Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fun with Maath

M adds: HD=444


Troy. Joker.

Green-haired Joker as lame-god FDR



The Bringing of Prima Materia to Prima Terra.

From M. Source: "TheChapel is a short film paying tribute to an exceptional protestant temple in Zeliszów, Poland, designed by Karl Langhans and built in 1796-1797."

A: Poles

M: The New Man Hat!


Operation Odyssey Dawn


AA: Last night I realized something that at first seemed to be a silly little "Ah-ha" moment. I often use the word/phrase "Gah" to describe a sense of shock. I guess it's a mix of "gasp" and "Ah" or whatever. I'm sure others have used it, but it's something I've used a lot. Anyway, point is, last night I realized that "Gah" would express 718, which is the area-code for Queens where I live. Okay, kinda silly, but it's there for me personally. {NYC to get new area code in April} ....But then I thought about Manhattan since that word has been flying about. The area code for Manhattan is 212, which would become "BAB," further calling it out as BABylon.

The BABy MAGGIE, that shoots Mr. Burns, the one who burns the green ROD.

A Star Is Burns: Burns as ET and Solar Messiah...

And Drudge aligns again today:



Magi to the Star Maggie

And now...bringing it all full circle....ladies and gentlemen...a Morlock makes headlines!
Time Travel, Underground Civilizations, Trophies, Wells, Charlie Sheen's (Wa)rlock, Magi, War & Genocide, {and even the Circled N (Nemo/NoMan) or OZ on his ManHat, and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, not to mention the Apocalypse-resonant X-Men version}...


  1. Someone just mentioned this book to me.
    More radiation and dismemberment:

  2. wow.
    I got hit with 444 the other night at an event that felt like a sync AA meeting. . . and now I'm beginning to notice 444, hmmmm

  3. And Bombastium returns with a vengeance.

    I meant to write something about how "alcohol" is a word that originated in alchemy, and that A.A. refers both to Alcoholics Anonymous and Argentium Astrum.

  4. wow i was just thinking about AA on my way home last night for some reason and musing how AA=11.

    A sync AA meeting would be great...hmmmm. Guess we'd have a 42 step program :P.

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  6. nice post!
    is it too obvious to mention that its awesome that the title of this post is reflecting all this talk of AA? "fun with mAAth"

    two nights ago i was dreaming about Teeth, Crowns and Spirit after reading about the Hebrew letter Shin.

  7. AA is also a type of lava flow and goes with our mr. BURNs:

    ʻAʻā (also spelled aa, aʻa, ʻaʻa, and a-aa; pronounced /ˈʔɑːʔɑː/, from Hawaiian[6] meaning "stony rough lava", but also to "burn" or "blaze") is one of three basic types of flow lava

    Volcano in Japan with Earthquake:

  8. just a little more on the fiery crown, the film larry crown is scheduled to release july 1st


  10. Oh, was that Streisand stomping on Japan?

  11. Even the subtitles are Polish. We're Sending Our Love Down the Welles ...

  12. Great link to the Morlock wikipedia page. Apparently they are slowly turning into gorilla-like Yeti or something - AKA Thoth in his Hoth role. (Is there a lithp in here?)

    Curious that Court Martial is being held at Ft. Lewis, Wa. My first year of college was at a school very near there. I'm sure they'll throw the book at him, maybe B. Manning won't be so lonely anymore.

  13. Obama + Maggie's Farm

    "Actually, one of my favorites during the political season is 'Maggie's Farm,' " he replied. "It speaks to me as I listen to some of the political rhetoric."

  14. another fantastic article!! Months ago I mentioned how the number 666 was 'following' me around -by far more than chance it seemed to me anyway-well (as with so many Fortean -type things) i know more than mentioned it than it stopped happening completely.
    but right after that started having '444' all the time and the property that it could be on clock time and i am an insomniac (a lot of am 444s) made it seem i was seeing it every single day in some way--and i mentioned this on a blog of someones and wondered if it would stop-well it hasnt so it is great to see it mentioned here both in the article and in comments.
    the work you all do is helping me enormously with some thinking i have been trying to do in relation to alchemy and the atom bomb--great stuff all around!!


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