Friday, October 20, 2017

Tommorow's Harveyst

In the past few months, we have seen the Griffin calling for the head of the Mad King in the outplaying of the alchemical drama of the Trumps.

Ariana Grande as Eurydice was seen falling forever, becoming the latest of many glyphs of the reflekted pop star as ISIS murder.

The Twin Peaks so prevalent in symbolism are those of Above and Below and Self and Not-Self as the Other-Doppelgänger. The nuclear bomb of episode 8 brings with it the cosmic shattering of the vessels. The Lynched man's avatar Cooper enacts the Orphic myth of Eurydice in confronting Judy and Jeffries the ascended Blackstar Hierophant Under Hermetic Pressure—who, in defeating his doppelgänger, ascends from the Black Lodge—but his time has not yet come.


The Gnostic-Tantric subject-object division of reflections appears in an inverted heaven; Audrey the eternal Dark-Haired Dreamer is lost in the dance.

Hurricane Lee-Harvey shoots from the Texas School Book Depository, where the Lost Cause narrative was propagandized to a generation. The statues of the Old South are the idols of Lower Egypt; forms without substance worshipped by the profane.

Heather Heyer as the Heh-Heh glyph of Binah-Malkuth as exiled Shekinah collides with the Quantum Field driven by the fascist in his GVF 1111 chariot; this being the GUF as well of souls and the 111 as ALePh.

In previous years we were told repeatedly that a Storm was coming . . . the storm being, of course, Stormfront and its ideology of the Nazi Black Sun as the Blackstar rising from the Id, bringing fascism in its wake. The New Killer Star, resurgent after a generation forgot them.

History repeats itself as farce—populist Bannon and the Alt-Right ruffians have been dispersed, just as Hitler suppressed the SA Brownshirts in his consolidation of power; he realized the military was a much more effective tool.

The Alt-Right is a bunch of mentally deficient infantile dweeblords with the fantastic opinions of Ignatius Reilly who roleplay as Nazis on the Internet because they have absolutely nothing better to do with their time and lack strong father-figures in their lives. They are probably the strongest argument for reinstating the draft. It's another tribalist paradigm born out of a reaction to the Left's splintering into various subgroups following the failure of Occupy Wall Street.

The worst part is that these idiotic paranoid delusions, in a slightly sanitized form, are now infesting FB and get taken up by simple-minded, uncritical fools who blindly believe anything posted on the Internet.

They diagnose the sickness of society as a departure from the Tradition, but do not perceive that Ritual without meaning is only debased Gnosis. Julius Evola actually serves as a Gateway Drug away from reactionary politics towards a greater apoliteia.

The Hermetic tradition is towards androgyny, towards unity. Theirs is clinging to a dying masculinity. The Cargo Cult fetishizes the forms of masculinity, the forms of ritual, the forms of culture, but not the things in themselves.

Every knee shall bow . . .

To the modern fascist, concerned only with juvenile video game fantasy, Antifa are at once effeminate pink-haired cucks and dangerous black-masked domestic terrorists. "Thus, by a continuous shifting of rhetorical focus, the enemies are at the same time too strong and too weak."

4chan or Fortune as world-axis swastika-spinner created Evola Chan meme in 2014Meme Magic of the pink haired girl from the keking frogs of Aristophanes. Images of Beauty are captured in the Upside-Down as oblivion spreads in the great play of Lalita.

Persephone as Sophia admiring the idea of Beauty reflected in Dark Waters is dragged into the Underworld by Hades as the Demiurge at the beginning of things, leading to the pageant of sin and death that is the world-stage.

Observing the Play is not participating in the Mystery; a voyeur becomes a murderer of Self. That is the supreme Gnosis of the Universal Sorrow.

Hugh Hefner (dead on Route 91) in his Pleasure Palace is ruler of hell. "In Xanadu did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure dome decree"—Citizen Kane is the Donald's favorite film.

Paddock is defined as an enclosure for Dark Horses. The 32nd floor = 32 paths of the Tree as bullets of the sacred river Alph zigzag from Kether to Malkuth. The shooting takes place in the Egypt Below under the Luxor black pyramid—"Egypt is an image of heaven" as Hermes Trismegistus sayeth.


Marilyn Manson falling
= Heaven Upside Down. See the Acts of Peter and the symbolism of his upside-down cross as the cosmic anthropos falling down below, as Bowie said in Blackstar—"We were born upside-down / The wrong way 'round."

Marilyn, the blonde bombshell of expansive luminosity and easy procreation.

Manson, the cult leader preaching Race War.

Jesus Camp OS. Antichrist Superstar. Rosemary's singer must die, as always. Traditional society held the Priest-King as divine intermediary charged with performing the necessary sacrifices to feed the multitude; these half-remembered rites are preserved in the profane world by con-men and zealots.

Mandalay is Mandala as the central world-axis (literally the origin of the world) surrounded by impenetrable ice, from which the White Walkers emerge from the Id to wreak havoc in the Game of Thrones series. North Korea is the pole of the North Kore still unknown to those gambling their lives away in the Egypt Below where the House always wins.


In the death of another Major Tom as Heartbreaker, we approach closer to the Black Star and the Dark Tower in which the Mad King dwells; not a change but a revealing of the nature of power and delusion in the hearts of men (the riddle of the sphinx whose answer is "man").

Minor Tom (Petty) as the Benben Heart-Breaker of Osiris in continuing apokalypsis of Black Stars emerging in the City of the Pyramids at the concealed center of the Mandala(y) in the North Kore.

Things fall down from on high and erect the Walls of Fascism down below.


Adam Kadmon falls into matter, and in the Egypt Below sets up a delusive reflection of the Egypt above. More will die before they get the message through their hardened hearts filled with ideology.

Mary Lou is Bowie's lover in The Man Who Fell to Earth (from Mars). All disasters are repetitions of the original Fall, and are thus easily decoded once one has the key . . . painfully so. Whether we take Mars as a hint of ancient Martian colonization (per David Icke's reveries) or merely Adam as a man of Red Earth (Adamah).

The watery gates of Upper and Lower Cola: "Harvey's in the sky with diamonds" and "Manson's in the air" when crossing the threshold from the Crowley way of being . . .

The crimes of Mr. Harvey were foretold long ago; Harvey's Harvest Festival is the reaping of Persephone by Hades in the yearly Harvest rite of the Fall. And of course, it all started with Ronan Farrow. #ROSEARMY's Baby is a rapist from Hollywood. The riddle of man is that he is a fascist lecher at heart; the sooner we stop deifying mortals, the better. The World-Illusion is the silver screen that keeps the Self entranced in the Play, metaphorically raped and murdered by the archontic forces of Lower Egypt.

"Drink deep and descend."
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