Thursday, August 6, 2020

Red cedars in the White land, being a crafted tale.

Beirut means "cedar or fir" tree and "red or brown".

Lebanon means "white land" or "land of snow on the mountains".

Being then the red/brown trees amongst the white lands. Where the master Phoenician Architect Hiram Abiff silently culled the cedar wood for the building of Solomon's temple in Jerusalem. Followed by his murder by the three fellow masons Jubelo, Jubela, and Jubelum, all for his "work/worship" and for his next life, alchemically dead of course among the hosts of those who will not be blamed.

The Architect and his THREE FELLOW CRAFTSMAN:

Being a murderous tale run as media hysteria and fear for certain royal seed being spilled among the rabble. Can't have miscegenation of color in the white lands on the royal mountains. Sir Charles Warren, the keystone cop, was said to fail on purpose from catching the graffiti protesting Jack the Ripper. Jack naming the Juwes and all in the pattern of a Synagogue of Satan. Sir Charles Warren was a Hiram Abiff himself , being the Architect of modern Israel, and also a co-founder of the Boy Scouts.

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