Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Deep South

The Republican Party reaffirms itself as the Eternal War Party … or more precisely, the War on Isis party. Donald Trump merely says what they are all thinking as the Party's undisguised id; better revealed than veiled. A living relic of 1980s Reaganomics. Might as well just skip the formalities and run America like a Mafia casino … at least it's more honest.

Megyn Fox

Baphomet in Detroit

The Othered Woman, Without: Inverse Shekinah Megyn bleeds blonde blindness from the Other Side of the Border. But you were really in hell all along, Señor Trump, and that Mexican demon was Reagan's ghost.


Black Faces (Unseen)

The Straight Outta Compton advertisements during the Republican debate illustrate the real poison from the pit of poverty that has been poured into black and white ears alike by the metaphorical record industry Claudius … but this is unspeakable. Giving the literal meaning of BEATS BY DRE … these are the heroes fed to you and the real unacknowledged heart in the excluded middle as we race around the circumference -- that Other from the Other Side Mr. Trump wants to build a Wall to avoid as he seeks to resurrect the white picket fence myth of the American Dream.

Cosby and Bill being the checkerboard masters of Bad Dad or Good Dad (the two tigers at the end of Her leash were liars and rapists from the beginning).

Berning Down the Wall

The American Dream is dead and buried, for all but the new aristocracy. Plato's Republic Unfinished is the New World Order forever pursued, in search of a new Philosopher King to rule it and restore the Temple.

"Real time ceased in 70 C.E. with the fall of the temple at Jerusalem." The Lightning Flash precedes the creation of the whole Kosmos below as a Shadow of the archetypal Kosmos, which will never be seen by NASA's cameras. This results in the play of Us versus Them as Bush versus Osama or Man versus Isis or We versus The Powers That Be as the Greeks and Trojans march off to fight Lesser Jihad. The message of the Monolith as the great Reflektor, the mirrored surface that must be passed through as an act of recognition? Tat Tvam Asi.

Henry Corbin discusses the meeting of Black and White (50 Shades of G-Rey), or Matter and Spirit, as the fundemental action of the macrocosm and microcosm; of the Deity manifested in the mirror of the world (the television screen as speculative speculum) and in man. In both cases, a rainbow is produced; the first is that of dispersion (the Lightning Flash) and the second that of integration (Aurora in the Emerald Mundus). The world turning itself inside-out.
. . . every outer datum becomes an event pertaining to the soul, bringing historical, physical time (zaman afaqi) back to inner, psychic time (zaman anfosl). This is the final end toward which all mystic ways converge; it is the spiritual abode where the gaze of the one who contemplates the beauty of the Witness of contemplation (shahid) in the mirror of the inner eye, the eye of the heart, is none other than the gaze of the Witness: "I am the mirror of thy face; through thine own eyes I look upon thy countenance." . . . The luminous face, the face of day, is the only one that, without understanding it, the common run of men perceive, the apparent evidence of their act of existing. Their black face, the one the mystic perceives, is their poverty: they have nothing with which to be, they cannot be sufficient unto themselves in order to be what they have to be, it is the inessence of their essence. The totality of their being is their daylight face and their night face; their daylight face is the making of essence out of their inessence by the absolute Subject. (Henry Corbin, The Man of Light in Iranian Sufism)
The Master does not look into the eyes of the Slave as That and see that he, too, is a slave … and vice versa.

Lower Egypt

The South as Lower Water remains in a state of Rebel-lion. Seven churches burned and Babylon to sit over them Riding the Tiger, as per Revelation; Katy-Patra becomes Scarlett O'Hara in Lower Egypt. Or, Katy in Rome ...

Queen Katy sits enthroned as Southern Belle in the Big House (that which is below being like that which is above -- Egypt as the image of heaven).

The Red Adamah of Tara (= Red Crown of Lower Egypt) is the bloody fixation point in Gone With the Wind -- i.e. the Scarlet[t] Woman as that which is perceived in the dust of the earth, illustrated by the girl in the red party dress as the hollow center of Old Money … or, Duncan Donuts from the Eikon.

(Storm Roof: Henry Corbin, "The Configuration of the Temple of the Ka'bah")

Corbin notes the "Red" as produced from White and Black as Spirit and Matter. But there is a Black as the outer darkness and a Black as that which is ice surrounding the Pole. Disney's Frozen movie foreshadowed the current pole ice challenge, wherein Elsa (the Blonde Face) usurps the Black Face, which becomes … well, frozen.

Bad Blood (Line): Below the Abyss, two brothers race around pole ice on TV in black and white … above the Abyss, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry (luminosity and substance). Even the silliest insights are inevitably proven true.

Ray Conley becomes Connelly's rays bleeding out on the terra. The ultraviolent Son reveils the Mother. "DeRay" is the leader of #BLM.

August is the anniversary of Sharon Tate's mutilation by Charlie … red blood in the dust of Tara and the river running through it.

(Francis Legge)

Slavery as the stain of Original Sin borne by the nation will never be fully cleansed by blood … such was the deeply-felt belief then. Now, John Brown walks again. 
And He said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years; And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance. (Genesis 15)
The Birth of a Nation (1915) presents the barren beginning in bedsheets. An unplanned parenthood leaves Osiris in pieces. Klansmen erect the burning Horos between the Kenoma and Pleroma -- segregation yesterday, segregation today, etc. (the Natural Order) -- in the sense that Egypt below is also an image of the Egypt above, bearing slaves and freemen in two Jerusalems. A Strange Fruit for the Hanged Man in Ford's Theater who unites the two lands. A "cracker" is what is eaten in communion (White Savior Narrative, or: Eat the Rich).

One becomes a slave to the Southern Belle in her exoteric or esoteric aspect. Here is the great paradox of the sphere of Malkuth. Lower Egypt as exo Adamah and eso Adamah … Malkuth as World and as the Daughter (Raise Me Up Mississippi South). Frederick Douglass was a "Slave of Sophia" in its lesser sense … just as those slaves of ISIS today.
It was while he was treated the best that Douglass most wanted – and plotted – to get away from slavery, gain his freedom and become a man. It was living the life of a faux man that gave him understanding of what was being withheld from him and the craving to have the real thing. (
Guy Faux grasps fully of the holographic trophy, and there is nowhere to go but discover the Real trophy … or fall fully into dissipation. Such is also the game of the ruling class and the doors opened to the Aristocratic Freemason.

Southern culture was based upon duplicitous aristocratic gentility hiding its brutal heart … Douglass saw that. It takes two to fight and two to desert in the desert … Southmen conscripted against their will to fight for slaves they did not own. The Lost Cause was never a noble cause.

After the Emancipation Proclamation the South invaded the North and enslaved ANY free blacks they found. They did it before the war too; just see 12 Years a Slave. Anyone seriously whining about mean old Mr. Lincoln is whitewashing an Orwellian slave state run by sociopaths, which shows the fundamental disconnect in Self not perceived as Other. Truly, a Black Irony Prison.

Alchemy is an Opus Contra Naturam. The South being that Gnostic Garden of Eden in which the serpent whispered "Know Thyself" …

To Kill a Mockingjay

Egypt is Babylon … Katy told us so, remember. The North's rhetoric about the South being Babylon was most telling, including the nature of the Scarlett Woman … Sherman appropriately burned the whole cursed place to the ground. Come out of her, my slaves, or come into her (Rhianna's "Umbrella" becomes "Bitch Better Have My Reparations") …

The 1860's or 1960's were the "good old days" that weren't really so good, being only so much diversion in Ialdabaoth's garden, but after the manner of something that truly existed. Cf. South Korea as Lower Pepsi as the "free" state that is not free with the Other as the slave state that is the Upper Pepsi of the Unfinished Pyramid. Propaganda-music promising decadent capitalist pseudo-freedom is broadcast from the South to the Juche peoples of the North—Malchus hearing the High Priest.

Confederate States of America M.O. was expansion of slavery into new territories, like a cancer … that was the real crux of the issue. Northern states influenced by abolitionists were the ones crying "states' rights" and not enforcing the Fugitive Slave Law. It is the mark of a lesser man to deflect criticism by accusing his opponents of his own faults—totalitarianism, racism, etc.

How many Americans would you kill to preserve your sovereign right to a 100% legal and protected under the law sex slave and/or breeding stock options? Quite a few, in the South's case. Just ask Sally Hemings.

It will be argued in certain corners that Lincoln oversaw the creation of a National Bank -- and at the beginning of Young Mr. Lincoln, Henry Fonda indeed announces he is in favor of such. At the end of Abe Lincoln in Illinois, we blatantly see a bunch of bankers in a smoke-filled room pick Lincoln to be their puppet President, after which Lincoln himself laments that he has made himself beholden to powerful interests. So, what is more important to the pseudo-libertarian? Money, or freedom? These are false dichotomies born of the ground of duality … Conspiracy History makes one fight with the monsters of one's own Shadow-nature writ large. Confederate money was all worthless trash … as it must be down in (Memphis,) Lower Egypt. The Empire as Proteus.

Old Hickory: Anti-bank popular hero Jackson was actually the one of the first to assert Federal authority over the South … ironic for those Dixiecrats whining about their states' rights. Why does it always start in Carolina? The Holy Roman Empire Never Ended.

Man wants to stay at home (James "Holmes"), and not fight the Jihad. But the war will come to him, and the Tower he has built for himself will turn to dust, only to reveal the Daughter of the dark face within the subterranean hideaway.

"Houser" the racist misogynist shooter shadows forth the House Divided Against Itself in Plato's Cave. Theatre 16 = the 16th President of the Union. Racism, sexism, etc. can be legislated away, but it will not make men angels. In Every Dream Holmes a Heartache.

Note that Mr. Houser was born on November 22 … and drove a Lincoln. The two girls (North and South as Above and Below) in the Platonic Shadow-Theatre being the Dahlia joke again in a spinning-wheel Trainwreck.

It's all rather beastly. Charleston is where Charlie's Civil R. War begins.

Race Tension

The recent Killing Joke is that people were more upset about a (rebel-)lion being shot than a black man. Even a lion named after the very emblem of exploitative white colonialism, Cecil Rhodes.

Note the name of his executioner, Ray Tensing. Tenzing Norgay (Marriage) being the man who summited Everest with Hillary, the Still Point guarded by impenetrable Pole Ice. DuBose being W.E.B. Du Bois (The Souls of Black Folk) who early deconstructed Reconstruction.

Body parts are the fragments of Osiris. Osiris the Black God is deposed by Typhon (currently in Detroit), as per Egyptian mythic time. Obama being the African "runaway slave" who attains the Priesthood of Nemi after dethroning the reigning King of the Wood in the Big House. We will note that the King recently defied Israel, reigniting the ancient Hyksos feud.

The Mad Max shooting = Pontifex Maximus in Antioch (where Christians were first named) preaching the Great Race War. Hierophant Charlie's RaHoWa fans the flames of the white Silent Majority in their Archie Bunker bunkers. All of these stories are "Race Bait" in true rabbit-on-a-track fashion.

All these false black and white breaks of the one thing are fragments lacking in the singular consciousness of Tat Tvam Asi crystallizing around monadic unity (the Still Point beyond running races). A Kosmos only as high as its lowest elements.

The Cosmopolitan is the slave, is the master, is the cinder-maiden, is the Mohammedan, is Israel as "the man who sees God," is the dead man on the cross, and the betrayer thereof. In such way only can the division of the tribes be mended at the center.

And at the end of the Civil War, Lincoln is killed and the Confederate leadership is all pardoned and allowed to live out their days in comfort. Who really won the war? It all happens "in the sixties."

Clinton's Private Male Servers

Southern Strategy (Red is Blue)

After the escape from Clinton Prison … the other Black President from Illinois is amending the 13th Amendment, which ended slavery at the same time it made prisoners slaves. 

A close view of the incarceration statistics shows that the gap is not only in race, but gender … fitting that locking oneself the Chelsea Hotel is the greatest act of justified rebellion against the State a man can perform. Jefferson Davis became a proper Gallus in willing emasculation, being found wearing a woman's dress … but his wife was far braver than he. 

Storm Roof for Mr. Wayne


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