Sunday, December 1, 2013

Generation Sync . . . a manifesto.

Briefly, I feel that I should take a moment and explain myself . . .

What is this? And, Why?

The particular type of essay that one finds on a blog like this, has no name.  However it has existed as such for some time––say seven years or so. For practicality’s sake, it has been called a “Sync Post” because it’s a kind of writing that appears on a “Sync Blog” and its “forms flow and are all forms and no forms at the same time.” What it truly is, though, is an Information Age critique that brings meaning and connection to the media that comes between us and reality. It’s a decoding of the symbols that translate truth into being.

The authors of these “Sync Pieces” are “pattern recognizers”, Synchronists, and function both as traditional artists, and a little like timeless mystics. Thus, if the phenomena experienced and known as "Sync" is the physical, real world result of the primal, creative, intelligent force of the universe, then these artists are the early observers examining, exploring, experiencing, and trying to understand this fundamental, unifying, flowing intelligence. Of course, in a quantum universe, it is not possible to observe a thing without changing it, because the observer too is part of the thing being observed. "Thou art that" in the Participation Mystique.

It's been stated that the universe is pure information. How then do we “read” it? And what is the meaning of it all? There are those of us who have found a way. (through connections; relationships.) This is not a mash-up––especially in the contemporary, pejorative sense. The creative imagination needed to hunt Black Swans or to intuit the Unknown Unknowns is a finely cultivated art. And this art has value. The practitioners of this discipline revitalize reality itself. They are more than mere hobbyists. More than just "Sync Heads". This is Generation Sync, consciously embodying the meaning of all ages timelessly. This is Sync generation. A generative power. The production and creation of the universe.

~db 2013


  1. The term "Sync Head" fits the novice "Synchronist" / "Synchromystic". Once synced, the head loses its importance. When the whole world syncs one's arch is the heart.

    Thanks for this manifesto!

  2. After reading about Nemo/No man I tend to like the term Synchronaught now instead of Sync-head. Synchronaught instead of Synchronaut,because naught implies a nothing/no man/fool on a journey.Whereas naut implies a sailor steering a ship.
    Synchronaught,yes I like that,it has a certain something to it,which is nothing really .-)

  3. Who is db? Who is Eunus Noe? Who is snowden? Who is you? How can one comment on an entire generation when one is adrift in their own identity? Or is that what this is all about? On 12-1-13 the journey begins? Or ends?

  4. I appreciate your comments.
    thanks, everyone.


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