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the key

Can't get enough of the wise centaur, Chiron.

In an email recently, we were discussing all of the recent attention to ANIMALS that we have been seeing. While digging up stuff on Chiron, wikipedia points out that "Chiron appears on the cap badge of the Royal Army Veterinary Corps and also appeared on a similar badge worn by the Royal Canadian Army Veterinary Corps...Chiron is also the centerpiece in the logo of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons."

After Alan posts a link to this awesome post at Live from the Logosphere, it reminds me that I had also taken note when searching "Chiron: The Rainbow Bridge" that there were many results for sites focused on healing after the passing of PETS

Then recently Alan notices that ANIMAL KINGDOM wins the Kentucky Derby:
"137th Kentucky Derby (see 317 as death date of Osiris, 3x17=51, 5/1 Killing of King by King)
And the winner is....Animal KINGdom!!!
See Crystal, that animal energy is flying high!!"

And remember also when Alan noted at Look At All the Happy CREATURES that Chiron resonated with men on horseback and motorcycles?

Animal Kingdom in the 137th Kentucky Derby

A day later on twitter I see that Breaking News says "Update: ArchArchArch loaded into animal ambulance after Kentucky Derby race - NBC"

I thought this was amazing too, as Chiron was an injured ARCHer. The arch also connects to the rainBOW and ARCHangels.

And today an email from Eunus Noe contains the image of this tarot card depicting the teacher centaur as the Hierophant:
Indiana Jones the professor

Perfect timing for The Hierophant to show up, as the card is associated with Taurus. The sign in which the Sun is currently traveling. (It also happens to be the sign that Chiron was in when discovered in 1977).  A sign associated with fertility, which connects to the recent ritual of Easter and the Resurrection.

The Hebrew letter Vav associated with the Hierophant card means "nail or hook" as well as "and", two things used for joiniNG, like a KNot. (Follow this link to see a bit of Alvin Boyd Kuhn's exploration of the esoteric structure of the alphabet, connectiNG letters and words to the ANKH!) More examples: KNow, GNosis, messeNGer, aNGel, tyiNG, kiNG...

(I feel silly when I throw in personal syncs here, but it's just too fun to not share - my married name KaNarr, comes from KNarr, which means KNOT or GNARL. And my husband works as a longshoreman, who use the symbol of a fist holding a HOOK for their union, as traditionally longshoremen used hooks to grab and move cargo from the ships.)

The ruling planet of Taurus (the sign of the Bull) is Venus, whose symbol is basically the ankh. We also know of Venus as connected to the pentagram (V/5) through it's orbit.

Remember the awesome video Lady of Fire by Nexus of Sync? It's all in there!

So, back to Chiron ~ the intuitive heirophant, the key that opens a new door, the teacher, the punk that takes things a step further and breaks boundaries, and the rainbow bridge between matter and spirit (the link between the inner planets confined by Saturn and the outer planets Uranus, Neptune, Pluto), bringing the spiritual to the physical! (Just as the awareness of synchronicity brings meaning to the mundane).

image from Barbara Hand Clow's book "Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner & Outer Planets"
"Chiron delivers non-local information (Uranus) to our local consensus reality models (Saturn). If we are sensitive to non-local input, we can respond by following instructions through action. ....Yesterday, what we called "coincidence", we are more willing to define today (especially after repeat performances) as "synchronicity." Perhaps, tomorrow it will be referred to as skill. Synchronicity (Uranus) as a discipline (Saturn) is the inherent chirotic attribute of being at the right place at the right time on purpose...When it's done on purpose, the results look like damn good stage magic. To paraphrase a famous science-fiction author whose name I cannot recall right now, "What we call magic is actually technology we don't yet understand or comprehend." ~ Antero Alli, Astrologik

Synchronous = Syn+Chronos
Syn- prefix meaning "together with," from Gk. syn "with, together with," of unknown origin.
Chronos = khronos "time." (Saturn) and father of Chiron.


Son/Sun and/together with the cross/earth/kingdom

Thank you Crystal. Not only is this a great post, but I've been working on a post that would attempt to bring all this together and you just saved me a big headache. :)
Here's an image I've been staring at:

This circus (see "Carnival" as part of the 5/1 Killing of the King) is coming to Queens, my general area of New York, on May 21st - the same day as the "Rapture."
PS: Just a little side-note, this Rapture thing is very well funded. They have put up ads all over NYC, where ads are very expensive. I'm talking subway, newspaper, telephone booths. What's the deal?

“What animal does he think most useful for those who go out to fight?”

And when Horus said “Horse,” he marvelled at him, and was quite puzzled why he did not say “Lion” rather than “Horse.”

Accordingly Horus said: “‘Lion’ is a needful thing to one requiring help, but ‘Horse’ [can] scatter in pieces the foe in flight and consume him utterly.” [The white “Horse” was presumably opposed to the red “Ass” of Typhon, as the purified vehicle of the soul contrasted with the impure.--G.R.S. Mead's note.]
"And he hath on [his] vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS." (Rev. 19:16)

Ride the snake
... the passions are compared to a horse; for passion has four legs as a horse has, and is an impetuous beast, and full of insolence, and by nature a most restive animal. But the reasoning of temperance is wont to bite, and to wound, and to destroy passion.... We must comprehend that the horseman who has mounted upon the passions is the mind, ... it is the business of the horseman to subdue the horse, and when he resists the rein to make him tractable ... if pleasure, like a serpent, is an unprofitable and pernicious thing, then the nature which contends against pleasure must be a most profitable and saving thing, and this is temperance. [Philo, being an initiate, here appears to be saying the very opposite of his meaning, for "Temperance" is Atu XIV, seen below.] Fight thou then, O my mind, against every passion, and especially against pleasure, for "the serpent is the most subtle of all the beasts that are upon the earth, which the Lord God has made." ... therefore do thou array against it the wisdom which contends with serpents; and struggle in this most glorious struggle, and labour to win the crown in the contest against pleasure, which subdues every one else; winning a noble and glorious crown, such as no assembly of men can confer. (Philo of Alexandria)
The constellation Scorpio is also symbolized by an Eagle and Phoenix. The eagle is the "higher" aspect of scorpio. Scorpio is shot through the heart by Saggitarius (cupid) and transforms into Aquilla, the eagle, who is seen upside down above Saggitarius clutching the constellation Saggita, the arrow. (The Stygian Port)

Chiron's arrow is Eros, being the method by which he is able to pierce the heart of the Galactic Center. (Heart-girt-with-a-serpent, thus Ophiuchus.) The man-animal Replicant becomes a Real Boy. Jupiter (Jove/Love) is the Platonic Idea of the Good, or the part of human consciousness that strives to raise spirit out of matter, which is why he rules Sagittarius.

 "Scorpio is the Phoenix. The Phoenix's nest is the dark cluster of the galactic center point. The sun rises into it ... and ignites the nest burning the phoenix who rises from the ashes and is born anew." (The Stygian Port)

John the Baptist in Space: The Bowman's head on a platter.

In 2001: A Space Odyssey, Dave Bowman represents the Bowman Sagittarius, aiming his arrow of Eros at the Heart of existence. Sagittarius is attributed to the Tarot card Art (Temperance), which depicts the Great Work.

God from the "Generative Rock"

Obama, as a type of the enlightened Philosopher King, successfully rides the Beast--that is, conquers Eros, just as Ophiuchus bears the serpent and Mithra conquers the bull. This is symbolically intimated on the Hierophant card.
... in their esoteric writings they use the word stone for that which is not a stone, the unknown they describe as universally known, the dishonoured as highly honoured, the ungenerous as divinely bountiful. Let me then also extol heaven's real gift, which alone in our daily experience rises above the material; for this is the medicine that is potent to heal, the Mithraic mystery. (Zosimos of Panopolis, ca. 300 AD)

The taking of the "head" of bin Laden likewise refers to a change in consciousness arising from having harnessed this serpent fire, represented by the devil--"hence they say it is that the statue of Horus at Coptos grasps in one hand Typhon’s virilia."

Tura Cosmè, St John the Evangelist on Patmos
"I am Ion [=John?!], Priest of the Adytum, and I have borne an intolerable force. For someone came at me headlong in the morning and dismembered me with a sword and tore me apart, according to the rigor of harmony. And, having cut my head off with the sword, he mashed my flesh with my bones and burned them in the fire of the treatment, until, my body transformed, I should learn to become a spirit. And I sustained the same intolerable force." (Zosimos of Panopolis)
The High Priestess came to be called “Pope Joan”, representing a certain symbolic legend which circulated among initiates, and became vulgarised in the fable of a Female Pope. (Crowley)

Prophet, priest, and king: The Triple Crown?

Today Rob Brezsny posted his weekly horoscopes. Here is his write-up this week for Pisces (the sign in which Chiron is currently transiting):

Pisces Horoscope for week of May 12, 2011
Verticle Oracle card

"Want to see a rabbit chase a snake up a tree? Go watch this video. If for some reason you don't have access to Youtube, then please close your eyes and visualize a cute bunny harassing a six-foot-long snake until it slithers madly away and escapes up a tree. Once you have this sequence imprinted on your mind's eye you will, I hope, be energized to try a similar reversal in your own sphere. Don't do anything stupid, like spitting at a Hell's Angels dude in a biker bar. Rather, try a metaphorical or psychological version.

Whether it's your time to ferment in the shadows or sing in the sun, fresh power to transform yourself is on the way. Life always delivers the creative energy you need to change into the new thing you must become.
Mythology is replete with tales of substances that can be both curative or harmful, depending on how they are obtained and used. The ancient Greeks believed that Asclepius, founder of medicine, possessed vials of Medusa's blood. "With what had been drawn from the veins of her left side," Robert Graves notes, "he could raise the dead; with what had been drawn from her right side, he could destroy instantly.""

Here is the video Rob linked to, all too appropriate to the recent subject matter here at the MOG!

*Also yesterday The Seattle Times prints an article about rapture and PETS!


Where do you think
you're running, man?

We're stuck here
together, you shit.

Where Time becomes Space . . . .

Five, six, seven, eight...

nine, ten.

I always know where I am
by the way the road looks.

Like I just know that
I've been here before.

I just know that
I've been stuck here...

like this one fucking time before,
you know that?


There's not another road anywhere
that looks like this road.

I mean, exactly like this road.

It's one kind of place.

One of a kind.

Like someone's face.


Like a fucked-up face.

An interesting convergence occurred this past winter. On 1217 a Tunisian fruit vendor set himself on fire which in turn set the entire Arab world ablaze. Think of all the revolutions that followed . . . The interesting point for me is the 217 in the middle of the Dec. 17th date. I've kind of moved off 42 and into 217. (part of this is 237 also, as these numbers both represent the room in which Danny is warned away from--and of course so, this is the atonement w/ the Father, but the father is EGO, pure survival and will sacrifice his son if called to do so)

So, I see your Phoenix, Crystal, and will share with you my strange Key:

I think Jim's new video about Rabbits & Portals has reminded me of my own Phoenix portal. I discovered it last fall initially here, and later also when I lit myself on fire, repeatedly. I was even part of my own revolution in my own private Idaho. It featured a King Kill [K.K.], and a Lion King, and now a Two Son. I'm drained and am ready for paradise (if it isn't destroyed yet).

Siriusly, the light from above, a portal to a new earth? The Phoenix Grace?. . . .The darkness is part of us, let it in, let it guide you, let it renew you. Face yourself and your monster and find forgiveness, just don't forget your shades for when you reemerge into the light, reborn. . . . becoming something new. . .

ps -[I've always thought that the Noah Wiley character in Donnie Darko was a Keanu Role, so similar. Nice work Jim.]

clāvis (genitive clāvis); f, third declension: A key
clāvus (genitive clāvī); m, second declension: a nail (metal spike)

father (modern)time?


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  2. solid work guys.
    this is a great post.
    awesome C. I'm inspired. (I like how jb's addition mimics your style--almost seemless)


  3. thanks for the video suggestion Quark, i'll definitely check it out!

    thank you db. my notes map just keeps growing - it's quite the task to try to fit it all into a post!
    love the additions by alan and eleleth! and cheers to whomever changed the wallpaper to the chi-rho symbol - i just read this post connecting chiron, chi-rho and cairo last week:

  4. Thank you for this amazing information! I have seen and been following many of these symbols recently appearing around me, in dreams, research, in art....How amazing to find your blog linking everything together! Your work and vision are much appreciated.


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