Tuesday, March 1, 2011

an edict lives here.

x 6

(I found a pink math flash card on my table with the above text written over the answer on the reverse side. It's my daughter's, but as to why, I'm clearly flabbergasted. Obviously it is for today, for right now. We have a choice to make, but we have the answer.)

we are the answer.

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  1. yes! i was just telling my husband the other day about a vivid memory i have of teaching my little sister her times tables when we were young. she could never remember 7x6, and so i made up a rhythmic little diddy while dancing around to help her memorize it, "seven times six is for-ty-two, seven times six is for-ty-two..." we would repeat this over and over. to this day that particular equation has stood out for us both.


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