Thursday, February 6, 2014

Aurora Consurgens (Horselover Memorial Edition)

Martian Red Earth

Burning Desire

The world's key-bearer

Paradise lost (is there life on Geburah?)


Lapis Ex Coelis (Angels Forever)

Blurred Lines

Εὐρυδίκη (Ghost in the Machine)

Me & Not Me (Reflektor)

The unheard music hidden in the shrubbery,
And the unseen eyebeam crossed, for the roses
Had the look of flowers that are looked at. . . .

At the still point of the turning world. Neither flesh nor fleshless;
Neither from nor towards; at the still point, there the dance is,
But neither arrest nor movement. And do not call it fixity,
Where past and future are gathered. Neither movement from nor towards,
Neither ascent nor decline. Except for the point, the still point,
There would be no dance, and there is only the dance.
I can only say, there we have been: but I cannot say where.
And I cannot say, how long, for that is to place it in time.
The inner freedom from the practical desire,
The release from action and suffering, release from the inner
And the outer compulsion, yet surrounded
By a grace of sense, a white light still and moving,
Erhebung without motion, concentration
Without elimination, both a new world
And the old made explicit, understood
In the completion of its partial ecstasy,
The resolution of its partial horror. . . .

All manner of thing shall be well
When the tongues of flames are in-folded
Into the crowned knot of fire
And the fire and the rose are one. (Eliot, Four Quartets)

Briar Rose

Off to the Races (Pole Dance)

The Gamemaker (Defy Holy Woody)

Hey Lolita Hey (Kiss me in the D A R K)

Caught between two girls, Heroin and Heroine: Ace of Spades and Ace of Hearts (Container and Seed, Other and Self)

The Dream on the Screen

Save the Clock Tower

Katniss from District 12 breaks out of the 12-sectioned clock arena (a spinning wheel) with lightning on an electrified arrow, which allows her to travel to the hidden District 13

Come and See (U$)

Free Ka$h (Gimme Them Coins)

(Ever dance with the Joker in the pale moonlight)

Fanning: "Whose fan is in his hand, and he will throughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire" (Matt. 3:12)

"Timber" Line (Catching Fire)

Rider & Beetlejuice (Rising)

Pop Eye & Queenie Eye (Holy See)


Dark Horse Lover (Ashvamedha)


Roar in Assiah (Red Eyce)

Rachel's tears

I had a dream
When I was young
I dreamt our lives were
Going to be found
When we were always
Waiting to live

All you need
Is some peace
While you are here
Just let go
I'll be it all, dear

You have the choice
To hear the noise
Or hear the sweet sound
Of your sweet voice
I know I've heard it
I heard it in my sleep


  1. Replies
    1. The Wheel at Sochi

      Erected in the Land of 33 Waterfalls, no less...

      Orlinye Rocks

      Rolling Stone

  2. The dark horses won't win this Superbowl though.
    Go the Seahawks !!!

  3. The vial with the JP II blood was 9550 feet of San Grasso Mtn is the ink in the bowl of this Hekatian spell.

    1. Ah, how did I forget the jelly stone on Mars? "The thin red jellies within you or within me ... O I say now these are the soul!"

      In Crowleyan Tarot the Yods are Knights on Horseback

      Mars is the Fire to Sheen Eve in the red dust of Adamah, distilled from the stolen blood and juices of the Father

      John and Paul are beetles goading dung

      Pi's tiger birth becomes the Trojan Horse in her womb

      All tuned @ 440hz

      Hecate's handpicked slection foretells future roles for Eurydice in this Mystery-Play

      The nun with the miracle child = the plot of Nightmare on Elm St. 5 (site of the JFK assassination, Paradise Lost 1963)

      "Bel Air"

      Spotlight, bad baby, you've got a flair
      For the violentest kind of love anywhere out there

      Mon amour, sweet child of mine,
      You're divine.
      Didn't anyone ever tell you
      It's OK to shine?

      Roses, Bel Air, take me there,
      I've been waiting to meet you.
      Palm trees in the light,
      I can sleep late at night.
      Darling, I'm waiting to greet you,
      Come to me, baby.

      Don't be afraid of me, don't be ashamed.
      Walk in the way of my soft resurrection.
      Idol of roses, iconic soul. I know your name.

  4. I changed the ending of the understream story. A most dramatic period showed itself in the man-stew.. I'm pretty sure you'll laugh out loud my friend.

    The numerological play of the minimum wage of $10.10 and woman's wages as $0.77 on the dollar vs. "wet work" aka Juicy J and Nun's fish are too cute by half. Our artisan is 30 years hard at work on graft or some such. Such is Aleph Lammed Pe. The Queen and her arears are also now at minimum wage. Such are all Emancipation Proclamations.

  5. The pic frame # from the red oven with our tophet pastry = 3528 and 3540
    3528 .. 528 is the hinge of 18 series 147 thru 963.
    258 and all permutations are "33" the child-son.
    3540 .. as being 12 more, ie the Sol Wheel (528+12=540), "40" being container.
    The only thing missing is the iron, ie the 26.

    33+40+26 = 99
    C + M + F = Hypostasis

    The price for Lana Del Rey's horse topiary is $ 2850

    Suggestive to one, nonsense to another.
    Tea leaves to one, signs to another.
    At least were not reading entrails...yet.

    1. I was about to ask you about those numbers, thank you

      The 666 Mafioso is already Trapped in her Heart-Shaped 40 Box

      I know I seem to be repeating myself, but connections made earlier only now seem to be coming into the forefront of popular consciousness ... the curse of reading too far of the tea in the dregs

      The Lana/Lorde dichotomy (since everyone insists on comparing them) seems to be that the former is one of us, while the latter is merely another dancing shadow on the wall

      But Paris judges differently

  6. Replies
    1. Yeppers...The heroine's snow white wedding dress turns black when burned....

  7. Fake Heroin as Horselover Fats. Baphometis calling.

    The Joker King and the Lady. District 8 the realm of grey fashion where our boy can buy himself attire hisself to the 9's on his opel lope pole.

    11 + 88 =99



    Bought apparently at an ATM = the paper of guy faux. We print, you believe. Eighth wonder of the world, this compound interest, fills us with interest. The leftovers from the bake sale brick kingdom known as Babylon, with its Mother Wife filling the cup with her frothing aka threading her fruit of the loom with her needle. Purple her fabric, Tyrian as ever. Royals.

    We tremble on the way to the mail box.


    1. James Avery played "Uncle Phil BANKS" in "Prince of Bel Air"

      Horse Sacrifice = the Queen must spend the Dark Night copulating with a dead horse (the body of Osiris)

      Do watch the Hunger Games films; they are, as you say, quite seerish as to the nature of the Empire that Never Ended

      Ace of Spades and Ace of Hearts (container and seed prism) again typify the Two Girls with man caught in the cross-fire

      The Heroine the World Needs Right Now

      The heroine's fight becomes a reality TV show for the Empire; the lower waters of commercialized booze and soda pop where Life only imitates Art display the artifice of the objectified AudioTune pop starlet in the exhibitionist red dress dancing on the stripper pole in the lower world of Malkuth as Lonely Singing Doll slowly dying inside

      Last scene of Catching Fire has Katniss attempting to kill with a syringe

      The needle & the heroine

  8. Horseblock Rd.

    KK - check
    McLogan - Master of Ceremonies (mc) at the mic - check
    "Absolutely no cameras allowed" .. and yet the eye of God got in there anyway. - check

    “That’s not how you generate extra money. It’s a kids’ place,” Samantha Gray said. “And they have an adult nude sleepover?” - Doesn't get that tophet as 'children made into food' is the rule of Babylon. The froth in the cup of the Lady in Purple is collected from the f*cking with kings, captains, and mighty men of the earth. Chattel mortgage, paper id in the pigs ear wallets of every guy faux, and the mail box IS the idol's answer.

    No wonder "Dazed and Confused" was floated by the MC's as the song being covered at the NFL'm super cup.

    "If my people erect an idol, I will enter the idol to destroy them." - the riddle of the Potter's field and the one guy who silently fulfilled "no man may take my life, I lay it down and I pick it back up again."

    1. Ke$ha songs: TiK ToK, Your Love is My Drug, Crazy Kids

      The eternal flow of cash (it's a party, but nobody's having any fun--Animals eat only husks of disorder)

      Elle "Fanning" Eating Disorder

      Fanning: "Whose fan is in his hand, and he will throughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire." (Matt. 3:12)

      Dr. Luke (Skywalker) the Joker King has his hand in every pop tart's pie

      "Ghosts? In my vagina? It's more likely than you think."

      Philip Seymour Hoffman the Gamemaker runs the Tick Tock Clock

      Sleeping Beauty's riddle: "Heaven is my baby, suicide's a father"

  9. Have been asking myself .. "why float the story about playing Dazed and Confused and then don't play it?"

    The answer came to me today! The violin/cello bow as magical instrument of the spell is made of HORSE HAIR !"

    Led Zeppelin laid this spell out in 12 steps with step 10 being (the hand/yod again the tie to $10.10 as minimum wage is hand/hand or Juicy J a wet operation) "Mars, the bringer of War".

    In not playing the song the horse hair does not deliver "power of the air" and so .. a bird of the sea/sky is victorious. If the bow was played it would have meant the horse would have walked the Stairway you know where.

    You have pointed out so nicely that the feast of horse flesh and copulation with the viagara needing Osiris must happen for the two girls to finally get past the man in the middle! She does own a glue factory! It must be this way.

    First occurence of "horse" is "Dan shall be a serpent by the way, an adder in the path, that biteth the horse heels, so that the rider shall fall backward." - Gen. 49:17

    This of course is the Joker King, riding the bike, not looking where he's going, finely festooned (like Solomon in his palanquin), running the 808/191 circuit of OPEL LOPE POLE. This is also the QRST (as chrestos, not christos) being the followers of the message of "born as a bastard, boiling in pot of shit" from the Talmudic noiz of Zion. The message of "faith comes by hearing" as the seed is planted (from the kingdom of Peter who holds all power in petrefection) from outside yourself, you hear, don the festoonery and then ride the pregnant message.

    "If you build an idol, I will enter the idol and answer you through it."

    The message since "feed my sheep" was given to Peter and then Saul/Paul fell off his horse on the way to Damascus (meaning hes at Sodomy and Gomerika) is what happens to all who ride the great three shell monte game of "faith comes by hearing".

    And so the OPEL obeys the Queen of Heaven as it LOPES her POLE.

    "In that day saith the LORD, I will smite every horse with astonishment, and his rider with madness: and I will open mine eyes upon the house of Judah, and will smite every horse of the people with blindness." - Zec. 12:4

    When the rider comes He invites the birds of heaven as the only guests to His wedding feast. Such is the return of QRST as chrestos.

    Anyone want to go for a joyride? Were going to go look for a twister.

  10. in The Master, shortly after revealing the title of his second book to be The Split Saber, Philip Seymour Hoffman gives a conference (called 1st Phoenix Congress) and there is a saber placed behind him in the shot. He then sways back and forth as he talks, stabbing himself over and over in the head.

    1. Good catch on the Suicide King of Hearts

      Joaquin Phoenix in The Master = hearing the words of the visible Hierophant PSH (exo)

      Joaquin Phoenix in Her = hearing the words of the invisible Priestess (iso)

      (To hear the noise
      Or hear the sweet sound

      Linda Fox's syrup of Ultraviolins

    2. Lip Philler (injection)

      Iso via Exo Linda Faux (paradox)

  11. "Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the Law, till all be fulfilled (in the Game)"

    The Mystery of the Little Rock is that it was revealed by the Spinning Wheel of Opportunity--"Researchers now believe the rover's wheels flicked the rock into its current spot"

  12. Arising from the unfathomable Ocean of Nun, Atum endlessly, effortlessly rides Zep Tepi, knocking off the "pinnacle island" top off the stone. His "errancy" merely listening to the zoom zoom zoom of Her sistrum, again unfathomable. The ben ben shatters into smithereens becoming all edges, all faces, all vertices below the supreme hypostasisland. All wheels below the hypostasisland are food. Some food is dirt, some for dogs, some for men, some for the moon; and some turns into golden yogurt for the gods, above the lower wheel. The food above the lower wheel are those heroes who gain the internal fire to rush into the mouth happily. Perceiving that "latent form that is master of all forms" as Heraclitus wisely muses. Such is Chapter 11 of the Gita, the one seen by the loaning of the greater eye.


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