Monday, September 19, 2011

Unveiling the "Shock and Awe"

Does he have any idea what he's saying?

"God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved: God shall help her, and that right early."
That is, "he dwelt there by the visible symbol of his presence, the Shekinah" (Barnes).

"Yo! You come from Osiris' dick!"
See: Hunting the Duck and Apocalypse Now for more on that.

. . .

The 9/11 Inside Joke: Raising Osiris

The show Arrested Development tells us everything we need to know about the hidden forces controlling the universe. GOB (George O. Bluth Jr., a clear glyph of George W. Bush, the great Joker-Magician) and George-Michael (the Pure Fool) raise Osiris-Saddam (George Sr.) from the depths of the earth.

GOB/GWB, the hierophant of the 9/11 initiatory rite, similarly opens the Tomb of Osiris in the first episode. George Sr. [the Hidden Father] is later found hiding in the same tomb.

  • George W.'s daddy issues: the Fool goes to Baghdad to Bag Dad.
  • But the Fool, it is discovered, is Dad (George Jr. is George Sr.), thus he becomes Iraq Insane Osama.
  • Having come to understand the cruel and horrible reality at the center of things, and that he had created the Shadow by loading it down with his own faults (the Sin Laden Obama), he is able to perform the coup de grâce and kill the Bad Dad (Abbotabad).

(The Inside Gob: "These things never go off when you want them to.")

Emblem XXVIII.
The King is sitting in a Vaporous Bath, and is freed from the Black Gall by the Physitian Pharut.

Gob needs to spice up his magic act, so he acquires a jive-talking black puppet named Franklin Delano Bluth--making it a black puppet president. Premonition?

. . .



  1. The tabernacle, Jacob, etc. Doesn't look like Obama believes it, but I"ll bet the people who wrote the speech do. I guess we can really just throw away the separation of church and state now. Obama is our priest-king. Talk about back to the future. Way back.

  2. In related news, Tyler Durden (Shadow Self? The one who unites the sacred and profane? etc.) unveils the Scarlett Woman:

    Causing her to enlist the aid of the FBI (
    ... the FBI, back when Marty McFly was in theaters, was also known as "Female Body Inspectors"

  3. I was going to mention this, but it seemed kind of creepy. Oh well, fuck celebrities, they're rich.

    Moulder and Skully (Osiris and Isis) are FBI, of course.

    Meanwhile, the old Harry Potter apothecary is dead (having killed the TouchPad Tablets of the Law), the woman is in


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