Sunday, January 3, 2021

New Year SyncStream

Hey there. I'm unable to compose this post in the usual way. (I'm at a cabin with an older computer and it's not letting me upload photos like I do when I want to share a bunch a books.--aka a syncstream post)

So I am in the midst of new theme and I suppose it too began here in what has become my subconscious. When I'm at this cabin I'm able to exit my immediate, physical ego reality. But the interesting thing is that I've been stating for some time now that I've been "addicted" to reality--that is, the nature of the recent past is an over-identification with the concrete arena of rational, real world daily news/politics/discourse. (Contemplation? very little. Meditation? definitely not. Spiritual dimension? hmmm. Imagination? Only in literature. Dreams?)

Over election week (here at the cabin--it's a SyncCabin for sure)--I discovered a book by the title:
Synchronicity: The Epic Quest to Understand The Quantum Nature Of Cause And Effect

It kind brought me back to the reality that I appreciate. (I ended up booking a show with the author and spoke to him in early Dec. for 42 Minutes 358 )

But that also brought me back to the work of Richard Grossinger with whom I shared 42 Minutes 359

And then the gate was open--of course all this was coinciding with the solstice, the conjunction . . . etc
Other items began to accrete, naturally. For instance, the entire January issue of Harper's seemed to sync.

--Previous Harper's readings I'm finally getting to also point in this direction . . .
(This direction? reinvigoration of a spiritual dimension. A spiritual solution. expansion of the imagination--and now as I say this, I realize that it's Znore's book Death Sweat of The Cluster that really launched this ship.)

A part of this direction and is always my direction is the idea of a world that yields less suffering and more equability & equality--which in turn means grappling with neoliberal capitalism.

But the item that really encapsulates this direction/feeling is the essay in the January Harper's by Fred Bahnson "The Gate Of Heaven Is Everywhere".

Within that piece, it links to other books and folks that will also likely be on the list:

Of course after typing those words and links, I realize that I've forgotten the books that I'm currently making my way through which are also prompting me to begin to keep a dream journal this year. (Happy New Year!)

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