Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Hidden Church of the Holy Graal

(From QFF)

The next point which is posed for our consideration is the place of Shekinah in the Sephirotic Tree, and it will be well to state at the inception that the attributions throughout Kabalism seem almost as many as the references, though there is only one which is predominant. She is the Middle Pillar as we have seen the Pillar of Benignity, extending from Kether to Malkuth, and she takes up the Sephiroth to God, or into the place which is no place, beyond the infinite height and depth, the infinite of all directions embraced by the Tree. This is the place of Ain-Soph. The Middle Pillar is described otherwise as the trunk of the Tree, it being understood that the root is in Kether, so far as the genesis and legend of the soul are concerned, but it is in Malkuth in respect of the return journey to God, which is a journey through the Shekinah, or under her glorious leading. Shekinah is, in another form of symbolism, the body of the Tree; and the elect summarised as Israel are the cloud of witnesses forming the branches; but it is said also that she is the crown of the Middle Pillar, the synthesis of all the Sephiroth and of every Sacred Name expressed or implied in the wisdom of the Secret Doctrine. (Arthur Waite)

"The Unity of Thelema and Agape in the number 93 would suggest that, in fact, it is the Number 93 which contains both."

(Durante Durante?)

(Twin Peaks)

(Twin Towers)

Fire Walk

(JC is a Phoenix)

("But Alice doesn't live in the restaurant, she lives in the church nearby the restaurant, in the bell tower with her husband Ray and Facha, the dog.")

"The milk of the stars from her paps"

(The Star Child of the Magi)


I must append hereto the symbolism of a certain myth which connects with the primeval formulation of the Divine Name and has its origin in the Talmud. As developed in the Zohar, it presents another aspect of that point of Divine Thought about which we heard at the beginning of this chapter. It concerns a mysterious stone called Schethiyd which was originally in the Throne of God that is to say, it was a precious stone or jewel and was cast by Him into the abyss, so to form the basis of the world and give birth thereto. One might say otherwise that it was like a cubical stone or altar, for its extremity was concealed in the depth, while its surface or summit rose above the chaos. It was the central point in the immensity of the world, the corner stone, the tried stone, the sure foundation, but also that stone which the builders rejected. The last allocation, however, passes understanding, as by the hypothesis of the legend it was used in the building from the beginning. Finally but this is not less inscrutable it was that stone which served Jacob as a pillow and thereafter for an altar. It was the good stone, the precious stone and the foundation of Zion. The Tables of the Law were made from it, and it is destined for the salvation of the world. Jacob called it the House of the Elohim, meaning that the Hypostasis to which this name is attributed transfers her residence from the world above to that which is below. It is like the lapis exilis of the German Graal legend, for it appears to be a slight stone; it is supposed to have been carried by Aaron when he entered the Holy Place, and it was held in the hands of David when he desired to contemplate close at hand the glory of his Master. In a sense it fell from heaven, like the stone from the crown of Lucifer, and again it was overturned by the iniquity of man, until Jacob restored it to an upright position. Solomon was also one of those who restored it, and thereon he built the sanctuary. We may not know how to harmonise these references which seem to exhaust all that is said of the stone in the Old Testament, but its connection with other and less fabulous elements belonging to the Zoharic myth of creation resides in the fact that this stone was inscribed with the Divine Name before it was cast into the abyss. . . .

As Elohim she is the Middle Pillar, and all the various aspects of the one thing that is needful from the stand point of the Secret Tradition are collocated, their seeming exclusiveness notwithstanding, to shew that she abides in all, is at once above and below, without even as within. (Waite)

"When used of the true God, 'Elohim' denotes what is called by linguists a plural of majesty, honor, or fullness."

(It ain't over till the fat lady sings)

(Who's really in control?)

Lolita: Yes, that's Dick. He doesn't know a thing about you and me ... so please watch what you say. [...]
Humbert: How long have you known him?
Lolita: About a year. I met him in Phoenix. I was working as a waitress.


  1. Some off the dome shit...

    I made that Supertramp connection a few years ago myself... Use to love that song in the 1990's... I thought that that might be the same actress from total Recall that Arnold is inside... I don't think it is her, but she looked kinda like her... Anyways i tied it to all this orange drink shit I was seeing... One was a Simpsons episode where I think grounds Keeper Wille was selling 'Orange Drink'... Then another was in Futurama, pretty sure it was the episode where Bender wants to be a cook for humans even though he has no taste buds... Then when I was working on that post in 2009, a story in the news about a guy that could taste color hit the news... Interesting to see this come up just now. Well we have the Sync Book Connection to 'The Breakfast Club' via me giving a copy to A.M.Hall... Don't know if you heard the story, but he told me he met with a medium friend cause he kept having dreams and feelings he lived once before in ancient Egypt... I have also had these dreams, even looking at objects certain famed Egyptians own I feel a sense that they were once my objects etc...

    I should see A.M.Hall again soon and see what he has to say, may be interesting. He was into Crowley, that's how we got talking about the "paranormal" stuff in the first place.

    I listen to 'Brass in Pocket' least once a week... Here is another video with a waitress... I love these lyrics, but not really a fan of the sound of the music etc.. but it has Iggy Pop in it so...

    'Jemina Pearl - I Hate People ft. Iggy Pop'

  2. P.S. interesting Durante bit here...

    Don't know if you have ever seen the movie 'Greedy', I learned many lessons from this movie as a teen when it came out... and the cast is absolutely insane... Take a look at the IMDB

    Michael J. Fox (Back 2 The Future etc...)

    Kirk Douglas

    Olivia d'Abo (I Use to be obsessed with her) She is the virgin in Conan, the sister in 'The Wonder Years' (My personal fav show ever) and she is also the female Garth in 'Waynes Wold 2'...

    Phil Hartman

    Anyways here is a scene where M.J.Fox does a Durante impression for his rich Uncle (You kinda have to see the movie to really get how GREAT it is)

    PPS Don't know if you ever saw this?

    PPPS I am a big MST3000 fan and just so you know they do a voice over thing called 'Rifftraxs' on current movies, this is the only way I watch mainstream movies... Anyways you might find Bill Corbett interesting, riffing shit he says some really interesting stuff sometimes.... anyways he is the robot Crow (for most the later seasons with Mike) and he is 'The Observer' (the guy that looks like death from 'Bill and Teds'. I wont point out all the ironic name syncs)... Anyways his wiki

    MAINLY POINTING OUT THIS - "In March 2006, it was announced that Eddie Murphy would star in the sci-fi comedy Meet Dave (formerly Starship Dave) from a screen-play by Corbett and Rob Greenberg. Brian Robbins directed the film, which debuted in theaters on July 11, 2008."

  3. Went to Walmart with the fam and flipping through a magazine there...

    And the caption (look at that face she is making.)...

    Doesn't mean much to me, just know she came up here b4...

  4. MM: The difference between Fake Cannes and Real Cans, and Oannes.

  5. People keep connecting her to the Total Recall woman--I have honestly never seen the movie so I'm not sure what to make of it

    The kid Jake in Touch also drinks orange soda--"my grandson is studying magic."

    Mike Nelson is also a Twin Peaks character . . . MST3K is Plato's cave all over again, but you knew that.

    Bad Teacher: N'Syncer Justin Timberlake gives Maya Rudolph his Dick in a Box and becomes a Fellini's work in Boccaccio '70.

  6. That is, "becomes a priest of the Goddess," the she who teaches Initiation.

  7. In addition to his Weird Science role, A.M. Hall plays Bill Gates in Pirates of Silicon Valley. We can deduce that in both instances he is symbolically playing opposite Steve Jobs, as the woman he creates (a la Pygmalion) is named Lisa, after the Apple computer of the same name.

    I bring this up again in relation to the visual unveiling of Steve's Star Child.

  8. I remember watching that movie when it came on TV, actually a great movie IMO. Kinda made me like them both to a certain degree... I gave and give credit to my fascination with triple-digit numbers to Steve Jobs in 'The Sync Book' if i remember correctly, if not that is where and how I got into them. Double letters (MM being my fav Mercury's Messenger, Marlyn Monroe etc...) kinda developed on it's own.... I like to think of them both as pattern ladder steps.... since I have moved onto quadruple numbers and triple letters... When I was working at my brothers comic shop we get triple digit numbers on the register quite a bit. One day a box holder that is an older computer programmer came in (box holder #72 I may add. Also relevant cause this was the weekend I was writing my sync book piece), anyways he came in and we got to talking about the numbers cause of his box number and I told him about how people are "scared" of triple-digits and how i got into them. he then told me he was an IT (Information technology) guy and triple-digit numbers are interesting and not "scary" at all if you know coding etc... I am not in 'Information technology' and I will take his word for it, but he was telling me that it probably wasn't any real esoteric reason Steve Jobs was into Triple numbers or that it was also combined with the fact they are vital/interesting to the people that work with computer coding etc... Well super religious people thought that Apple computers or computers in general were 'The Beast', how many religious people use computer technology..... OH FICTION SATAN LAUGHS!

    PS You should peep total recall or atleast watch Steve Wilners video if you haven't...
    'The Montauk Project, Osiris, and The Rendezvous with Rama'

    I just saw this posted the other day... I don't know how much truth is here again, but it's still interesting least syncromysticlly....

    I found it interesting cause I am reading this book as we speak...
    'Montauk Revisited: Adventures in Synchronicity'

    Anyways have a good Saturday!

  9. Adam Sandler played that lady in your last clips grandson also.... (2 clips B-low)

    Happy Gilmore (2/9) Movie CLIP - This Place Is Perfect (1996) HD

    Happy Gilmore (5/9) Movie CLIP - Quilting Sweatshop (1996) HD

    Mess with the A.C. (Magick you don't Understand) and it will fall on that fat lady and she wont ever sing, maybe that is a good thing....

    The bit of my Magick I do that is "Synchronictic" has a a nice balance of "fun" and "seriousness"... 9/10 I get that from A.S. comedies using him as the 'High Priest'. He is a natural IMO at using 'the Magician' and 'the Fool' as available qualities he can posses at any time... but always remaining 'the High Priest'.... (I know i don't know him personally etc... but i never made a card or deck (JOKE). Have a weekend.


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