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Figures of Beauty

Isis is often represented with a headdress consisting of the empty throne chair of her murdered husband, and this peculiar structure was accepted during certain dynasties as her hieroglyphic....

These allegories and emblematic figures conceal the secret formulæ for spiritual, mental, moral, and physical regeneration commonly known as the Mystic Chemistry of the Soul (alchemy). These sublime truths were communicated to the initiates of the Mystery Schools, but were concealed from the profane. The latter, unable to understand the abstract philosophical tenets, worshiped the concrete sculptured idols which were emblematic of these secret truths ... symbolized by the Virgin Isis. Veiled from head to foot, she reveals her wisdom only to the tried and initiated few who have earned the right to enter her sacred presence, tear from the veiled figure of Nature its shroud of obscurity, and stand face to face with the Divine Reality....

"In the first place, then, her most copious and long hairs, being gradually intorted, and promiscuously scattered on her divine neck, were softly defluous. A multiform crown, consisting of various flowers, bound the sublime summit of her head...." ...

The black represents death and corruption as being the way to a new life and generation. "Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." (John iii. 3.) ... Her black drape also signifies that the moon, or the lunar humidity--the sophic universal mercury and the operating substance of Nature in alchemical terminology--has no light of its own, but receives its light, its fire, and its vitalizing force from the sun. (Manly P. Hall)

(Gershom Scholem)

(Lon Milo Duquette)

(Aleister Crowley)

The IH of the Tetragrammaton is the divine father/mother and the V then is the Son/Logos, ... contained in the letter V. Note that V is Atu V: The Heirophant and the V or Vau is translated as a nail. This is why ... Jesus, had to be nailed or permanently affixed to the Cross of L.V.X and Life.... The final H then is this Lower Shekinah unto whom the Hierophant (H) adores ... The Earth yet is Virgin unto the Godhead; not having yet united, except by the work of the Hierophant, humanity, in the Great Work. (Theosophical Zohar)

... before the Manifestor of the Mystery ... is the woman girt with a sword; she represents the Scarlet Woman in the hierarchy of the new Aeon.... no longer the mere vehicle of her male counterpart, but armed and militant.... it is hard to deny that in the expression of the initiator is something mysterious, even sinister.... the rhythm of the Hierophant is such that he moves only at intervals of 2,000 years. (Book of Thoth)

(D. G. Mattichak, Jr.)

(Frater Achad)

Father Yod (Jim)

Spelt in full, Tau is Tau-Vau, the Universe and the Hierophant. This affirms the Hierophant as symbolic of God's Wisdom (the translation of Chockmah being "wisdom") and as the Interface between God (Kether) and the rest of Creation (Binah to Malkuth). This idea is mirrored in that the attribution of YHVH to the Sephiroth links Kether to Chockmah as the upper and lower parts of the Yod, Binah as Heh, the central Sephiroth to Vau (centred on Tiphareth, the Son) and Malkuth being the final Heh (the "daughter" that must be redeemed to Binah, the "mother").

Thus, on the progression up the Tree, Malkuth (the Universe) must be raised to Binah (Transcendent Understanding) which is the state of the Magister Templi in the Initiatory System (attributed to Binah), who tends his "garden" (the Sephiroth below the Abyss). (The Magician's Kabbalah)



(Max Demian)


Call all forward

in the YHVH formula, the Princesses are the Heh final ... The Princess is supposed to 'awaken the eld of the all father' (the Yod), and unite with him to continue the cycle.... So by raising the Princesses to the top, the 'pinnacles of power', we not only continue the cycle of the tetragrammaton, but ... this process can represent the Princesses manifesting the goddess-form of Babalon, the apotheosis of the Scarlet Woman. (Aeclectic Tarot Forum)

Singers Must Die (Love-Death as Dissolution in Nirvana)

(Ellen Cannon Reed)

Greater Jihad


Binah represents the female potency of the Universe as Chokmah represents the male, both will be better understood when watched in correlation with each other. The are the first manifestation of the principle of polarity, the opposites that are to be seen as a unity. Chokmah is the force and Binah the form, the receiving of Chokmahs power, its perception and understanding. Without Binah the unrestricted, formless power of Chokmah would be but an empty combustion in nowhere's land.

Binah is thus the Great Mother, the Great Sea, the archetypal womb from which all life comes into manifestation. But she also means restriction, binding and limitation - which is why she heads the Pillar of Severity and not that of Mercy which one might be attempted to view as more 'mother-like'.

Here we must understand that birth is the beginning of death. The unrestricted powers emanating from Kether are immortal and timeless, those emanating from Chokmah are undefined and not even born into any substanstial existance. Binah receives these unbinded forces and forms them into being. But as soon as being begins it is subjugated to time and age and ultimately death. (Raven's Tarot Site)

Binah receiving Chokman's light

(Gareth Knight)



Helen and Penelope

(James Gollnick)

The Veil of Isis

(George Oliver)

A Whiter Shade of (. . .)

... one can make as much use as one likes of the fact that Eve's sin was to call Adam to the adventure of outwardness, but one cannot forget that the function of Mary was the opposite and that this function also enters into the possibility of the feminine spirit.... [Esoterism as Principle and as Way, p.142].

The key to the mystery of salvation through woman, or through femininity, if one prefers, lies in the very nature of Maya: If Maya can attract towards the outward, she can also attract towards the inward. Eve is life, and this is manifesting Maya; Mary is Grace, and this is reintegrating Maya. Eve personifies the demiurge under its aspect of femininity; Mary is the personification of the Shekhinah, of the Presence that is both virginal and maternal. Life, being amoral, can be immoral; Grace, being pure substance, is capable of absorbing all accidents. [Esoterism as Principle and as Way, p.143].

... Rûmi considers, with finesse and profundity and not without humor, that the sage is conquered by woman whereas the fool conquers her: for the latter is brutalized by his passion, and does not know the barakah of love and delicate sentiments, whereas the sage sees in the lovable woman a ray from God, and in the feminine body an image of creative Power. [Sufism, Veil and Quintessence, p. 69, note 19]. (Frithjof Schuon)
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