Wednesday, August 24, 2011

enter the virgin

Tuesday morning the Sun made its way from the fire sign of Leo to the earth sign of the Virgin (Virgo), following Venus which moved into Virgo on Sunday.

The cusp of Leo/Virgo always conjures up images for me of the Sphinx, Cat Woman, Beauty and the Beast, the Virgin mother and her sun/son...

(hey, db that alchemical heart on fire looks like your flaming peach, no?)

Monday evening I read a report of Kate Winslet escaping a FIRE at a home of VIRGIN business mogul, Richard Branson, in the VIRGIN Islands. (Winslet has starred in films opposite LEO Dicaprio of course).

And Tuesday, an earthquake rumbles from VIRGINia.

The energy of Virgo is that of attunement to nature, the earth, the cycles of life - continual movement and transformation, and the natural law/order.

Another interesting, and peculiar story on Monday says that Baseball Player Ma(a)t Holliday (Holy day) gets a MOTH stuck in his EAR.

reference to the famous VIRGIN MOTHER?

A moth is connected to the Moon and a symbol of transformation - no doubt the message we need to hEAR.

Interesting also that this moth chose a player of the CARDINALs, as this Summer the planets Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto have been making angles to one another known in astrology as a CARDINAL T-Square. That is, the planets are each in one of the CARDINAL signs of the zodiac (Cancer, Libra, Aries, and Capricorn). Cardinal signs are the signs of the zodiac that initiate action, as opposed to "Fixed" (steady) or "Mutable" (go with the flow) signs.

The cardinal energy initiates our transformation.

virgin irene

Irene also rolled over the Virgin Islands before making a beeline for Isis and NYC

"The cult statues considered most powerful were not those of Isis standing alone, but holding her child, Horus. In art, the image of MOTHER and child is one of the world's most potent symbols. The statue represents realization (the child) of potential (the womb). The self-sufficient Virgin who stands alone, no matter how wise is not complete. The new form is the completion. Whether a child or a book or the founding of a Wholistic Center - whatever the creative venture - some tangible new form needs to emerge. The form usually requires a long and painful gestation and labor, such as Isis' sad delivery of Horus...But in the end, usually after a long gestation period, the esoteric ruler of Virgo, the MOTHER of Form, the MOON will bring forth her new creation." ~ Kathleen Burt, Archetypes of the Zodiac

This Sunday morning the new MOON also rides the sphinx cusp - moving from LEO to VIRGO.
The High Priestess, associated with the MOON, and Hebrew letter Gimel - symbolizing the pair of opposites PEACE and Strife.
"Thus the woman in Key 2 is in one sense identical with the First MOTHER, or First Matter, of the alchemists, who often call this Prima Materia their VIRGIN Diana. Diana is the goddess of the crescent Moon...In fact, the High Priestess corresponds to all the VIRGIN goddesses of the ancient world...Thus she also represents Eve, before her union with Adam." ~Paul Foster Case, The Tarot: A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages

. . .

Justin notes in the comments that the obelisk/monument of Washington D.C. (District of COLUMBIA) was cracked in Tuesday's earthquake, which was also close to MARY-land

dove (n.) A symbol of gentleness from early Christian times, also of the Holy Spirit (cf. Gen. viii.8-12), and of Peace and deliverance from anxiety; political meaning "person who advocates peace" attested by 1917, from the Christian dove of peace.
"The HIGH PRIESTESS of the Tarot is the Holy Ghost (matter reflecting the designs of the Father)." ~ The Rabbi's Tarot
. . .

Meanwhile (sic semper tyrannis) . . .

Voldemort himself created his worst enemy, just as tyrants everywhere do! Have you any idea how much tyrants fear the people they oppress? All of them realize that, one day, amongst their many victims, there is sure to be one who rises against them and strikes back!

The Benben capstone and winged solar disc.

The Snitch (the winged solar disc) opens "at the close." ("The bird struggles out of the egg. The egg is the world. Whoever wants to be born, must destroy a world.")

. . .

released on Friday, August 26th
COLUMBI-ANA strikes back

Anna and his PEACEful war against corruption


16: The Tower

see also:

17: The Star

"Hurricane" takes place in New Jersey, followed by the song "Isis" (the moon goddess)

18: The Moon



Irene, or Eirene, was a daughter of Poseidon. Poseidon is also called "Earthshaker" because he causes earthquakes when he strikes the ground with his trident. Via the Sync Whole: Branson and Winslet re-enact the"Jack, I feel like I'm flying" scene from Titanic, aboard Branson's catamaran with the enormous center bow sprit, becoming a "trident".


This Moonday morning brings news of a man killed by a bear in Yellowstone Park last week:

Grizzly bears are also known as the SILVERtip bear, silver being associated with the Moon. The bear is a LUNAR animal through the association to the virgin moon goddess Artemis/Diana/Anna - who sometimes incarnated as "The Great She-Bear"/Ursa Major

The verb form of "bear" has roots in words meaning to birth and pregnant.


  1. Irene also rolled over the Virgin Islands before making a beeline for Isis and NYC.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Michael, your comment inspired an image in my mind of a swarm of bees looking very much like a satellite image of a hurricane, but i wasn't able to find such an image. I did find this little gem though that I thought you would appreciate - The Virgin Mother Queen enlists the aid of her (cardinal) "Pied Pipers" to start a united, synchronous movement :)

  4. Great post Crystal. I love the Moth Ear part.

    I found it interesting that the Earthquake cracked the capstone of the Washington Monument/obelisk in DC. District of Columbia.

    Also interesting is the close proximity of the quake to Mary-Land

  5. thanks Justin
    love your observations about Mary-Land and the Isis of Columbia Pictures, so awesome. The film Columbiana was just released a couple days ago too i believe.

    i was thinking also that the obelisk connects to virgo through the hebrew letter yod, which means hand, the creative instrument - also referring to the phallus.

  6. Haven't been able to post in way too long, but being (probably) the only Mask to experience both the Earthquake and the Hurricane, I thought I should add 16, 17, and 18.

  7. good to hear from you Alan and love your additions, amazing! although, i hope you and melissa have been fairing well through the storm.

  8. thanks Crystal! we are well. both events were overhyped with little real-world effect on us. however, the symbolism is very strong and syncs with so much happening in my life and the world stage that i couldn't help chiming in. :)

  9. Added a bit about the earthquake/trident/virgin nexus.

  10. Well, the Washington Monument is, ahem, "Leaking"...

  11. I was looking at *Holy Mountain* last night--my first time.
    found it interesting that, the adept was asked to split this stone with a silver axe. (the stone of course was a capstone--which the master crumbled to dust by striking the tip of it.)
    didn't finish. maybe tonight

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