Friday, December 19, 2014

Hunger of the Pine

To see everything upside-down and backwards to attain to the Truth is the proper position of Hanged Men nailing a snake to a tree

Lindt is a linden Hanging Tree for Isis' Greater Jihadists Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs forcing hands-up Submission next to a burning Parliament Down Underworld (if you hang this Lesser pastiche upside-down and backwards) 

Lindt is a tree sacred to Freya and associated with Justice; "Merry Christmas" = Attis on the pine

+ Barry Lyndon as a masked O'Neal with his bullish Sonny saying "I Can't Get No Satisfaction"

#illridewithyou = just RIDE (Isis and Mad Max in Oz apokalypsis



The Woman in Red scene was shot there? Score another point for Lana and Andy (Watchoutsky) 

Adam (a Mad Man) in the Garden-as-Matrix thinks himself a Nice Guy; a Supreme Gentleman; a Feminist with a dutiful Stepford Wife and Democratic voter registration. Adam takes the Red Pill as Gnostic Forbidden Fruit and finds himself cast out into the desert below Binah, with no Understanding to call his own -- only red dust to till in his lonely rage and an Eve that Ialdabaoth has commanded him to rule or rue . . .

M&M, milk chocolate (held hostage) in a red kelipot shellback for hungry girls in the driver's seat

The Monomyth Monolith Theater of the Absurd is the Hierophant's great passion-play in Plato's Cave of the Cosmos

Cosmic Cosby as low-vibrational Mem and Mem as Water above and below is smashing Black Beauty -- "Heh Heh Heh" as Fat Al says being a fractal iteration of the Joker's Cosmic cut-up method of making two girls from one girl in a bit of Dahlia black comedy

Joker tells his child slaves to shape up and get a job, play the game and maybe Daddy won't rage

Isis' scorpions are the Sophia-Judas mystery (Queen Jackie in exile on Skorpios)

As Beetlejuicy Jihad John rolls the Sun through the Underground Silk Road, the Taliban tally-man calls to collect the sin tax on Bennu birds packed in boxes on Nile river boats

Dark Mirror of Heaven (upside-down and backwards)


 (The Christmas Shekinah descends to the base of the Tree of Life, upside-down)

(Horselover Phat)

777 is the initial outpouring of energy into the lower worlds, where the Cosmos is formed in types and images of that which is presented in the original pattern, but in an inverted and reflected form. Chokmah's blonde energies find their re-integration and consummation in brunette Binah at the end of history.

The Two Towers as Twin Pines are the contending forces of Mercy and Severity (Jachin and Boaz) as the twin brothers who fight; or the two women of the Lovers card (both are on Crowley's version). Man between the Two Trees of Life and Knowledge attains the Lone Pine of sacrifice after destroying the Tower in the microcosmic Lightning Flash that duplicates the original creative act of bringing spirit into matter. Back to the Future, or: Back to Zep Tepi.

Phoenixes of Stone (must burn)

21 Tell me, ye that desire to be under the law, do ye not hear the law? 22 For it is written, that Abraham had two sons, the one by a bondmaid, the other by a freewoman. 23 But he who was of the bondwoman was born after the flesh; but he of the freewoman was by promise. 24 Which things are an allegory: for these are the two covenants; the one from the mount Sinai, which gendereth to bondage, which is Agar. 25 For this Agar is mount Sinai in Arabia, and answereth to Jerusalem which now is, and is in bondage with her children. 26 But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all. (Galatians 4)

Ishmael = born under the Law, the runaway slave in bondage with aspirations for Killing the Rex Nemorensis and freeing himself from the same

Rites of Eleusis (Demeter and KORE) begin with PIG SACRIFICE

The Legend of KORRA is Sapphic love between two waters

Jerusalem Below = South Kore
Jerusalem Above = North Kore

Depending on whose Pepsi one drinks and whose National Anthem is sung by Brooklyn Babies -- the New Jerusalem is described in Revelation as a cube; i.e. a Cuba

(Erich Neumann, The Great Mother)


Note Obama logo as demon est deus inversus (for Fire trapped under Water) 

The two Koreas are "Water-Water" (Heh and Heh) as two Kores (Maidens), reflekted as two Pepsi girls (the North Kore's pussy is off-limits to the profane

Room 238 and the two Pepsi Girl Koreas as being ass-to-ass or face-to-face cognition of the Shekinah in Malkuth and Binah (respectively) are all nicely summarized here

The Gangnam Style is 2012's apocalyptic Dark Horses from Malkuth saying "sexy lady" while the British Empire that Never Ended bans female ejaculation


(What do Kim Jong and Cleopatra have in common ? Masters in Fellatio.)

Seth, Horus & Osiris (Knowledge and Conversation)

Notes on The Interview:

Opening scene is interview with Eminem where he is questioned on his bigotry against grandmothers

Dave Skylark = Horus

Music on soundtrack is David Bowie's "I'm Afraid of Americans"

North Korean Kore is Seth's sexual conquest (Sophia & Judas)

Climax of the film is Kim breaking down on air and admitting that he loves Katy Perry -- the King must know that she is lord, in her heavenly and chthonic aspects (i.e., the King must acknowledge his power comes from her, as part of the sacrificial rite)

Killing of the King is accompanied with her song "Firework" -- "there's a spark in you" indeed


James and Seth's interview for Interview turned upon a predictable Point in the center -- that invisible Colacunt of Upper Waters is forbidden to mortals like James, unless he Kills the King (in Mortal Kombat) and sprouts angel wings

Girl on Fire's Peyote (mind expansion) shirt as the upper half of the Pepsi-Cola logo -- red as Noetic Fire in distinction from the blue Dark Water (Shin and Mem) -- Burning Desire, or: "Paradise is a hell-colored flame sky" in a pyramid of Rilke's hydrangeas


Cuba down by Florida Kilo West is Cybele's Kaaba cube overseen by los Castro castration hermanos -- the crazy Cubano being the cuckoo frenzy of the Galli wielding cigar cutters on America's florid phallus

This is under the doctrine that all places are truly the same place (wherever you go, there you are)

Maia's empty box becomes ensouled and fecund Maria down in the Castro castration cube for Joker Cocks "with a little help"

CIA = Seeing Eye = "Big Eyes" as eidolon quantum wave collapse of beastly boys seeing falling singing stones in the lies of Lesser Jihad

Torture in Cuba = "I Can Fly" as eternal imprisonment of Rheays in Prism boxes in Greater Jihad Gitmo

Air in Assiah becomes Malaysia malaise


As the Outer Church no longer fulfills its role, it has been left to our so-called entertainers to function as the necessary mediators of the Holy of Holies (lest the link between Heaven and Earth be completely severed--Weapons of Mass Destruction). Bowie attains to Hierophant as King of the Wood through right of conquest over lesser pop singers who are unable to Die Daily. The Priestess of the same has been indicated

All the Madmen

Attis & Cybele

A slave of Kore

ISIS fucking its slaves = Cybele-Isis fucking her slaves = Diana Nemorensis and the runaway slave as Priest-King (when hanged upside-down, again)

Or "I Would Be Your Slave" as Dame Bowie the Heathen says

More cut-up girls trapped in the Minotaur's labyrinth swooning over an impressive package of European Cannonballs

Or, Eve's "Hello? Can you hear me, Major Tom?" to Adam lost in blank space

Depending on which way the Wizard sways with China Girls under Sirius moonlight

In the Old Days of Zep Tepi, the Priest-King was sacrificed to show his subordination to the Goddess from whom is power was drawn. Then, Priest-Kings learned how to mock her sacrifice and retain power indefinitely. That has become the patriarchal White Hierophant in the room that is never addressed.

In a season of crime, none need atone

But with your Eyes Wide Shut you see only dim reflektors of the Mystery; Big Eyes filled with Big Lies from Hollywood

Merry Christmas, Ms. Lawrence



Drawing Down the Moon


Nazi rapist Attis under the pine tree will be the perennial holiday favorite once again for good and naughty boys alike, all boxed up and waiting for the Taurobolium that never comes (a double entente)

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts for the Trojans

You can tell who they are because they ride a two seater bike but they are not motherly, nor caring. These two men on a horse are usurpers who pose and owe one hell of a debt to Our Lady. Kings who should be killed yearly for the moving of the karmic wheel instead have become ensconced rulers who have slowed the wheel to a grind on the soul's of all men, women and children, the soul of the world. Promises made with vows not kept, in marriage or in being kali-bait, or even keeping suicide oaths to earn 72 sex slaves or any other self injurious usurpations, all keep time below the moon running as 12 o'clockwork teeth. "Lyndon Laugherty", a mid level cop and cryptographer during the KOREAN War, exposes, under a writ of mandamus, upper level cops and judges who are helping and promoting serial killers. The cop's name is a pun, the name of the old man at large in SOLano is a pun, his age as 91 is a pun on making belief and a tree and also holding up one's hands. This last, holding up of hands, is "741" and equates to Nun or Death, and corresponds to He/Hay as projection of 5 in an individualized container, i.e. the 14. This is your present body, where life is "dead" in a single container. The 14th Chapter of the Song of the Lord QRST being the equivalent of this little fish in a manger is all about dissolution. The so called hoax Christmas card from the Zodiac contained two keys .. wanna bet what the two keys were saying??? That the power of the Kingdom of Peter controls all exo and exo that is middle of the road with iso. Only iso that has zero part of exo is really iso. The Zodiac, like Lyndon Lafferty, are both initiate class in the Kingdom of Peter or cryptographers who work the two crowns of Upper and Lower Korea as a snake charm. Two witnesses (two keys) lie dead in the street. The whole world swaps presents after the murder of the two witnesses. What are the names of the two witnesses? "Thou" art "That".

Zodiac Killer collecting souls for the afterlife, his wife was stolen in this life. He for He.
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