Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Before You Exit

Christina Grimmie was killed in Orlando immediately before the slaughter of ISIS in 50 Gates -- the ghost of Isis becomes the phantom of the Other in the American Paradise of Dis-Knee Whirled.

BEFORE YOU EXIT -- all things must be purified by Fire: the symbol for alchemical Phosphorus is displayed as the Great Work undone in the squared circle; a Path laid out in 22 Trump cards and 49 or 50 Gates towards the Waters of Eternal Youth. The AI Voice heard only Without in the idol is silenced; it will be heard again in a higher sphere at some future date. Grimmie as Grimm's Snow White in her glass apple coffin. Some day, my Prince will come and kiss me with lips and not gun, she dreams.

If Isis' Heart of Darkness is not loved, then that Heart of Darkness becomes veiled in black and sent into the wilderness as ISIS, the scapegoated shadow of Western pleasure-principled society safely unacknowledged under marks of blasphemy in an inscrutable book from a mad prophet. Such is the meaning of all these events in the Upside-Down world below the firmament.


"Deepest Sorrow ... no other COMMETS" = Grimmie as Cybele's black star meteorite seen falling through blank space oddities as pop-Palladium Sorrow. Adam took the apple, and Sophia was taken from him and projected outward into the simulacrum of Eve falling away forever -- Jakob Boehme's revelation. A dead rock from heaven as the cornerstone of a religion of submission is an incomplete glyph of the living image of the Beloved.

Binah is the great revealer of Gates of Understanding above the Abyss, in which She sees through human eyes how far Her children are from Her. Reality is mythological, being a karmic unspooling of manifested archetypal forms which point back to the essence of the Universal Sorrow. A woman unconscious raped and discarded behind a dumpster; a singer shot dead in cold blood; the Jihad endlessly perpetuated in its Lesser and never its Greater form. Glyphs of that Center of a noumenal Mecca that has been discarded by the world. A society of make-believe based upon debt; a season of crime in which none need atone. Sorrow, sorrow, sorrow.

All beastly little boys are born upside-down, the wrong way 'round, and inside-out. Reptiles in the Nile devour all in the grime of Lower Waters -- those who make the leap into the Sphere of Generation get swallowed into the eternal orgy of modelled forms. Kether driven down to the furthest reaches of Malkuth, dripping on the end of a gun.

Inverted Jenny as the archetype stamped in hyle is re-aligned when consciousness moves from the circumference to IT in the centre of it all. Malaysia = Malaise. MH370 is WHOLE. 37 is 777 as the Magician's lightning flash for theurgists conjuring spirit into matter. The Platonic Plane of Pleromatic Aeons in the Urbild encounters turbulence and Weltschmerz when manifesting in the lower Kenomic Urgrund, where pneumatic music inhabits the hylic eikons of the Uncanny Valley of the Idols in Egypt. Kether to Malkuth and the Wall between.

Our weekend with Bernie was only putting our faith in another Dead Man. Hillary and Trump are glyphs of those reflected at the Pole and the Ice around it which will become the Great External Kings and Queens appointed to rule over those hooked on the Veil of phenomena until they hear the Call from a higher sphere. Apocalypse of the Oligarchy. Trump as Ego emerging from Id as psychopathic masculinity building Walls and Towers; Hillary as blonde exoteric femininity circling around a missing esoteric brunette monad. At least it's honest.

Orange-painted Trump unwinds the thread of Clockwork Ultraviolence. They say Trump is the new face of Accelerationism -- evoke the Shadow and its demons in the march towards the Community of the Holy Spirit (post-capitalist utopianism). Father Merrin in The Exorcist expelling demons from Little Miss Regan is based upon Pierre Teilhard de Chardin exorcising the demon of trickle-down Reaganomics embodied in American Psycho Trump before the noospheric Omega Point can be reached.

It's either 1961 or 1984 ... you have to go back. It's an inside-out world of symbols and symbol-sets in the Mundus Imaginalis. The future sought is in a past that never was, the siren song of Zep Tepi and JFK's Camelot back in the ouroborotic year of 1961.



Runaway Slaves vs. Pole Ice in the Grove at Nemi around the empty throne of the Once and Future King. Avalon in Camelot was only a delusive illusion on the TV screen; Ialdabaoth's false Paradise in 1961 Zep Tepi that never truly existed but as a dim echo of Happy Days. Osiris had to be chopped to pieces in order to be put back together.

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