Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nite Flights


It’s been a tsunami ... And I’ve been riding it on a mercury surfboard. (Charlie ש)

The old card was called The Angel: or, The Last Judgment. It represented an Angel or Messenger blowing a trumpet, attached to which was a flag, bearing the symbol of the Aeon of Osiris. Below him the graves were opening, the dead rising up. There were three of them. The central one had his hands raised with right angles at the elbows and shoulders, so as to form the letter Shin, which refers to Fire. The card therefore represented the destruction of the world by Fire. (Aleister Crowley)

Last time I checked, Chaim, I've spent the last decade turning your tin cans into gold. (Charlie ש)

Charlie Sheen: Fire-Fisted Warlock, Tiger's Blood, Adonis DNA
The half-formed man creates himself.

Getting a tattoo during the death from above scene [in 'Apocalypse Now']. It's a banner from the death card that Kilgore is throwing on his victims. But also on it is the apple from 'The Giving Tree.' There's my life. (Charlie ש)

I stopped watching TV for the most part and when ever i do turn on the tube now I’m assaulted by Charlie Sheen, because apparently he’s trying to kill the king of Libya or must of did something important that warrants him being on TV 24/7). (Nova)

So what's driving Sheen? One answer is Apocalypse Now, the 1979 war epic that starred his father, Martin Sheen. As he told GQ, the movie—whose set he visited as a child—is nearly always in his thoughts (an assertion he only amplified with that new tattoo, which quotes the death card that Robert Duvall's character, Kilgore, throws on his victims in the film). "I'm not just my dad," Sheen said this week in one radio rant. "I'm putting up the river to kill another part of me, which is Kurtz. I'm every character in between, save for that little weirdo with his guts strapped in, begging for water. That's not me. But there are parts of me that are Dennis Hopper."  (GQ)

"Scott Walker: 30 Century Man is a 2006 documentary film about Scott Walker.... Rock legend David Bowie, who often professes to have been inspired by Walker, acted as executive producer of the film."

"Jerry Fletcher (Mel Gibson) is a mentally unstable New York City taxi driver who lectures his passengers on various conspiracy theories."


When I sent Eleleth those two NY newspaper covers he replied:

"Both amazing. (And the first one is 333K--ominous.) I was struck by
the facts that 1) Martin Sheen kills the king in 'Apocalypse Now' and
b) Scott Walker's biggest hit was "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore,"
with the Walker Brothers. Scott Walker was one of David Bowie's
biggest musical influences.

Is this crazy, or what? Everything was there so that I could
immediately see the syncs, but always slightly off-kilter. Scott
Walker instead of DB, Charlie instead of Martin. Truly this is the
universal joke."

Even funnier since I just saw these three movie posters align:KillKing in the Year of the Rabbit?

With "The Duke is Dead" in the one headline, I saw that as a nod to The Thin White Duke:

"The Thin White Duke was David Bowie's 1976 persona and character, primarily identified with his album Station to Station"

So the answer is yes. The Sun/Son. The aeon of Horus. The Golden Years.

"Station" is also the only word uttered by god to his messianic son, Neo (the one who knows "meaning of life").

Evil Bill calls Evil Ted "E.T." while he is the decapitated messiah (John the Baptist)

Neo wears a huge smiley-face on the back of his jacket. He's also a Robot in disguise:

Count the 3/17's all over this still.

"You can be a king or a street sweeper but everyone dances with the grim reaper", a quote paraphrased from Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, was the final statement of convicted murderer Robert Alton Harris, who died in California's gas chamber April 21, 1992.

Wiki: "Bill and Ted realize that the only way to face their robotic counterparts and get to the Battle of the Bands is to find the smartest being alive to build them a more powerful set of robots. The Reaper takes them to Heaven and introduces him to Station (also voiced by Frank Welker), an alien that is able to split itself into two smaller versions of itself."
"The group returns to present-day Earth, and gather the necessary parts for Station at the local hardware store."
Find Station in heaven.
Station goes to the Hardware Store. Hardware Store ->Home Depot.
The depot, the last stop, the final station, is in the home. It's in the heart. (Or anywhere you lay your severed head).

"Station to Station" = S T S. The Discovery's final Odyssey. --El.
Had to throw this one in... --M


  1. Great post. In the Discovery poster...interesting how the rocket is sorta coming out of the black guy's head and the wings of the satellite look like 11:11.

  2. Also, beware the Ides of March...


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