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12/21/12 . . .

It ain't over till . . .

Apocalypse when?


For most people, the transition from three-dimensional to four-dimensional consciousness is exceedingly painful. Medieval Christianity called it the dark night of the soul; Dante called it the journey through hell and purgatory; it was forty days and forty nights in the desert for Jesus; it was a journey in the belly of a fish for many a hero.
For a modern man it is a midlife crisis or worse, a nervous breakdown; or still worse, physical suicide. The process can be summed up in one sentence; it is the relocating of the center of the personality from the ego to a center greater than one's self. This superpersonal center has been variously called the Self, the Christ nature, the Buddha nature, superconsciousness, cosmic consciousness, satori, and samadhi. This relocation appears to be death when viewed from the perspective of the ego. Zen masters observe that satori (their term for a nonpersonal center of consciousness) can be viewed by the ego as nothing but total disaster. And death it is! The ego loses it supremacy and goes through a short time of violent suffering.

When someone threatens suicide at this time, I caution him that he must be very careful to do it without harming his body. The relocation of the center of the personality is a form of suicide, and it's best done voluntarily by the ego. Mezumi Roshi, a Zen master in Los Angeles, once said, "Why don't you die now and enjoy the rest of your life?" (83-84)~Transformation Robert A. Johnson

(3:33 are you f'ing kidding me?)

Adele's '21' Shines Bright Like a Diamond: 10 Million U.S. Sales

"Fittingly, that makes 21 the 21st album to achieve "Diamond" status in the SoundScan era."


(the 333rd day of the year)

and so?

. . .

(She'll shoot your eye out, kid!)

“. . . What do you bet that your picture of temptation there goes shopping for apples next? Speaking of pictures of temptation, doesn’t she look just like The Sin herself? And what does it mean that they put an apple in the mouth of a pig before they roast him? Is that what she is going to do to you?” . . .

I’ve heard that “sin” comes from the Greek, and has to do with archery. “To miss the mark.” . . . Put another way, “sin” is a failure of authenticity. What is authentic? And again we return to the notion of real. What is real?

Sin, apples and arrows.

"And the diamond is another image for the coniunctio."~Edinger

All I want for Christmas is a Red Ryder BB gun with a compass in the stock, and this thing which tells time

In other words, it’s a common theme in my writing that a dark-haired girl shows up at the door of the protagonist, and tells him that his world is delusional, that there is something false about it. Well, this did finally happen to me. I even knew that her hair would be black. (Philip K. Dick)

The Sages state that it is "only at the age of 40 that the disciple is fit to understand properly the thought of his master," for "40 years is the age of wisdom." That is why, in general, the kabbalists prefer to "transmit" their teaching to disciples who are at least 40 years old. In their opinion, at that age the human soul becomes spiritually mature. The Hebrew word 'neshamah,' soul, confirms this; the letters which compose it also make up the words 'mem shanah,' 40 years. (Wisdom of the Kabbalah)

(Aryeh Kaplan)

School is in session (Pieces of Jennifer)

"Tell me who you are."

Zina said, "I am the Torah. . . . the Torah is depicted as a beautiful maiden living alone, secluded in a great castle. Her secret lover comes to the castle to see her, but all he can do is wait futilely outside hoping for a glimpse of her. Finally she appears at the window and he is able to catch sight of her, but only for an instant. Later on she lingers at the window and he is able, therefore, to speak with her; yet, still, she hides her face behind a veil . . . and her answers to his questions are evasive. Finally, after a long time, when her lover has become despairing that he will ever get to know her, she permits him to see her face at last."

Emmanuel said, "Thus revealing to her lover all the secrets which she has up to now, throughout the long courtship, kept  buried in her heart. I know the Zohar. You are right."

"So you know me now, En Sof," Malkuth said. "Does it please you?"

"It does not," he said, "because although what you say is true, there is one more veil to be removed from your face. There  is one more step."

"True." Malkuth, the lovely young woman seated on the  throne, wearing a crown, said, "but you will have to find it."

"I will," he said. "I am so close now; only a step, one single step, away."

"You have guessed," she said. "But you must do better than that. Guessing is not enough; you must know."

"How beautiful you are, Malkuth," he said. "And of course you are here in the world and love the world; you are the sefira that represents the Earth. You are the womb containing everything, all the other sefiroth that constitute the Tree itself; those other forces, nine of them, are generated by you."

"Even Kether," Malkuth said, calmly. "Who is highest."

"You are Diana, the fairy queen," he said. "You are Pallas Athena, the spirit of righteous war; you are the spring queen, you are Hagia Sophia, Holy Wisdom; you are the Torah which is the formula and blueprint of the universe; you are Malkuth of the Kabala, the lowest of the ten sefiroth of the Tree of Life; and you are my companion and friend, my guide. But what are you actually? Under all the disguises? I know what you are and--" He put his hand on hers. "I am beginning to remember. The Fall, when the Godhead was torn apart."

"Yes," she said, nodding. "You are remembering back to that, now. To the beginning."

"Give me time," he said. "Just a little more time. It is hard. It hurts."

She said, "I will wait." Seated on her throne she waited. She had waited for thousands of years, and, in her face, he could see the patient and placid willingness to wait longer, as long as was necessary. (Philip K. Dick, The Divine Invasion)

Everybody thought that she was boring, so they never listened anyway
Nobody was really saying anything of interest, she fell asleep
She was into S&M and Bible studies
Not everyone's cup of tea she would admit to me
Her cup of tea, she would admit to no one
Her cup of tea, she would admit to me

"For in Egypt not only Israel, we are told in the Midrash, was held in bondage, but also the Shekinah."

If you're feeling sinister

An apocalypse (Ancient Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apocálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω meaning 'un-covering'), translated literally from Greek refers to a revelation of something hidden . . . In religious contexts it is usually a revelation of hidden meaning - hidden from human knowledge in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception.

Feedback loop


  1. This Is 40 on 12/21/12 reflects the first day of school, as the Kabbalah wasn't taught until the age of 40. Our childhood is over.

  2. Notice also in the Megan Fox "ThISIS 40" scene the mirror reflections.
    Not only do you see her body from the front,but (no pun intended) you get to see her dark side,or other side as well.Then you see Leslie Mann's (Man?)face in the mirror with her left eye obscured by fox's head.

    In the movie "17 Again" Leslie Mann plays a character called "Scarlet" and the tag line on the poster is "Who said that you're only young once?".
    In "The Cable Guy" Leslie Mann plays "Robin (red?) Harris".

    I also thought it was funny that Paul Rudd is in a world of s#!+ sitting on his throne with the apple in his hand .-)

    1. Hey Darren,
      I just saw your review of Winter's Labyrinth on Amazon.

      wonderful. (we'll have to have you on 42 minutes sometime to chat).
      we'll figure that out next year. enjoy the holidays!

  3. the unveiling of the teenage dream. (a black swan).

    --Major Tom Under The Rainbow . . .

  4. You guys are all geniuses. Dorothy is the Dark Side of the Moon.

    Leslie Mann is the "man" in this alchemical union of Sun and Moon (seeing the Snowflake Queen Face to Face). Veronica only goes for Betty while Archie the eidolon becomes so much faeces, having bought into the Apple of material illusion.

    "Yeah, I'm just Young Sophia."

  5. Mark Ryden's 40

    Here is numerical context of 40 and its two other relations, ie 26 & 33:

    147+174+417+471+714+741 = 2664 (666*4)
    258+285+528+582+825+852 = 3330 (666*5)
    369+396+639+693+936+963 = 3996 (666*6)

    2664+3330+3996 = 9990, the idea is totality of ALP as 1000 or 999+1

    If you take 9990 as the ONE thing, ie ALP, then:

    2664 = 26.666666666666666666666666666666 %
    3330 = 33.333333333333333333333333333333 %
    3996 = 40 %

    2664 is Father since it is built on 1, penis, and also since YHVH is 10+5+6+5 = 26, and also it is the kingdom of Iron, ie weapons, nails, airplanes, tanks, guns, fences, hoes, rakes, cars, etc.

    3996 is Mother since it is built on 3,6,9, which are box or container or immersion in trial, ie 40 days trial, or descent into illusion, ie my side becomes by wife, who is the box I split/spill myself into in-two.

    3330 is the offspring or fruit of the mating of Father and Mother, ie 26 and 40 = 66, the beast with two backs or the continuing fragment of the one thing into maya, maya, maya, maya, maya...

    The "mass of the fenix" is a burn down of all fragments to Adamah, who is Sophia, and where ALP as 1 becomes ALP as 1000. A flood or immersion in wisdom (read oil on your feet) or bapho-metis, that makes the klipot see. Wise tears, empathy, feeling all things, anamnesis, anakluklosis.

    Such is the day and night and new day of Brahma who is ALP.

    The entire game of these numbers in one glance is Square of Saturn or Lo-Shu Square.

  6. I just did a post on
    "Nightmare on Elm Street 4"
    and realized there was a scene
    that seemed to mirror (pun intended)
    the "This is 40" poster;

    If you scroll down in the post to the
    "This is 40" poster,the scene in
    "Nightmare 4" is directly above it,
    where Andras Jones is on the toilet
    and Tuesday Knight is looking into a mirror
    at his reflection.
    It is a dream sequence where Andras'
    character is about to fight Freddy
    and lose big-time.
    The girl in the mirror is already dead,too.


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