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the liver bloods the chattle : the river floods the channel

A friend of mine recently passed away.  Please take a few minutes to listen to her do what she does best,  Thanks,


Wednesday, September 30, 2015


The more things stay the same (remake, repackage, re-evaluate) ... 

Pig's flesh is very close to human flesh; the archetypal and collective King is enmired in carnal sexuality without a transcendent aspect. "Black Mirror" relates to Eurydice reflekted in mortal woman as sex object, which is the subject of another episode of the series. A National Anthem where she sings Without You. Happy Birthday, Mr. President. Jeremy Corbyn is Henry Corbin as opposition shadow preaching Sophian Mundus Imaginalis.


Keys to Cosmic Doorways in a masterful image series pinpoints the exoteric Hierophant as Attis symbolically entering Cybele's black box. But, this is only symbol, and it is not perceived. The Outer Church at work. (It is all very simple, isn't it?) The two tigerfish of "no salvation outside the church."

We placed them under the royal crown, and his Catholic Majesty should understand that we found these kingdoms in such order, and the said Incas governed them in such wise that throughout them there was not a thief, nor a vicious man, nor an adulteress, nor was a bad woman admitted among them, nor were there immoral people. The men had honest and useful occupations. The lands, forests, mines, pastures, houses, and all kinds of products were regulated and distributed in such sort that each one knew his property without any other person seizing or occupying it, nor were there lawsuits respecting it. ... So that when they found that we had thieves amongst us, and men who sought to make their daughters commit sin, they despised us. But now they have come to such a pass, in offence of God, owing to the bad example that we have set them in all things, that these natives from doing no evil, have changed into people who now do no good or very little. (Mancio Serra de Leguisamo)



(Quod est superius est sicut quod est inferius)


Boehner castration in Cybele's cube

The two CHVRCHES as symbol and reflektion of the Heavens above and below: Honeymoon's release was completely overshadowed by a release by the Pope, of all people … which is to say, the Jazz Singer is still subordinated to our Cult Leader, who says "Isis is Satan" while paying lip service to the Queen of the South. The solar Outer Church puts on a great show of signs and wonders, and thus the lunar Interior Church is eclipsed by the Shadow of the earth.

I.e., Another Brick in the Wall of Sound for the Comfortably Numb separated by Shades of Cool obscuring the luminous face of the Lunar Creatrix. Trump building a wall against Mexican daemons or Europe building a wall against Isis refugees.

This is all in accordance with LeClair's Moon in the Middle as the central pivot of reality, or the Still Point of T.S. Eliot's "Burnt Norton" around which Major Tom endlessly spirals away from and toward in his tin can spaceship; the Adam to her Eve down in the (Phantom) Dark Paradise of Subject and Object. The axle rose of Mecca (Sad Core).

The Chvrch of Lesser Jihad claims its usual victims (running races around the Kaaba).

Terrence loves him (Knowledge & Conversation w/Math Daemon): NASA Looking for Water again … beastly pig's flesh or Adamah dust covering the silver screen of the Moon.

("Is there water on Mars?" he asks ... soul in Whitman's red jellies of the flesh. Man must till the ground by the sweat of his brow until all is accomplished. A cup of bitterness to be drunk.)

The duck boat axle story below Boehner's cube being the duck comet story (Osiris as the eye of the camera implies Isis). The comet is actually two comets as Water-Water Dahlias. The lower axle being also Cybele's stone in Rome.

Below the Abyss, beastly boys fight for girls on TV in black and white. Above the Abyss, brunette girls kissing blonde girls in color. (This is the real gay marriage story.)

The singing comet spinning her alternately-revolving turntables while falling through space--or, the Moon as a bit of spinning space rock falling through the heavens on a star line tour. Lolita in the Garden knowing what only the girls know. She has nothing to do but wait for the rest of the Cruel World to return to her transtemporal Omega Point.

The Lonely Queen (Under the Waters)

Yogi Bearer (Tropico Dakini Atoll)

(Ruth Hoberman)

But the film is a saddening bore
For she's lived it ten times or more
She could spit in the eyes of fools
As they ask her to focus on
Sailors fighting in the dance hall
Oh man look at those cavemen go
It's the freakiest show
Take a look at the lawman
Oh man wonder if he'll ever know
He's in the best selling show
Is there life on Mars?

Girls Kissing Girls (And Those Who Oppose)

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


linear algebra is enochian magic  28

enochian magic is linear algebra  28

just as magic became religion became science became politics  52
algebra became enochian magic became linear algebra became enochian magic  63
magic/politics/enochian magic/linear algebra  ?

the inversion of a matrix times itself is equal to one, the identity matrix  60

the determinant is the ego  22

Jungian Algebra:  The Tarot : The Torah  29
Torah came before all of these  25
Egyptian Magic came before Torah/ Torah is a slave version of E magic; What’s inside the box?   72

What’s on the other side of the Wall?    28

The End  6


Monday, August 31, 2015

Wildest Dreams


Wherein Taylor is revealed as Kenoma delusively imitating the Pleroma in her Colonialist plagiarism; but the Pleroma can also be seen manifest in the Kenoma as its hidden center (or else the Kosmos could not hold together--"the falcon cannot hear the falconer," or, "Major Tom cannot hear Ground Control").

The blonde's visible siren sparkles can only be grounded upon the appropriation, exploitation and plunder of the brunette's invisible indigenous cultural back catalog, just as the Unreal must take its inspiration from the Real.


Miley Cyrus is what conservatives think modern pop music is like, in much the same way that conservatives think ISIS is what Islam is like. Living parody made manifest. Taylor Swift is the modern Helen of Troy, which is why she is accompanied by War in all its modern forms; a War which on a higher level is the blonde, be it Taylor or Miley, fighting the brunette, be it Nicki or Katy. All of these various Idols that pass before the vision of Pharaoh Kanye are thrown into the fire and purified of dross; who will emerge?




Blood from Her eyes

Blood from Her wherever



The Moon as the central principle of reality, and on the Gnostic revelation that the Moon is a Mirror of the Young Sophia as She pulls away from the Cosmic Male (ADAM) and in so doing gives birth to reality … the material body of reality springs forth when the Sophia pulls away, literally turning her back on her male aspect, who is called Cosmic Christ.  (The Wrong Way Wizard)





The mind revolts at the absurdity of the world and thus picks apart bricks instead of the whole edifice. Any attempt by Hollywood would be considered more believable. A man shot Taylor Swift on live TV. Reality is unreal. The red dress as a matador's cape evaded the raging bull-ets, or, rather, the blonde in her adrenaline rush "Shook Off" the 9mm heat like Taylor with her haters. "Band aids can't fix bullet holes …"

Moneta is "Old Money" … the Blonde Eve as that which is Without falls away from Major Tom as Object falling away from Subject. The "black male" or "blackmail" photography is also "Vesta" as the excluded Middle.

One camera "shoots" from the Bright Face of a white man; one camera "shoots" from the Dark Face of a black man. The Two Brothers fighting: one Brother fixates his gaze on the things that appear, and one Brother on the things that do not.

Denial becomes the highest summit of America. Monetary debt accrues running races around the circumference. White Colonialist Towers built Without become Dark Native Towers destroyed Within. Inversion of the visible order.


The long arm of Justice will balance … or, "The Woman Satisfied" as Crowley says.

Bryce Williams, Brian WilliamsShooter on video looks like Charlie Manson's ghost ('but I'm not dead yet!') … "He said Jehovah spoke to him, telling him to act" -- Charlie's still small voice preaching Helter Skelter Jihad. “As for Dylann Roof? You (deleted)! You want a race war (deleted)?

Duncan Donuts from the Eikon as the center of Old Money: Mariah impersonator Ariana Grande Latte is likewise a Hollow Star as Cybele's black stone eternally falling away from Adam as exteriorized center of the circumference (spinning donuts). Eurydice in Reflektion where she does not belong. Note also that Ariana's video is set on the "West Coast."


In the realm of Greater Jihad, the flaming horos/hanging tree is heroic suicide for Runaway slaves from the tyranny of the camera. The key phrase is "Gun Control to Major Tom" as a call to reverse the flow of the dissipation of Nature (the Bleeding Lance of the Grail Mythos) -- i.e. Opus Contra NaturamFinis.


T. S.

GREATER AND LESSER KAVOD ("And I will take away mine hand, and thou shalt see my back parts: but my face shall not be seen").




Off to the Races.


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