Wednesday, November 16, 2011


"When seeking a wife it was with Shekinah that Jacob united his intention, and hence it is said — in characteristic Zoharic symbolism — that when he married Rachel he united heaven and earth."

(and how do we get there?)

"Two new unplayable characters debut in Lost Caverns: Quickclaw, Harry's cowardly pet mountain lion, and Rhonda, his adventure-seeking niece. . . . Collecting Rhonda, Quickclaw, and a diamond ring is necessary to win the game."


  1. saw these license plates next together at a light the other day:

    Car 1. Car 2. (was a Kia Rio)
    2C BE432 BLU IZZ

  2. "See, the garden of Eden is childhood. We need to get back to our selves beyond what've become to survive. A moment is here for a return to magical thinking. We definitely can move the historical age from the gut (chakra) to The Heart.

    This is a call to go back in time! Remake it all anew. . ."

    <a href="">Secret Garden</a>

    (my secret garden)

  3. I enjoyed this one and used it in my new videos..... THANKS GUYS

    '(VIDEO) The Charmed Puppet Master is Wearing the MASK OF GOD!' A Short Synchromystic Story 11-16-11'

  4. I think that you mentioned the Kill Screen, Quark--the only way to beat Donkey Kong is for Mario to die. Which brings us to the plot of Donkey Kong Jr. (1982).

  5. In an unspecified future (the video release states it is the year 40,000), Barbarella (Jane Fonda) is assigned by the President of Earth (Claude Dauphin) to retrieve Doctor Durand Durand (Milo O'Shea) from the planet Tau Ceti in order to save the Earth. Durand Durand is the inventor of the Positronic Ray, a weapon. Earth is now a peaceful planet, and weapons are unheard of. Tau Ceti is an unknown region of space, so there is the potential for the weapon to fall into the wrong hands. Donning the first of many outfits (Barbarella is frequently tearing them and changing into something even more provocative each time), Barbarella sets out to find the missing scientist.

  6. Wow, I had completely forgotten making this:

  7. saw another Kia Rio tonight this plate # was:


  8. I never mentioned that when Eunus posted this, I was selling a whole bunch of circa-1982 video games on eBay. (They're worth more than you'd think.)


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