Friday, June 19, 2015

Hexakosiai Deka Hex

. . . 

Hermetic coniunctio becomes alchemical androgyne when the Queen Bee rips the genitals from the Drone in a Honey-Moon (Cybele receives her pound of flesh from the sacred Gallus)

Men become women, and white women become black women … in a world where neither men nor women are really women

Leah is Eso as Binah, Rachel is Exo as Malkuth … Replicant Rachel is of necessity an aged blonde masquerading as a young Dark Haired Girl on the world-stage 

Kenoma (West Coast down South) masquerades as Pleroma (the frozen North), after a certain manner, and the material Eve masquerades as the spiritual Eve -- but we can behold the Intelligibles in her Speculum nonetheless

(How many girls can truly say they have dyed their hair to suit the reality of their black souls?)

Dylann says "all I see are little beasts" and sees only himself. A Black Brother opposing his black brothers.

What do these various stories have in common? Perceiver and the Perceived. Black Beauty in Blonde Beauty; the Unmanifest revealed in the Manifest.

Man says Leah is false and condemns her, denying Upper Water
Man says Rachel is false and condemns her, denying Lower Water

But in both he reveals only his own unreality … says Robert Graves

Darth Vader (Bad Dad on Father's Day) on the loose in Charleston, SC

The Bad Dad is an impudent and angry child -- Rosemary and Baby playing Manson House in the Hebdomad

And Demon Charlie is summoned from the Abyss to preach RaHoWa




RIP (?)

Lita G Rey and the Dzhokharman

Those looking in One Direction towards Exo will play with Charlie in the Hebdomad of duality with Blonde Lolita

Regan is the girl in The Exorcist -- the Greatest American Hero exorcises the demon preaching trickle-down Helter-Skelter invading the Promised Land

A Guy Faux Piñata (Eat the Rich)

Donald Scrooge fortifies himself against Lower Egypt as Mexico South of the Border; but perhaps he is himself the "Mexican demon" as the living embodiment of 80's Reganomics? All places become one place; antebellum South becomes modern America. Wherever you go, there you are.


"Knockin' on Heaven's Door" again encapsulates the Lesser-Greater Jihad paradox of the Kingdom of Heaven being taken by violent force (Matthew 11:12)

(RaHoWa = "Racial Holy War" spinning around Pole Ice)

A glimpse of archetypal reality

The 1960s as Zep Tepi where "everything" happens all at once, then projected downstream into the devolving currents of time: Music is marked by the switch from vacuum tubes to "SOLID STATE" as a crystallization of matter

Highway 61 RevisitedDzhokhar Shine On


Blood on the Tracks and Blood on the Leaves

MC = Masters of Ceremonies on the Twin Peaks in the Tree of Good and Evil
(twin brothers of the waxing and waning)




333 and 333, the fighting twin brothers as Choronzon in the desert at war with himself in his own self-contradictory whisperings … a desert at the bottom of an ocean

Two fish, the twin brothers on the revolving wheel, ever-fighting on Twin Peaks

Man as the Beast on a Wire is offered up in the great fish-fry as the Son of a fishy mother

Two little beasties on the end of Isis's leash: Man becomes a cuckold to his Weird ...

Katy's sharks as Korybantic dancers: Katy's shark-boy becomes the impetus of the Blood Feud with boring Betty Cooper

Helen is untouchable, despite her "long list of ex-lovers" -- two fleshes remain two fleshes, never to become one flesh; the Blank Space eternally marking the infinite distance between Within and Without You

"Bad Blood" is the blonde Aleph in the blood of Adam, goaded to the Pepsi cross … Jump They Say

Devotees of Helen become devotees of Hekate, as the son sets … and the apple said, TO THE FAIREST. Old Money = Beauty vs. Words. 

A willing honeymoon with the chthonic beasts of the abyss … Down by the River with those two Piscean fish fighting 

Note the figurative Black Lagoon behind Dylann … a blonde boy in the Fury Rhodes of Lesser Jihad down in South Africa (a Long Walk to Freedom)

One fish with Self-Theurgia of YaHoWa and one preaching RaHoWa Race War

To evoke or bait this fish from the depths, when the Deluge of the ever-coming Storm drowns all, is to first confront the beastly-shadow nature that is dualistic in its merciful and severe aspects as dancing Piscean twins, lost in sectarian tribalism; a confrontation which then leads to the tree on which this fish-man is slain to appease the Magna Mater. Between the black and white South of the Kenoma and the varicolored Northern Lights of the Pleroma is the Cross.
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