tom's Space Odyssey). Only in symbol, if not in reality.

      (we won't survive, we're sinking into the sand)


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