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K. West



Can I ask you a question?


Of course, baby.


All of the statues that we see, where do you think they came from?


I think that artists carved them years and years ago…



They are Phoenix turned to stone.


[chuckling] Baby. They…


They are phoenix turned to stone.

 Do you know what I hate most about your world?
Anything that is different you try to change.
You try to tear it down.
And If I don’t burn, I will turn to stone.


What do you mean burn?


If I don’t burn then I can’t go back to my world.


I don’t want you to go back to your world.
I want you to stay here with me.


I have to burn.


No, I’ll never let you burn.

= Boeing 777 Bel Air (lightning flash) skyfalls to the lower waters and makes
carbonated black water rather than noetic Pneuma, as was written--

(Alvin Boyd Kuhn)

The dead American is PHIL Wood

(Uncle Phil of Bel Airlines)

Fire above, Water below

Waves and Wings

Horselover Fat's Zebra Rider (Air Power)

The ancient Pythagoreans, in their conventional language, called the two Bears the Hands of Rhea (the Lady of Turning Heaven), and called the planets the Hounds of Persephone, Queen of the Underworld. Far away to the south, the mysterious ship Argo with its Pilot star held the depths of the past; and the Galaxy was the Bridge out of Time. (Hamlet's Mill)

Hounds of Love (Water Lily)


Go West to go East

(Did Rhea write it for Persephone?)

First it must be prefaced that this realm of bodily life on earth was called in all old scriptures the Hades, of the Greeks, the Sheol of the Hebrews, and the Amenta of the Egyptians; the dark cave, the grave or tomb, and lastly and always, the dark Underworld. It was the gloomy abysmal pit, the infernal realm of Stygian darkness. It was the region of death and darkest night, the dark night of the soul. . . .The new infant light of the sun on the crescent moon is conceived and born in the dark underworld, that is, below the horizon, in the western sky, out of sight of the world, where the sun and moon have met (they are both at a point below the western horizon at the same time) and may be said to have copulated. Sun and moon together once a month descend into the dark underworld, there unite, and in two or three days the moon gives birth to their child, the new young moon! Here is the theological outline or glyph of all creation, planetary, racial, human, individual. . . . What a sermon the two orbs preach to us in that monthly tryst below the rim of the world in the western sky! For it is only in the kingdom of man that soul and body are met in creative union. . . . As soul descends into the underworld to meet body, as sun descends below the horizon light to meet moon, . . . the two meet in creative union in that dark underworld. An Egyptian text says that the soul of Osiris descends into the underworld of Amenta (our earth), it meets there the soul of Isis; the two are there united. (Kuhn, New Lectures on the Ancient Wisdom)

The Neter and her Statue (size_of_light)

Twilight of the Idols (Sunrise)


So you wanna play with magic
Boy, you should know what you're falling for

Subject / Object Problem

Horus and Seth (Two Wheels)

Heavy metal lions

Noah's Ark

[T]he Savior manifested in his twin aspects in the character of what the Egyptians called "the Lion of the Double Force," or the twin lions, the old and dying lion, adult of the previous generation or cycle, and the reborn young lion, the "lion’s whelp" of the Old Testament. They were also called the two Cherubim, and the word "cherubim" derives from the Egyptian name of the two lion figures, which was Kherufu. These two lions were represented as guarding, the one the western and the other the eastern gates of life at the two equinoctial points . . . On its visit to earth the soul, in the Egyptian Ritual, cries, "I come that I may see the processes of Maat [the Goddess of Truth] and the lion-forms.". . . 

What the soul means by saying it comes to earth to see the "processes of Maat" is that its life in the flesh will bring under its conscious experience and scrutiny the concrete manifestations of Truth in living situations. Here it will see Truth in actual operation, coming to light in the acts and fates of men. Also in seeing the two "lion-forms" it will gain cognizance of the reality of its own selfhood under the two aspects or phases through which its experience in every cycle of descent and return, its death and resurrection, takes it. It will come to know itself as in the one phase, represented by its image standing at the gate of the western equinox of September, the dying old one of the past generation; and in the other phase, represented by the image or Kherub standing at the eastern gate . . . reborn, like the Phoenix, out of its parent’s death. . . .

The two brothers are pictured as in direct opposition to each other, as they battle for alternate victory and suffer alternate defeat in their successive and never-ending conflict in the sphere of manifestation. As spirit descends under the power of sluggish matter the material brother, or power of darkness, is hailed as victor; when spirit overcomes the flesh to put all things under its feet, hell is vanquished and the Christ is triumphant. The one brother can be taken as the spiritual aspect of life, the other as the material, and the two are ever in combat during a cycle of manifestation. As the one increases the other must decrease . . . .

Noah, the "no-etic" or divine intellectual principle, on his return to earth after the flood that washes away all forms, plants a vineyard and shortly becomes intoxicated, so that his sons have to go in backward to cover his nakedness. The Father principle of spirit, descending to earth, loses its divine vesture, becomes "naked" and must be reclothed by the renewal of its heavenly garments by its own sons. . . .

The elevation of mortal mind by the buoyant afflatus of divine thought quality, which, to speak in the figure, goes to the head and induces ecstasies and raptures, is what the ancients symbolized by the ideogram of intoxication resulting from man’s imbibing the Wine of Immortality poured out for him by the gods. As all such symbolizations are dual, there is also an intoxication of another sort, that undergone by the god himself when he, like Noah, lands again on earth and becomes intoxicated with the wine of sense, reveling in it like a drunkard, forgetting his divine nature. . . . The god-man and the animal-man in us mutually intoxicate each other, until in the end the higher intoxication neutralizes the lower and man becomes soberly wise. . . . 

The roll of the cycle brings us now to Aquarius, into which sign the new age or dispensation is entering about the present time. But where are the hierophants of old who watched the time-table of the cycles and were alert to introduce the new typology and hail the new-born Avatar and adorn him with his new panoply of characterization? Alas! for the first time in world history there are no Magi, no Council of Sages, no Demi-gods to change the nomenclature and salute the incoming Genius of the Cycle with his proper figuration. Nor is there a populace reverent or intelligent enough to do aught save jeer at it if it were announced. . . . Aquarius is the Waterman, pouring out the ichor of divinity from his urn in two streams, again representing the division of the life-stream into spirit and matter, both equally beneficent. Nu is the watery fount of primordial origins, elemental source, and holds the waters of the abyss. From it emanates that water which is to generate life for all the universes, as the sea water generates life on our planet. Aquarius is the only man in the zodiac of animal signs; so in man the two streams of living water flow together to purify the nature for the generation of the Christ consciousness. . . .

The star in the east is that bright and morning star whose rising on the field of general human consciousness will deify humanity. It is the day-star from on high, but having plunged into earth and ocean "on the western side of heaven" in its descent into matter, it must rise again after its night of incarnation "in the east," as token that deity that goes periodically to its "death" in body will just as often have its joyous resurrection. (Kuhn, Who is the King of Glory?)

The Star is both a symbol of Aquarius and a representation of that sign's developmental challenge for the next two thousand years of Humanity. The age of Pisces was the age of perfected man . . . we now enter the two millenia of Aquarius, under the sign of perfected womanhood . . . The Star is a symbol of the Aquarian transfiguration of femininity, where womanhood is liberated and perfected. Suares emphasizes that the key to human evolution is in the development and transformation of the feminine in the psyches of both sexes. (Psyche)

Incoming Genius

Star (Heaven Above)


Moon (Material Statue Below)


Golden Phoenix (Synthesis)

(To ignore popular culture is to not see the invisible priesthood that upholds the fabric of reality--the priesthood is visible, but their role is invisible, since the petrified Church no longer fulfills that function)

808 Joker Rider's Broken Benben Stone

Enchantment Under the Sea

Ride or Die on Spinning Wheels (God Bless America)

West (Outgoing) to East (Incoming) on Mater Cycles

Infinite Space, and the Infinite Stars thereof

Fall (Red) in the West / Spring (White) in the East

The connection of the different initiations with the Equinoxes which separate the Empire of the Nights from that of the Days, and fix the moment when one of these principles begins to prevail over the other, shows that the Mysteries referred to the continual contest between the two principles of light and darkness, each alternately victor and vanquished. The very object proposed by them shows that their basis was the theory of the two principles and their relations with the soul. "We celebrate the august Mysteries of Ceres and Proserpine," says the Emperor Julian, "at the Autumnal Equinox, to obtain of the Gods that the soul may not experience the malignant action of the Power of Darkness that is then about to have sway and rule in Nature." . . . In April was celebrated the first triumph obtained by the light of day over the length of the nights; and the ceremonies of mourning and rejoicing had, Macrobius says, as their object, the vicissitudes of the annual administration of the world. (Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma)

The path of Descent and the path of Ascent

Pi day CNN spread: 777 Rides the Snakes and Ladders (Odysseus came home from Troy a monster)

Helen-Odysseus/Horse-Penelope. Iliad = world as exo (all make war for pretty face),

Odyssey = world as Iso (one makes war for zep tepis face), a Homeric pun of cosmic intimacy.

Girls and Horses

"[S]he had come down into the world from the highest heavens, and . . . was Sophia, the Mother of All. It was for her sake, he said, that the Greeks and Barbarians fought the Trojan War, deluding themselves with an image of truth, for the real being was then present with the First God."

Danny: Can I go to my room and get my fire-engine?

Got my bad baby by my heavenly side

The Palladium of Troy (137 Constant)

Everything I want I have:
Money, notoriety and rivieras.
I even think I found God
In the flash bulbs of the pretty cameras,
Pretty cameras, pretty cameras.
Am I glamorous? Tell me am I glamorous?

Hello? Hello?
C-can you hear me?
I can be your china doll
If you want to see me fall.

Boy, you're so dope,
Your love is deadly.
Tell me life is beautiful,
They all think I have it all.
I'm nothing without you.
All my dreams and all the lights mean
Nothing without you.

Summertime is nice and hot,
And my life is sweet like vanilla is.
Gold and silver line my heart
But burned into my brain are these stolen images,
Stolen images, baby, stolen images. 

Can you picture it,
Babe, the life we could've lived?

Secondary Animation of Cult Statues (Opening of the Mouth)

Hell Gate

When at length admitted to the Degree of Perfection, the Initiate was brought face to face with entire nature, and learned that the soul was the whole of man: that earth was but his place of exile; that Heaven was his native country; that for the soul to be born is really to die; and that death was for it the return to a new life. Then he entered the sanctuary; but he did not receive the whole instruction at once. . . . There were, as it were, many apartments, through which he advanced by degrees, and between which thick veils intervened. There were Statues and Paintings, says Proclus, in the inmost sanctuary, showing the forms assumed by the Gods, finally the last veil fell, the sacred covering dropped from the image of the Goddess, and she stood revealed in all her splendor, surrounded by a divine light, which, filling the whole sanctuary, dazzled the eyes and penetrated the soul of the Initiate. Thus is symbolized the final revelation of the true doctrine as to the nature of Deity and of the soul, and of the relations of each to matter. (Pike)

Heaven's Gate (The Mother We Share)

Kim and Kanye's engagement song, it will be recalled, is "Young and
Beautiful," which depicts the Perceived image of the Plotinian
Beautiful that has lit the world as her stage and is theurgically
"channeling angels in the new age" addressing the Perceiver, imploring
him (as her Sun and Son) to still love her when the externalized form
falls away in favor of the noetic reality she represents, "when I got
nothing but my aching soul"--pressing the Kwester along the path to
Gatsby's West Egg

The phenomenon of Lorde can likewise only be understood by realizing
that she operates as Dalai Lana's Goetic doppelgaenger; while Lana is
engaged in her own self-theurgia via drawing down the influence of the
Mother of the Gods to her sympathetic statue of an idol-form through
alchemical-poetic praxis, Lorde embodies a sort of separatio wherein
she operates as a Golem, or "Gollum," of unredeemed materia

Kill Kill (West Gate)

Merkabah of Two Truths (Ride the Descent and Ascent)

Black Sphinx / White Sphinx

Answering the Riddle of the Sphinx (Fire Walker Phoenix in Red Shoes)

Feet, don't fail me now
Take me to the finish line . . .

Lost but now I am found
I can see but once I was blind
I was so confused as a little child
Trying to take what I could get
Scared that I couldn't find
All the answers, honey

Lost and Scared

The 239 missing is again the other side of Room 237 as overshooting

The airy pneuma as the Platonic Plane of Truth is gone, missing;
swallowed up by the endless Abyss of the waters and its attendant
krokodiles (this is repeated regularly, until we remember)

227 Lives of the Oscar Pi Story, Lost in the Indian Ocean of Tsimtsum

Or, rather, it was Horselover Wood (in the Year of the Wooden Horse)
and 238 others

(Statuesque replicant Rachael dreaming of the Blade Runner's electric Dick)

Just one or two lonely tigers on a Black Mirror of Rachel's tears (237 + 2 or 238 + 1)

Crimea River of No Return

Ukraine = "borderland"

Poseidon's Trident

Kali's trident is "past, present and future" as Crimea (the Man in the Middle) caught between two girls, Descent and Ascent


West and East

Julie LONDON's CRIMEA River in the UK REIGN

The Ukranian blonde (Parvati/Lalita), the past (Aleph)

The Black Sea between (Mem)

The Russian brunette (Kali), the future (Tav)

Putin saying not to touch (in Soviet Russia, king kills you)

Come and take a walk on the wild side (of the Iron Curtain)

(Horselover Phat)

Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night
and wouldn't you love to love her?
Takes to the sky like a bird in flight
and who will be her lover?
All your life you've never seen
woman, taken by the wind
Would you stay if she promised you heaven?
Will you ever win?
She is like a cat in the dark
and then she is the darkness
she rules her life like a fine skylark
and when the sky is starless

Dharma (Horselover Phat)

I climbed a mountain and I turned around
And I saw my reflection in the snow-covered hills
Till the landslide brought me down

Oh, mirror in the sky, what is love?
Can the child within my heart rise above?

Cats and Bats

Some Girls are bigger than others

Same as it ever was for Jagger's little bird (a Stone rolling up and down that hill)

Hanged on a (red) door (and painted it black); gateway to the underworld (killed by Gravity)

Black stars rise & fall (Wild Horses)

L'Wren is the black bird that greets Noah's Nigredo; Mick Jagger sings
"Paint It, Black" becoming "I paint the sky black" in the Chelsea Mourning

My wedding dress black leather too

scene of a murder-suicide (a dead Rock-Star fallen from heaven)

(Guillaume Samard)


227 Club as the Spinning Wheel turns, forever

Born with a void, hard to destroy with love or hope
Built with a heart, broken from the start
And now I die slow

In the valley of the dolls, we sleep
Got a hole inside of me
Living with identities
That do not belong to me
In my life, I got this far
Now I’m ready for the last hoorah
Dying like a shooting star
In the valley
In the valley
In the valley

Back to zero, here we go again, again




Eugene's Post Card Images from K West...
Serum 14
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