Monday, November 21, 2011

1963 (sergeant pepper)

"Just like Biloxi, Mississippi: one cop is nice, another is just impersonal, a third is a mean bastard— and it doesn't really matter. They're all part of the same machine, and what comes out the end of the gears and levers is the same product, whatever their attitude is. I'm sure Buchenwald was the same: some of the guards tried to be as humane as possible, some of them just did their job, some of them went out of their way to make it worse for the prisoners. It doesn't matter: the machine produces the effect it was designed for."
~Robert Anton Wilson The Eye in the Pyramid

. . .

The cop wears his badge over his left side; he's Severity (Justice) dispensing the wrath of Geburah, pepper spray.

Christopher Lloyd, under the guise of Judge Doom, the wrathful God of the LAW/WALL (as certain Syncers have intimated), dispenses the "dip" (a bowl of wrath) that will be his undoing. Roger Rabbit is Christ as the trickster Mercurius. He was "framed," an unblemished sacrifice condemned to the Cross for the sins of the Father.

"Gadhafi" ("God-half") embodies the Pillar of Severity, the Gad of the Wall

The Parable of the JC Penny: The last will be first.

"A penny for the Old Guy."

‎(Take a look at the lawman, beating up the wrong guy)

According to the band's lyricist, Bernard Sumner, the song is about the JFK assassination, which occurred in 1963. In the song, Sumner sings from the point of view of Jackie Kennedy, and theorises that John F. Kennedy (a devout Catholic for whom divorce was unthinkable) paid the mobster Jack Ruby to arrange for a hitman to take out his wife so that he could continue his relationship with actress Marilyn Monroe. It further theorises that Monroe committed suicide when she found out that the hired gun, Lee Harvey Oswald, had hit the wrong target. Oswald was, according to Sumner, then in turn assassinated by Ruby for causing his hitman business to go bust.

Sumner's theory is unlikely to be intended seriously, given that Marilyn Monroe died in 1962, over a year before the assassination took place.

Though this is ludicrous if taken literally, there is an important esoteric subtext: The King, attempting to slay Jackie O (soul, which is dark and obscure to him) to attain Marilyn (the New Earth, represented by the "MM" Grail), inadvertently slays himself.

Quick Sunday School lesson: In the book of Genesis, Jacob labors for Laban (Law Ban, the God of the Law) to marry the young and beautiful Rachel, but instead is given the older Leah, being told that it is not customary to marry the younger before the older. In the end, he marries both. According to the Kabbalists, Leah (Jackie O) is soul and Rachel (Marilyn) is body, or the union of heaven and earth.

The JFK assassination: An alchemical play in 3 acts:

Nigredo: Osiris - John F. Kennedy, the King of Camelot, "killed" by the astringent sulphur of decomposition (Set) dispensed by Oswald's (the alchemist's) magick bullet.

Albedo: Isis - Jackie Kennedy, the Lunar Mercury, gathers John's brains together.

Rubedo: Horus - Jack Ruby kills Set (Oswald) and avenges the death of Osiris.

The Mercy Beat from the Liver Pool of the Dark Star (site of Prometheus' punishment)

"With The Beatles is the second studio album by the English rock group The Beatles. It was released on 22 November 1963 on Parlophone, and was recorded four months after the band's debut Please Please Me."

The Beetles bear the Sun King through the Underworld

In the film House of Yes, we see the same motif duplicated. Marty (McFly) wishes to possess the light anima of daylight consciousness, represented by his fiancee, but the neglected shadow side of the unconscious, represented by his twin sister Jackie O, stands in way of his marriage--but the greater attainment has a greater reward. The forbidden nature of his incestuous romance with her necessitates the greatest sacrifice (the King Kill 33°).

This is paralleled in Arrested Development where George Michael dates Ann (nickname "Bland," a straight-laced Christian girl and keeper of the Law) before hooking up with his dark-haired cousin, who is his exact opposite (his complimentary unintegrated anima). The Lovers, like Osiris, get swallowed up into hell (the Underworld).

Meanwhile, in House of Yes, Jackie-O and Marty undergo their alchemical Hieros Gamos when they re-enact the ritual King Kill. The Great Mother demands his head on a platter.

It becomes clear that Marty's lover was in fact Jackie-O after she coerces Marty into playing their favorite childhood "game," a re-enactment of the JFK assassination, a game that led to their first sexual encounter when they were 14. Jackie-O and Marty play the game, and after she has "shot" him, she runs over to cradle him in her arms. She begins to kiss him, and the two have sex.

The neglected subconscious revenges herself against the conscious ego . . . classic story, really.

"There should be a rule: if you find the keys to your friend's father's Ferrari, you get to keep it."

Lew in Sky with Diamonds: Role reversal?

(A coniunctio with Grandma Death)


  1. The Man in the High Castle was published in 1963, a Hugo award winner from PKD. I don't think I really understood this one the first couple times I read it, but it always calls me back ( maybe because of the critical attention).

    Frank Frink, the Jewish jewelry maker, creates a pin that saves his life, unbeknownst to him, or anybody really. The connection is there to be witnessed solely by the reader.


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