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Deck a Rep (Horus Triumphant)

In that day the LORD with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that [is] in the sea. (Isaiah 27:1)

Week in Review

April 27

Birth of the Lion King

Finalé: "To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written ..." (Rev 2:17)

Job on Mt. Sendai

April 29

Prophet, Priest and King: All the Happy Creatures

Christians believe that Jesus is the Messiah spoken of as "a priest forever in the order of Melchizedek" (Ps. 110:4), and so Jesus plays the role of High Priest once and for all.

April 30

Obama stepped up to the podium accompanied by footage of a throbbing birth certificate. There was a mock-trailer for “The King’s Speech,” which spoofed his teleprompter dependency. Somewhere in the middle he projected a snippet from the first five-minutes of “The Lion King,” claiming it to be his birth-video. (The Washington Post)

Osiris' budding foliage


May 1

1776: Birth of the Illuminati

The Templars allegedly worshipped the head of a Green Man, "Baphomet" (an Old French corruption of the prophet Muhammad). However, according to the Illuminist Friedrich Nicolai, "Baphomet" is derived from Greek βαφη μητȢς, "Baptism of Wisdom"--Taufe der Weisheit. Adam Weishaupt = Adam Wise Head.

The head of holy warrior Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden is served.

The Prophet... returned from one of his battles, and thereupon told us, 'You have arrived with an excellent arrival, you have come from the Lesser Jihad to the Greater Jihad—the striving of a servant (of Allah) against his desires (holy war).

Money Bin Laden

Horus triumpant

Florida U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson: "Finally. We cut off the head of the snake. It's our intelligence that got him. The noose has been tightening because of our intelligence operations." 

Slaying Apep

The serpent god Apep is the antithesis of the sun-god, a deity of darkness opposed to the light of Re. He was the type of all calamity and moral evil. His loud roar resounds through the Underworld. In the daily cycle, it was the task of Re to defeat Apep before he could rise anew in the morning.

The Greeks gave the name of their own god Typhon to the Egyptian Seth. Hesiod wrote:

Typhoeus, mighty god, whose hands were strong
And feet untiring. On his shoulders grew
A hundred snaky heads, strange dragon heads
With black tongues darting out. His eyes flashed fire
Beneath the brows upon those heads, and fire
Blazed out from every head when he looked round. [Theogony, 820 ff.]

Typhon was an enemy of the gods, and Zeus rose against him in a great and furious battle. Typhon was defeated and Zeus reigned triumphant.
("Slaying the Dragon")

Get back! Crawl away! Get back from me, you snake! Go, be drowned in the Lake of the Abyss, at the place where your father commanded that the slayings of you should be carried out. Be far removed from that abode of Re wherein you trembled, for I am Re at whom men tremble; get back, you rebel, at the knives of his light. Your words have fallen because of Re, your face is turned back by the gods, your heart is cut out by Mafdet, you are put into bonds by the Scorpion-goddess, your sentence is carried out by Maat, those who are on the ways fell you. [Book of the Dead Spell 39]

Body already buried at sea..

What meaneth this, o prophet?

U.S. sources including a senior official and a congressional source familiar with the operation said bin Laden was shot in the head

The head of Baphomet (Muhammad) reads: LVIThN

Hypothesis: As previously detailed in "The Fool's Journey of George W. Bush," the head of prophet Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden (the Money Bin) must be the elusive Grail of the Templars, the head of Baphomet--thereby completing the Tarot Trump cycle. So, what is next?

MSNBC reporter accidentally tweets 'Obama' killed...

After the Fool George W. Bush integrates his Shadow Self and becomes Barack Hussein Obama, the Fool now kills it in an act of self-sacrifice (Beltane = alchemical regeneration in the fire, Igne Natura Renovatur Integra) and is reborn (rebirth certificate). Tornadoes in (Liber) AL were the last works of Typhon before he was vanquished by Horus.

"Horus and Thoth pour libations over [i.e., baptize] the deceased ... to the right is her 'shadow',' shown as a symbolically black, emaciated corpse." (The Cultural Atlas of the World: Ancient Egypt, p. 128)

Is Homo Superior being made, or remade?

"Man is a rope, tied between beast and Superman--a rope over an abyss."

The great Tyrrell hadn't designed me, but whoever had, hadn't done so much better. 'You're programmed too,' she told me, and she was right. In my own modest way, I was a combat model. Roy Batty was my late brother. (Blade Runner, December 22, 1980 draft)

Tyrell: I'm surprised you didn't come here sooner.
Roy: It's not an easy thing to meet your maker.
Tyrell: What can he do for you?
Roy: Can the maker repair what he makes?
Tyrell: Would you like to be modified?
Roy: I had in mind something a little more radical.
Tyrell: What seems to be the problem?
Roy: Death.
Tyrell: Death. Well, I'm afraid that's a little out of my jurisdiction, you...
Roy: I want more life, father.
Tyrell: The facts of life: To make an alteration in the evolvement of an organic life system is fatal. A coding sequence cannot be revised once it's been established.... The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and you have burned so very very brightly, Roy. Look at you. You're the prodigal son. You're quite a prize!
Roy: I've done questionable things.
Tyrell: Also extraordinary things. Revel in your time!

Then I asked him, "Lord, how shall we be able to prophesy to those who request us to prophesy to them? For there are many who ask us, and look to us to hear an oracle from us."

The Lord answered and said, "Do you not know that the head of prophecy was cut off with John?"

But I said, "Lord, can it be possible to remove the head of prophecy?"

The Lord said to me, "When you come to know what 'head' means, and that prophecy issues from the head, (then) understand the meaning of 'Its head was removed.' At first I spoke to you in parables, and you did not understand; now I speak to you openly, and you (still) do not perceive. Yet, it was you who served me as a parable in parables, and as that which is open in the (words) that are open.

Two of the greatest ante-Nicene heresies: Marcionism and Arianism. Martians and Aryans.

Phallic much?

Marcion held that Jesus was a benign space invader who had injected himself into the sphere of the tyrannical Old Testament God.

In Marcionite belief, Christ was not a Jewish Messiah, but a spiritual entity that was sent by the Monad to reveal the truth about existence, and thus allowing humanity to escape the earthly trap of the demiurge. Marcion called God, the Stranger God, or the Alien God, in some translations, as this deity had not had any previous interactions with the world, and was wholly unknown.

"His deeds will not be forgiven, until he merits" 

They were looking at the original Darth Vader costume that appeared in first Star Wars movie (later re-titled "A New Hope"). There on Darth Vader's breastplate, written in between the button and switches which apparently are supposed to regulate the life-support system that kept Vader alive, were three, mysterious lines of Hebrew text. (D. Thomas Lancaster)

The psyche of hyperuniverse I sent a micro-form of itself into hyperuniverse II to attempt to heal it. The micro-form was apparent in our hologramatic universe as Jesus Christ. However, hyperuniverse II, being deranged, at once tormented, humiliated, rejected and finally killed the micro-form of the healing psyche of her healthy twin. After that, hyperuniverse II continued to decay into blind, mechanical, purposeless causal processes. It then became the task of Christ (more properly the Holy Spirit) to either rescue the life forms in the hologramatic universe, or abolish all influences on it emanating from II. Approaching its task with caution, it prepared to kill the deranged twin, since she cannot be healed; i.e. she will not allow herself to be healed because she does not not understand that she is sick. This illness and madness pervades us and makes us idiots living in private, unreal worlds. The original plan of the One can only be realized now by the division of hyperuniverse I into two healthy hyperuniverses, which will transform the hologramatic universe into the successfull teaching machine it was designed to be. We will experience this as the 'Kingdom of God.' (Philip K. Duck)



The Apis Bull was considered the "living soul of Osiris" and, according to Plutarch (On Isis and Osiris, 43), was begotten, not by a bull, but by a "generative ray of light, which streamed from the moon and rested upon a cow when she was in heat."

Arius held that the Son was created by the Father and was thus not eternal.

Hearts of Clay

The cherubim address the seeker thus: "Man, thou art dust and to dust thou shalt return. Thou wert fashioned by the Builder of Forms; thou belongest to the sphere of form, and the breath that was breathed into thy soul was the breath of form and like a flame it shall flicker out. More than thou art thou canst not be. Thou art a denizen of the outer world and it is forbidden thee to enter this inner place."

And the Adam replies: "Many times have I stood within this courtyard and begged admission to my Father's house and thou hast refused it me and sent me back to wander in darkness. True it is that I was fashioned out of the dirt and that my Maker could not confer upon me the boon of immortality. But no more shalt thou send me away; for, wandering in the darkness, I have discovered that the Almighty hath decreed my salvation because He hath sent out of the most hidden Mystery His Only Begotten who didst take upon Himself the world fashioned by the Demiurgus. Upon the elements of that world was He crucified and from Him hath poured forth the blood of my salvation. And God, entering into His creation, hath quickened it and established therein a road that leadeth to Himself. While my Maker could not give me immortality, immortality was inherent in the very dust of which I was composed, for before the world was fabricated and before the Demiurgus became the Regent of Nature the Eternal Life had impressed itself upon the face of Cosmos. This is its sign--the Cross. Do you now deny me entrance, I who have at last learned the mystery of myself?"
(Manly P. Hall)

Brian Wilson = Brain Will Son.

In Africa and Central America the god Houragan (Hurricane) was the personification of the mingled power of water and air. Hurakan in Quiché means a stream of water that pours straight down. In the hieroglyphics Hura is heaven (Greek: oura-nos), "over," "above." Khan is a watery tempest. Typhon, the abyss of primordial heaven, is identical with typhoon. (Alvin Boyd Kuhn)

Typhon Khan steals the Phallus of Osiris Genesis Device

Kirk: Khan... Khan, you've got Genesis, but you don't have me. You were going to kill me, Khan. You're going to have to come down here. You're going to have to come down here!
Khan: I've done far worse than kill you, Admiral. I've hurt you. And I wish to go on hurting you. I shall leave you as you left me, as you left her; marooned for all eternity in the center of a dead planet... buried alive! Buried alive...!

Said the Logos to Bones: "Remember ..."

Spock: Don't grieve, Admiral. It is logical. The needs of the many outweigh...
Kirk: ...the needs of the few...
Spock: ...Or the one. I never took the Kobayashi Maru test until now. What do you think of my solution? 

Member or Re-Member?

Meanwhile ...



  1. 2 days ago I spontaneously had "when you wish upon a star..." in my head so I was watching pinocchio and other disney clips on youtube.
    today on reddit someone writes "the girl married the prince and the bad guy died...this week is sponsored by disney."

  2. Reintegration completed. So, what is next?

    1. a way a lone a last a loved a long the...
      ...that would be Nigredo again i believe...riverrun, past Eve and Adam's, from swerve of shore to bend of bay, brings us by a commodius vicus of recirculation back to...the recursive function
      Fr [putrefactio]

  3. Beautiful Work!!

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