Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thunder, Perfect Mind (Fire Walk with Me)

In the beginning God had his first thought, his Ennoia, which was female, and that thought was to create the angels. The First Thought then descended into the lower regions and created the angels. But the angels rebelled against her out of jealousy and created the world as her prison, imprisoning her in a female body. Thereafter, she was reincarnated many times, each time being shamed. Her many reincarnations included Helen of Troy; among others, and she finally was reincarnated as Helen, a slave and prostitute in the Phoenician city of Tyre. ("Simon Magus")

In dormant seed form, the plasmate slumbered in the buried library of codices at Chenoboskion until 1945 C.E. This is what Jesus meant when he spoke elliptically of the "mustard seed" which, he said, "would grow into a tree large enough for birds to roost in." He foresaw not only his own death but that of all homoplasmates. He foresaw the codices unearthed, read, and the plasmate seeking out new human hosts to crossbond with; but he foresaw the absence of the plasmate for almost two thousand years.

When I fell asleep that night I had a dream. In the dream I rode in Kevin's Honda, but instead of Kevin driving, Linda Ronstadt sat behind the wheel, and the car was open, like a vehicle from ancient times, like a chariot. Smiling at me, Ronstadt sang, and she sang more beautifully than any time I had ever heard her sing before. She sang:

"To walk toward the dawn
You must put your slippers on."

In the dream this delighted me; it seemed a terribly important message. When I woke up the next morning I could still see her lovely face, the dark, glowing eyes: such large eyes, so filled with light, a strange kind of black light, like the light of stars. Her look toward me was one of intense love, but not sexual love; it was what the Bible calls loving-kindness. Where was she driving me?

During the next day I tried to figure out what the cryptic words referred to. Slippers. Dawn. What did I associate with the dawn?

Studying my reference books (at one time I would have said, "Horselover Fat, studying his reference books"), I came across the fact that Aurora is the Latin word for the personification of the dawn. And that suggests Aurora Borealis -- which looks like St. Elmo's Fire, which is how Zebra or VALIS looked. The Britannica says of the Aurora Borealis:

"The Aurora Borealis appears throughout history in the mythology of the Eskimo, the Irish, the English, the Scandinavians, and others; it was usually believed to be a supernatural manifestation ... Northern Germanic tribes saw in it the splendor of the shields of Valkyrie (warrior women)."

Did that mean -- was VALIS telling me -- that little Sophia would issue forth into the world as a "warrior woman"? Maybe so.

What about slippers? I could think of one association, an interesting one. Empedocles, the pupil of Pythagoras, who had gone public about remembering his past lives and who told his friends privately that he was Apollo, had never died in the usual sense; instead, his golden slippers had been found near the top of the volcano Mount Etna. Either Empedocles, like Elijah, had been taken up into heaven bodily, or he had jumped into the volcano. Mount Etna is in the eastern-most part of Sicily. In Roman times the word "aurora" literally meant "east." Was VALIS alluding to both itself and to re-birth, to eternal life? Was I being --

The phone rang.

Picking it up I said, "Hello."

I heard Eric Lampton's voice. It sounded twisted, like an old root, a dying root. "We have something to tell you. I'll let Linda tell you. Hold on."

A deep fear entered me as I stood holding the silent phone. Then Linda Lampton's voice sounded in my ear, flat and toneless. The dream had to do with her, I realized; Linda Ronstadt; Linda Lampton. "What is it?" I said, unable to understand what Linda Lampton was saying.

"The little girl is dead," Linda Lampton said. "Sophia. . . . We're calling everyone. We don't understand; if Sophia was the Savior, how could she die?"

Dead at two years old, I realized. Impossible.

I hung up the phone and sat down. After a time, I realized that the woman in the dream driving the car and singing had been Sophia, but grown up, as she would have been one day. The dark eyes filled with light and life and fire. (Philip K. Dick,. VALIS)

Laura and Donna
Low Ra and Dawn
From Dusk till Dawn

The Goddess and the Monkee



(Microcosm: Persephone descends into the Underworld of the unconscious . . .)

(Self in reflection)

Ice and Fire (over the Rainbow)

(Macrocosm: Persephone descends into the Underworld of the Sphere of Generation. "We're not gonna talk about Judy . . .")

Of the four deities of Empedocles's elements, it is the name of Persephone alone that is taboo—Nestis is a euphemistic cult title—for she was also the terrible Queen of the Dead, whose name was not safe to speak aloud, who was euphemistically named simply as Kore or "the Maiden", a vestige of her archaic role as the deity ruling the underworld. ("Persephone")


Oswald means "divine strength." The diminutive form of the word is "os" or "Oz": denoting strength. The role which "Divine Strength" played in the Dealey "Goddess Rule" Killing of the King ritual should be given careful consideration.

One should also note the significance of (Jack) Ruby's killing (destroying) of "Ozwald" in reference to the "Ruby Slippers" of The Wizard of Oz which one may deride as a fairy tale but which nevertheless symbolizes the immense power of "ruby light" . . . (King Kill 33)

"The late Marilyn Monroe . . ."

"What must it be like to be the most famous woman on earth?"

David Lynch and Mark Frost were originally working on a screen adaptation of the Marilyn Monroe biography 'Goddess'. When they failed to get the rights to the book, the project they embarked upon instead, 'Twin Peaks', contained many elements of Marilyn Monroe's story - particularly the fact that she is killed just before she mentions in her diary that she is going to tell the world the truth about the famous and important man she is having an affair with (Ben Horne). (IMDB)

"I wouldn't buy the 'little girl lost' act if I were you . . ."

"She tricked you . . ."

(Setting the Daughters on the throne of the dead Mother . . .)

- We weren't expecting you.
- Oh, ship sank... iceberg.
- If you don't mind me asking, what have you got in the bag?
- Ah. A surprise.
- Let's hope it's not another fossil.
- The world is full of entrancements, woman. Not all of them are made of stone.
- A baby?
- Found it...floating on a lifeboat. Both parents drowned. Awful bloody shame.


  1. (I know my shits introverted, but that'a how the world has made me think) So first off my 1st son Lennon Gandhi Myers... when we thought he was gonna be a girl we were gonna name him Aurora.

    I WILL SHARE THIS CAUSE I WAS GONNA NAME HIM AFTER MY 2 OTHER HEROES, but their names arnt distinguishable enough.

    So my girlfriend C.C.'s Mom told me this story the other month about how she chaperoned one of C.C.'s school trips to DC where apparently one (pair) of Dorthy's shoes are. Her funny punchline is that when they got back to school apparently the teacher asked the kids to write about their fav thing at the museum. And everyone, including all the boy's wrote about THE SLIPPERS.

    Some of you will know about the 7's that seem to surround my life Anyways, this was NEWS YESTERDAY (TALK ABOUT SYNC'S ALL AROUND)

    '"Wizard of Oz" ruby slippers find home at film academy'


    PPS I never was big into the movie, but my son Lennon got hook for a while. i explained this once on Kyles 'Star Theory' when they were discussing it. Some crazy claims by the Leper-con saying it was about rape and periods or some outrageous claim. Anyways I told how i liked the Marvel guy cause it synced with some "Spirit Syncs" I have received from (MARVEL) Jack Parsons. I had a blog about this some may have read (deleted again, I like to shed skin), anyways the next day I had to work a show in DC/VA and some guy had nothing but real memorabilia from the movie. I bought and still own a piece of Marvels Wheel (Chariot Sync).

    SO ON TO THE MONKEY CONNECTION (Again I know it's ME ME ME, but if you can get something out of it in an as above way, that's what i hope for. Same way as i get something, or hope to in a so below way. Not to mention within and without.)

    Here is me and Davey Jones (I was working at a show, see the name tag... anyways...)

    I explained in 'The Sync Book' how I wound up in the Loony Bin, what some know, but not many (listeners of my short lived blog talk show). Is that I was so tired of people calling me an Egotist and ignoring "my work" and acting like i was some kind of "Devil" that I called upon Abraxas out of pure boredom. Abraxas makes almost any Archetype I have met look like a ______. (I will leave that blank) According to Jung "He is less definite than God or Devil.... Abraxas is activity: nothing can resist him but the unreal ... Abraxas stands above the sun[-god] and above the devil..."

    Anyways so Michael Nesmith ( executive producer of the cult film Repo Man. BEST LINE IN A MOVIE EVER... Harry Dean Stanton.."I don't want no commies in my car[Chariot]. No Christians either.") THIS STORY IS GOING SOMEWHERE... "When Nesmith was 13 his mother invented a typewriter correction fluid later known commercially as Liquid Paper." OK SO HERE I HAVE GOTTEN BORED OF ALL THE SYNC PEOPLE AND PEOPLE IN GENERAL... I was so out of it, I just wanted to not exist and I don't harm animals, myself, or other people (Against my values/morals) so my youngest son (like 2 or 3 at the time) grabs Liquid Paper and starts to WHITE OUT MY EYES (I LET HIM)... I had been thinking about what it may be like to be blind for a long time. There is more to that story, but I let him WHITE OUT BOTH MY EYES thinking the Multi-verse may want me to be blind so I could REALLY SEE! This is what happens to introverts like myself when people either USE THEM or IGNORE THEM.

    These lyrics kinda sum this up for me (listen to the lyrics)
    'Suicidal Tendencies-"Institutionalized" from "Repo Man Soundtrack"

  2. (cont...)

    Never seen 'Twin Peaks' but I had a crush on that girl above cause she was in a movie about a Girl that can't make it as a writer in a MANS WORLD (some crazy syncs in this movie) so she goes to another school undercover as a BOY... and the chick above has a crush on HER/HIM.... SMAE DAY I MET DAVEY JONES I FOUND THIS PICTURE OF HER FROM GUESS WHAT MOVIE..... GUESS WHAT MOVIE? 'RUBY' (SLIPPERS/JACK, *LOL's)

    You guys are into conspiracies. I went to some many ends of the road they are obsolete to me. No choice but to turn around and see if the world has anything to offer me? Friendship and Peace would settle.... only time will tell...

    I have been in contact with so many "Spirits", they come from every walk and every side. I don't judge or deny them. I help them reconcile like some damn Mysterious Adventure. Sometimes it's tough and others fun....

    Anyways 'Jack Ruby Speaks!' ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS LISTEN WHAT THE MAN SAYS....

    Jack Parsons....

    OK BONUS FUN STUFF - ALL KINDS OF FUN SYNCS (I always use the Fish to rep Carl Jung)
    'Sherilyn Fenn - "Just One of the Guys" Clips'

  3. "The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said on Wednesday it had acquired one of the four known surviving pairs of the iconic shoes made for the 1939 movie, with the help of Leonardo DiCaprio and Steven Spielberg. . . . DiCaprio, star of "Titanic" and "Inception", donated money from his own foundation. "

    The Ruby connection is gold (it's not about the History, it's the Mystery). Okay now you have me looking at Sherilyn Fenn a lot more closely. Boxing Helena (the chick in a box) is a headtrip into familiar territory.

  4. Little baby JC drowned in the baptismal bath:

  5. I think you 2 may get something out of this and maybe a better understanding of why I didn't come to NY etc... I have another post that will go on Mercury's Messenger as my final transmission as said Messenger in due time that deals with it all directly...

    In the mean time... '"Organic" 'Star Trek' Flow - Synchronictic Empathy???' IN THIS I SHOW HOW I MAKE WRONGS WRIGHT! You will see when you make it to the little ritucal I did in the stream.... I know you two will enjoy this one...

  6. Liquid Paper: I believe that Tiresias and Oedpius went blind for similar reasons.

    Macrocosm and Microcosm intertwine, as always--thus Dorothy as the Microcosmic Persephone descends into the Underworld of the unconscious to confront Hades, the Wizard, while Judy Garland as the Macrocosmic Persephone (the One behind the Mask?) symbolically perishes in the Hades of the Sphere of Generation.

    We are told that all is merely the One expressing itself under different masks--thus all things really happen to this One.

    Early in The Wizard of Oz, we see Dorothy symbolically "fall" into a pig trough (a pearl among swine).

    Helena's legs have been amputated, another symbolic castration of the original hermaphrodite deity. This is why Helena says her legs are "burning" (= the creative fire). The Magician saws a woman in half. (Thus the two Heavenly Creatures, light and dark.)

  7. "Tiresias...being transformed into a woman for seven years." <----NICE! The ironic thing is if that were me I would be a lesbian, lol

    Just watched and read about that Helena Boxing movie... WTF? that is fucked!

    I met that guy... got some footage of the "meeting", he didn't want to take a picture with me, less I paid him $30 or someshit... I was working and I am me, lol. Anyways I think I have a "chart" for that... Honestly he was a decent dude, I just can't pay to met every celebrity I cross paths with, so sometimes I would take video and do this... I really just use these to keep my 'As Above So Belows' together for my own sake.... (If it winds up helping another in their own work, more power to yah) When I decide to watch Warlock, it just makes it that much more interesting.... but if all these people keep spreading these rumors and lies about Hollywood (Some people are in FULL ON RETARD MODE!!!) they arn't gonna be happy till everything is Censored and free of any Archetypes except the ones they choose... just deducting with logic and patterns...

    INDIVIDUATION IS NEEDED! Small circles of like-minds.... EXPAND!

  8. I kinda added this just for you Eleleth... I was gonna get around to it eventually...

    'Magi Grant Morrison - 'DUDE, WHERE'S MY EGO?''

  9. I use to post this on my facebook all the time... I watched this one night in like 1997 or so when I was hi as a kite... Caught this part on TV channel surfing, it was odd at the time to say the least.... It is one of the things that kick started my thirst for Science etc...

    'Marilyn Monroe explains relativity to Albert Einstein'

  10. Think Julian "Sands" and the "sand" beneath which the Nag Hammadi codices and Statue of Liberty in Planet of the Monkees were buried (dam them all to hyle)

    We're off to see the Warlock

    Izzi's unfinished book (Proserpine's unfinished web)--the drowned girl's resurrection

    The MM/Ein Stone clip owns

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Dennis your a fucking NAZI! Control freak. Stop barking, it's getting old. Start your own thing. It's was a "free country" last time I check... people like you are whats wrong with freedom in this Country and the world. talk about a parasite, your like a fucking pledge.

    None of these blogs are yours to bark orders at, so just leave. Your freaky strange like a stalker and your a turn off. Maybe some people you don't agree with are here so you can learn how to tune them out and ignore them, maybe that is YOUR ISSUE! EVERY THINK OF THAT?

  13. Shit that last few adds got the back of my head spinning! Spirit/Matter Reconciliation.... Heard that somewhere B4... Thanks good stuff!

  14. only hermione can pacify the warring elements of this blog by being adorable

  15. That above clip at the bottom (ballet) reminded me of 'Limelight (1952) - Charles Chaplin and Claire Bloom'...

    In limelight Clair Bloom tries to kill herself (a pro ballet dancer) and the guy who lives in her building (an aging vaudeville performer) Cavaletto (Chaplin) takes her in... it's such a great movie over all, but he gives this speech that is on fire... I couldn't find the whole thing, but you may get the point....

    'Charie Chaplin - Limelight' LIFE LIFE LIFE!

    And this small clip (DESIRE IS THE THEME OF ALL LIFE) .... who else could make themselfves look like a ROSE or a ROCK?

  16. In the Sync Cabin recording Alan brings up an important question about the dangers of Sync. The basic sentiment was - Where do we draw the line? At times any of us could say the craziest shit ever and for the most part we all would look for the sync or the deeper meaning in the words. At other times it is important to draw a line.

    Chris Myers/Quark Observer - while you undoubtedly have some gems to share they are buried so deep within your excessively long, bizarre and incoherent comments, it is impossible to appreciate them. There have been several people on several blogs who have asked you to chill out and not pollute others work with your ego maniacal rants. While Im sure your intentions are good, it comes across as highly toxic. The irony is as a Synchromystic you can find meaning license plates, barcodes and billboards, but you seem unable to find the meaning in the words of your peers.


    I don't doubt the significance and power of your Syncs. We are all experiencing them and it is likely only going to get more intense.

    You are spiraling out of control and if you continue on this path you are going to come apart at the seams. As important as it is to dive deeply into the realm of archetypes it is equal important to know how to find your way back home. Breathe deeply, do some yoga, turn off the computer and go for a walk, whatever it takes I hope you find the peace you need to return to your center.

    That is all from me.

  17. "You are spiraling out of control..." Once again you know nothing about me. I am a stay at home father who raises two children and very well I may add. I really think some of you need to go study what ego is really all about... Lets put it this way the biggest difference between me and you I see is I wouldn't go drawing anyone I don't know personally on a Tarot Card and/or Deck!

    "Syncromystics" come off as "excessively long, bizarre and incoherent..." at times... I am done being angry and defending myself. I will try to remember if you post on here to not comment on it, otherwise unless one of the authors or you all as a "hive mind" say different I don't see the big deal...??? and if they do, so BEE it!

    I am not gonna site her and keep defending myself... I have learned about 3 or 4 different Archetypes from this post and the last one alone and some of those ones i learned about were from the posts back and forth.... so don't tell me what and how to learn.

    PS Some advice is don't become what you despise... I lay no claim to know what you despise, just saying....

  18. At this point in my life I have sort of made a commitment to regard everyone and everything (films, books, the rustlings of leaves in trees) as offering a certain particular Truth regarding where I am (and we are) at the moment--as Crowley says, "to interpret every phenomenon as a particular dealing of God with my soul." This is either the only way to stay sane in this world or a sure trip to the asylum; I can never be quite sure.

    Sort of like how Bill Murray can only escape Groundhog Day when he buys the guy's life insurance.

    The Limelight clip continues the theme that has developed somewhat spontaneously in this post--the dancer lost her legs.

    As for the Tarot cards, I will be sure to acquire written permission from Saddam Hussein and Dick Cheney in the future.


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