Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tauroctony or Not Tauroctony?


"Fourth image: Capturing the bull
The farmer has caught the animal but it is still stubborn and does not follow him. He has finally caught it but it is obstinate and uncontrolled. Its energy and decision are relentless, at times it runs toward the hills, at other times it stays unmovable in deep impenetrable valleys. It symbolizes our struggle with our basic nature, something that can last a whole lifetime. At this stage a person must analyse if he is advancing and attaining a clearer understanding or he is simply stuck and protecting himself behind certain doctrines..."

"The golden scales in the woman's left hand are a subtle hint that solar energy, or light, for which the ancient symbol is gold, may be used as an instrument whereby to weigh and measure action. This fact was well know to occultists in the day the Tarot was invented, and modern science confirms this by making the speed of light, and also its mass, the basis for calculations which demonstrate the electrical nature of all so-called "matter." These same calculations have led to the discovery of atomic fission, which will undoubtedly bring about the revolution of chemical and physical science predicted in 1859 by Eliphas Levi. This discovery will also give the whole human race new standards of action, and will make possible in the affairs of men a closer approximation to ideal justice." ~ Paul Foster Case, the Tarot

Einstein hits 88mph: Colliding hardons to re-create the universe. (King Kill, Union of Heaven and Earth, and Alchemical Wedding in sidebar.)

WALL/LAW: Shia the Beef and the King's Daughter

"It's easy to get in; it's hard to get out."

"It's about the game."

Once I was bold enough to ask, "What really happened to your mother? Is she a quitter?" "Oh no," Libra replied. "When people stopped listening to her words, she demonstrated her message: she dissolved into the center of the scales! It was a profound meditation for those who could see it… and very brave."~New Moon


  1. wow, you're finding some awesome parallels lately alan! this post has me thinking, your previous post at all the happy creatures, the lion king travels back to the future features the Lion (Leo) and time travel/man (Aquarius), we see the Bull (Taurus) here, so where might the other fixed sign (Scorpio/Eagle) symbolism be playing out?
    the four evangelists

  2. Wall Street as the sacrificial bull is a very keen observation. I dig it.

  3. my upcoming post is about the 'justice' card of course

    evidently gordon gekko was chillin in azkaban all these years

  4. I suppose this syncs in with all the gold syncs and a certain lack of justice.

    Europe will collapse because goldman sachs rules the world.

  5. Thanks for stopping by and your recent twitter props of the blog, Will. These posts grow in a sometimes nonlinear fashion so do check back now and again.

  6. I split off the V for Vendetta stuff, but somehow it got added back in when someone else edited it. Please correct these glitches as you see them, I cannot stand any slight imperfections in this universe.

  7. no i think it was right the way it was. doubled and all.

  8. As long as you'll have me, Eunus Noe... You masked villain, you.


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