Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others

Hast thou the pretty worm of Nilus there,
That kills and pains not?

Truly, I have him: but I would not be the party
that should desire you to touch him, for his biting
is immortal; those that do die of it do seldom or
never recover....

Ay, ay; farewell.

Look you, the worm is not to be trusted but in the
keeping of wise people; for, indeed, there is no
goodness in worm....

Well, get thee gone; farewell.

Yes, forsooth: I wish you joy o' the worm....

To an asp, which she applies to her breast

With thy sharp teeth this knot intrinsicate
Of life at once untie: poor venomous fool
Be angry, and dispatch. O, couldst thou speak,
That I might hear thee call great Caesar ass

O eastern star!

Peace, peace!
Dost thou not see my baby at my breast,
That sucks the nurse asleep?

... the secret mysteries of Sabazius, as practiced among the Romans, involved a serpent, a chthonic creature ... "‘God in the bosom’ is a countersign of the mysteries of Sabazius to the adepts". Clement reports: "This is a snake, passed through the bosom of the initiates”.



  1. How perfect she died a week after the Ides of March.

  2. "retrieving stunning artifacts from the last dynasty to rule over ancient Egypt before the Roman Empire annexed it in 30 B.C. "

    Fast fwd to the Shekinah invasion of Iraq by "new Rome" and the fact that the museums were the first thing razed and searched by the "legions".

    They're not after oil, they're after an artifact.

  3. I know, right? Didn't you also mention Cleopatra's Space Needle? "Egypt: Pyramids, King Tut and Museums Caught in Crisis"?

    I had "Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others" stuck in my head all day yesterday, particularly this line--

    As Anthony said to Cleopatra
    as he opened a crate of ale:
    some girls are bigger than others
    some girls are bigger than others
    some girls mothers are bigger than
    other girls mothers.
    (See this site for synchromystic Princess Diana/Morrissey connections)

    This led to an obsession over the possible meaning of Cleopatra's death by a snake. I also happened to visit the Trip Taylor bookstore and read a book by Thomas Taylor.

    So if I killed Liz Taylor ... I'M SORRY.

  4. Well, actually, the Seattle-First Bank tower was called "the box the needle came in", which pretty much sums up Cleopatra and the fact that the 3 Egyptian obelisks that went to London, New York and Paris are called Cleopatra's Needle. The voyage of these obelisks to the lands of the "teeming masses" eerily echos the voyage of Dracula from the land of the Dead to the Living, a voyage of the damned.

    Morrisey is like an open grave, I happily fall into it from time to time.

  5. If we take Isis as ruling over the Albedo, this would seem to be another marker indicating that the Rubedo stage has been reached in our latest Fool's Journey. See also: Jake and Liz's initiation into A.·.A.·.

    And of course, Cleopatra was the last pharaoh. The Clown delivers the Worm ...

  6. @Eleleth...yep, I'm convinced it was all your fault. Synchromystic serial killer lol


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