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Spock's Brain


The kisses of Babalon: NEMO turns to dust in Binah . . .

SHIN = SHekhina and SHaitan

Roddenberry deliberately intended for Spock to have archetypal "Devil" features. The Logos as Mahomet-Baphomet provokes the woman from the darkness ... what meaneth this, son of light? This is the realm of Mysticism and is inherently Highly Illogical.

Spock in the blue and black dress says either 'all I see is all I know' with eyes shut or 'all I see is Her' as eyes-open avatar of the dead Pan in the Year of the Goat. Does not Satan display all, yet hold in his "Mirror Mirror" the Black Beauty of the Shekinah as so many tesselated Zebra stripes, the Palm Tree Garden and the Black Iron Prison being overlaid so that one may see both at the same time and thus resolve all paradoxes


Lupita's speech on Black Beauty took place exactly one year before Nimoy's death, this being the inauguration of the year of Dark Horses before that of Sheep or Goats. The Devil is the Eye or Ayin who sees the Shekinah in the Prism, or sees nothing. "Big Eyes" becomes "I Can Fly" for those who have the music in them ... a separation of sheep from goats:

Black Beauty or White ... it's all in how you see it



The Stone (say the alchemists) as a Pearl of Great Price is a thing of no account in the eyes of the world; perceived to be worthless. The profane (two thieves, two eyes of Big Lies) say only "Hollywood Bullshit!" without perceiving the revelation of God in the world and hearts of men; such is the doctrine of the Sufi sages who, unlike their Exo co-religionists, referred to Allah as feminine and wrote the most absurdly devout and sensual poetry in Her honor ... Isis or ISIS.

(Caitlin Matthews)



(Oswald Wirth)



Man, Eagle, Bull, Lion = Lamassu destroyed by ISIS in a Sphinx riddle

20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: 21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. 22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, 23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things. (Romans 1)

This would be the "china doll" & "see me fall" of WITHIN AND WITHOUT YOU as the Shekinah alternately descends into matter and is raised from it: World as Exo has the beastly Roman Madonna as the Eikon seen in perpetual fall; World as Iso has Isis as She who destroys the illusion of Form to attain Reality -- but this, too, is reflekted and turned into an inverted Caps Lock parody of itself that produces lethe and not mnemosyne (Lesser Jihad rather than Greater Jihad), as said so many times. This Eikon being the fourfold man-lion-bull-eagle glyph of the World and Wheel tarot cards.

“As much as the image is inferior to the living face, so much is the world inferior to the living Æon. What is, then, the cause of the image? The majesty of the face, which exhibits the figure to the painter, to be honoured by his name; for the form is not found exactly to the life, but the name supplies what is wanting in the effigy. The invisibility of God co-operates also in order to the faith of that which has been fashioned.” For the Creator . . . he designated as “Painter,” and “Wisdom,” whose image that which is formed is, to the glory of the invisible One; since the things which proceed from a pair are complements, and those which proceed from one are images. (Clement of Alexandria)

Inline image 2

The soul is rescued from animal incarnation when it consummates its Easter. We are indeed blind if we fail to catch the significance of the animal typology of the zodiac. Massey informs us that it was not more than three or four centuries since in England the zodiac was called "the Bestiary." The sun was represented as passing through a series of animal forms. This is of Egyptian origin. Horus in the Pool of Persea made his transformation into the cat, the lion, the hawk and the phoenix, the heron and the swallow, each a type of a stage of progression--for deeply recondite reasons. The soul transforms into the various animals, fishes, birds; and his emphatic words are to the effect that he becomes these animals.... As he was to sum and unify the total powers of the living kingdoms, he was to gather up in his journey through earth the typical qualities and nature of every animal, and transform them into their spiritual form. He was thus to become king over nature, and the angels from their seats would envy him. In John’s and Ezekiel’s visions he was to rule the gods of the four corners of life’s temple, the lion, eagle, bull and animal man. He was to convert animality into divinity....

A simple yet strong ideograph of the unified action of water and air is a ship driven by the wind. The wind (intellect) imparts motion to that which navigates the waters. The body is driven by the mind! Mind and wind, both unseen, energize the visible.... In Africa and Central America the god Houragan (Hurricane) was the personification of the mingled power of water and air. Hurakan in Quiché means a stream of water that pours straight down. In the hieroglyphics Hura is heaven (Greek: oura-nos), "over," "above." Khan is a watery tempest. Typhon, the abyss of primordial heaven, is identical with typhoon. (Alvin Boyd Kuhn)
The Enterprise is the Great Work of Freemason Pike from the Lodge of Sirius, hidden, submerged, forgotten by Titanic humanity. Khan is Lucifer, as name-checked in the TOS episode "Space Seed", who prefers to reign in hell (the Kenoma) than serve in heaven (the Pleroma). James Tiberius Kirk is, as Knowles knows, the Church of St. James, which is hijacked by all that is Rome.

"Lt. Marla McGivers, the ship's historian, was a beautiful woman with a unfortunate fetish for domineering men. She enjoyed painting portraits of conquerors of the past, and she no doubt enjoyed fantasizing about them as well."

Khan is the Superman as Apollyon, angry and angsty--really more of a Super Creep. Marla McGivers is Sophia, and thus adds an element not found in the Miltonian narrative, beyond the Muse he invokes . . . Khan's wrath (Severity) is predicated on the death of his wife; i.e. he acts as legate for Shekinah.

... they say that Achamoth sketched these pictures in honor of the aeons. Yet they transfer this work to Soter as its originator who operated through Achamoth so as to present her as the very image of the invisible and unknown Father, she being invisible, of course, and unknown to the Demiurge, and in the same way he created this same Demiurge to correspond to Nus, the son.... don't you agree that I should laugh at these pictures painted by such a lunatic painter? Achamoth, a female and yet the image of the Father; the Demiurge, ignorant of his mother—not to mention of his Father—yet representing Nus who is not ignorant of his Father .... This is the same as counterfeiting a fake.... (Tertullian, Against the Valentinians, XIX)
Christ also was not produced from the Aeons within the Pleroma, but was brought forth by the mother who had been excluded from it, in virtue of her remembrance of better things, but not without a kind of shadow. He, indeed, as being masculine, having severed the shadow from himself, returned to the Pleroma; but his mother being left with the shadow, and deprived of her spiritual substance, brought forth another son, namely, the Demiurge, whom he also styles the supreme ruler of all those things which are subject to him. (Irenaeus, Against Heresies)

The Church of the Pine

Typhon / Osiris / Isis / Horus

Star Trek: Into Darkness is a retelling of the Kennedy administration. The Khan incident is President/Captain JTK's Bay of Pigs scenario. Kirk goes undercover, and says the operation can't be traced back to Starfleet--thus the training of Cuban exiles with the Mafia to provide deniability for the USA. Khan is a supersoldier, trained to kill--Lee Oswald and Tim Osman could likewise never go to trial as it might reveal gov't complicity. Khan's 72 Conspirators are Set-Typhon's 72 Conspirators; the mythological parallel is exact right down to the number.

Kirk is manipulated by the Starfleet Military-Industrial Complex into a situation where he has to declare war on the Klingon Empire (Soviet Russia). Kirk is able to maneuver out of it (no air support/torpedoes), but ends up dead as a consequence, betrayed by his own government. Fortunately, the Blood of Typhon has healing properties.

Spock as Horus fights Khan-Typhon to avenge Kirk-Osiris, but, just as in the Egyptian narrative, Uhura/Isis intervenes to spare Typhon's life. (No decapitation, though.) In 1982, the roles were reversed; such is the ambiguity of man confronting his doppelgaenger. As Robert Graves stated (again):

The (great) Theme, briefly, is the antique story ... of the birth, life, death and resurrection of the God of the Waxing Year; the central chapters concern the God's losing battle with the God of the Waning Year for love of the capricious and all-powerful Threefold Goddess, their mother, bride and layer-out. The poet identifies himself with the God of the Waxing Year and his Muse with the Goddess; the rival is his blood-brother, his other self, his weird. All true poetry ... celebrates some incident or scene in this very ancient story ....

It will be objected that man has as valid a claim to divinity as woman. That is true only in a sense; he is divine not in his singular person, but only in his twinhood. As Osiris, the Spirit of the Waxing Year he is always jealous of his weird, Set, the Spirit of the Waning Year, and vice-versa; he cannot be both of them at once except by an intellectual effort that destroys his humanity, and this is the fundamental defect of the Apollonian or Jehovistic cult. Man is a demi-god: he always has either one foot or the other in the grave; woman is divine because she can keep both her feet always in the same place, whether in the sky, in the underworld, or on this earth. Man envies her and tells himself lies about his own completeness, and thereby makes himself miserable; because if he is divine she is not even a demi-goddess -- she is a mere nymph and his love for her turns to scorn and hate....

Woman worships the male infant, not the grown man: it is evidence of her deity, of man's dependence on her for life. She is passionately interested in grown men, however, because the love-hate that Osiris and Set feel for each other on her account is a tribute to her divinity. She tries to satisfy both, but can only do so by alternate murder, and man tries to regard this as evidence of her fundamental falsity, not of his own irreconcilable demands on her. (Robert Graves, The White Goddess)

In "Amok Time" the two brothers fight to death over a woman -- but she is beyond them both

(Amber Jayanti)

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  1. One of my favorite posts of yours, Jason. I notice that Chapter 22 is Skylark at Heaven's Gate in Alvin Boyd Kuhn's book, linked above.


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