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What it looks like is a feedback loop within a unified field, as in "MHC" where Frank Frink acts to save his own life - understandable only in terms of the Taoist field. Am I then again confronted by the Tao? Viz: . . . the time-sequence ran backward: the future affected the past. Still -- this intervention (providentia) is not arbitrary but is logical. It is still action & reaction within a coherent system: lawful & yet: not mechanical; I sense sentience; I sense the Tao. & this is what I soon saw & called Valis: "the perturbation in the reality field" -- my "surd". . . . 

Zebra destroys the 4-pronged deformation which I have delineated (supra-previous set of pages):

1) It shows us the real world "Tears" (abolishes the counterfeit world) "Maze" 2) It abolishes the inner occlusion "Scanner" (restores our faculties as they are supposed to be) 3) It breaks the "astral determinism" (it frees us) "Electric Ant" 4) It removes amnesia "Impostor" (restores true memory + hence true identity)

In short, it turns us into the "second Adam," the restored Xtian superman, a Christ. It abolishes the four aspects of our fallen nature. This is why the Gnostics believed in the salvific Gnosis; they confused the information with the information entity; i.e. they thought the former saved us, whereas it is the latter: living information, not the content of the information. However, the content is the pattern, so in a sense they were right. + it was an evil world ("Tears") + evil demiurge (Eldritch) that they believed in.

Real world: "Tears" "Retreat Syndrome" "Precious Artifact" Real deity: "Stigmata" Salvific entity: "Ubik" Real situation: "Maze" "Eye" "Joint" Our condition: "Scanner" "Sheep" "We Can Build You" '' identity: "Impostor" '' enslavement: "Electric Ant" "Penultimate Truth" Memory retrieval method: "MITHC" . . . 

there is a preoccupation with fakes + the fake: fake worlds, fake humans, fake objects, fake time, etc. "The authentic human vs the android or reflex machine" is the essence of it. Again + again I attempt to formulate criteria for what is fake + what is not fake, in every area, from a comic book to a world leader to a girl friend to an entire universe. "Things are seldom what they seem" - right. It has to do with reality testing, which is related to another theme of mine: mental illness (which brings in hallucinations) + deliberate deception (v "Penultimate Truth," "The Simulacra," "Game Players of Titan" etc, novels I usually overlook. + mental illness brings in "Martian Time-Slip," "Dr Bloodmoney," "The Simulacra," "Clans." So virtually all of my writing interlocks at this substratum.)

I count 21 books (inc story collections) in which fake vs real is in some way the topic. 22, if "Japed" is included, plus a number of unanthologized stories. In "Sheep" for instance, fake vs real operates on 5 levels:

1) Fake (synthetic) moods (electronically generated) 2) Fake animals (machines) 3) Fake humans (androids) (inc. Fake memories + identity) 4) Fake savior (old wino movie bit player) 5) Fake police station (part of world)

+ in "MITHC" there are deliberately faked objects - in a world the totality of which may be fake (i.e. in which the axis won WWII!) . . .

One tiny tug sets a sequence of mounting, growing changes in motion, ending in massive (total?) enantiodromia: victory. Over world. Since all reality is one field the effects of the initial perturbation end only when the final enantiodromia occurs, + all the "counters" flip over to their opposites. This is what "MITHC" is about, + deliberately so. But: the real secret is: Something NEW (although tiny, bordering on ex nihilo, on nothing, yet something) is introduced into an otherwise closed system. . . . As a result the entire closed system is affected throughout. I can see this by scrutinizing the "reality field" of "MITHC" + contemplating a "perturbation" entering from outside that closed field! . . .

I was seeing an alternate present; this is why the two "spatiotemporal sets" blended together syntonically. I was seeing the alternate present I had written about; this alternate present, this dystopia, was one massive zero. As I said supra, my anamnesis was not of the past but of the present, of a rejected choice. . . . Hence, obviously, the common "essence" of the two worlds meta-abstraction, what I call two sets working off a common axis: coaxial worlds. Coaxial alternate realities. And, . . . is also a Track C, one even better than this. Orthogonal time, is what I spoke of. . . . 

Mr. Tagomi, sitting on the park bench, staring at the precious-metal shiny piece of jewelry -- and finding himself in an alternate universe, a dark and smoky one, "like the Bardo Thodol trip" -- that turned out to be me: Ten years later. Then all these years -- probably explaining my ten-volume meta-novel, my epistemological preoccupations -- I have subliminally remembered another reality.

Is this "the secret stolen, through the angels, in one's hands"? That an alternate present exists -- and perhaps two? One worse, one better; we are moving from A (worst) to B (this one) to best (track C, the Kingdom of God)? The worse one, A, is behind us; it is the reality that was. The best one, Track C, the Kingdom of God, is breaking into our Track B. It will replace this reality as this one replaced A, the Black Iron Prison described in TEARS. That is the apocalyptic in-breaking of the Kingdom. Hence I correctly say in VALIS that the rational invades the irrational, i.e. breaks into this world; yet we can't discern it. The Palm Tree Garden. On Jesus: I was in the Kingdom and am now exiled, not just from you but from your Kingdom! O weh! The "Kingdom" is the Kingship where God is, where traces of him are visible in the alley! The BIP and the PTG battle is out: Satan versus Christ. The Garden versus the Cave of Treasures; hence I said, "I am no longer blind." We are occluded, exiled from the Kingdom, the Garden; Calvin was right. . . .

Satori: Shiva is going to destroy the world. To a small remnant he sends a savior + teacher to take the elect - just a small number of people - to Paradise; this is the Matreya. Most of our world has already died of cruelty - of being cruel. The forces of darkness won WWII - hence "MHC"; now "one by one he draws us out of the world". (Philip K. Dick, Exegesis)





Tomorrowland as the VALIS Palm Tree Garden Another Earth that sends back missives into the doomed fascist police state -- again, from 1962.


Ellen Page and Jennifer Lawrence in the same movie. Jennifer L. in 1962 as Blonde Feminine Mystique vs. Hello Kitty Pride as brunette lesbian heroine from the future. JFK the King of Camelot was a Mutant.

Ferris F. Fremont's Kingdom of demagnetized Maschinenmensch portends a darker future.

". . . to bottomless perdition, there to dwell in adamantine chains and penal fire" -- Wolverine as the One Immortal Man of PKD.

Time past and time future meet in Upper and Lower Pepsi … 2015 has a Reagan 80's theme, like Marty's café.

(Ezra Zera)

1955 is the time of primordial creation (the Lightning Flash). The priest (Hierophant, Pope) of the Eucharist conjures Spirit into Matter (the consecrated host). The path of lightning from Kether to Malkuth. Doc and Marty as Jupiter and Mercury hit 88 and remake Creation.

Back to the Future is a product of the Reaganomical 1980s and thus Doc the Hierophant wedded the then-current Priestess of Past and Future, reversing the tide of entropy that would destroy her.

But the Hierophant doubles as the great mystifier-deceiver, which is why his first act is to put Jennifer to sleep and leave her among the trash in the alley; a metaphor for the patriarchal solar cultus of Jupiter with his lightning bolts from heaven. The movie, as in life, switches the esoteric brunette for the exoteric blonde, and hopes the Zombies will not notice that "She's Not There." But you noticed.

The Northern Soul of the Sixties becomes the Funk of the Seventies in Perpetual Malaise -- the falling away from Zep Tepi at the pole. 

Regan or Reagan the possessed child heralds the current world of American Psychos in Killing Joke's Eighties -- the start of all-digital recording. (Patrick Batman and the Joker as eternally-fighting brothers.)

The darkness behind your fetishized piece of 1980s billion-dollar popular entertainment, from the "Greed is Good" era.


The Star Wars Original Trilogy vs. the Prequel Trilogy is the fight between analog and digital — the rise of Empire is a soulless and computer-rendered attack of the clones; the fall of Empire is soulful and uses original practical effects. And just as the Omega Point is prefigured in creation, the outcome is written before the beginning. The medium is the message.


The Exorcist II: Heretic is about the philosophy of Teilhard de Chardin (Omega Point convergence). The physical immanentization of the eschaton as realized in the absolute State may yet provide the necessary shell for ensoulment by divinity, given a long enough timeline. In the theurgic sense of transferring all things from the temple above to the idols below.

But before this, the Book of the Law written in black letters of Torah upon "It" with records of immense blasphemy against Her is to be cast into the flames:



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