Tuesday, August 2, 2011

93 to Infinity—The Return of the Goddess

What led up to Gabby Giffords return? 

In the past month we witnessed a ton of 93 syncs in events from Betty Ford's death to the Norway Massacre to the Flight 93 memorial.

Let's trace how all of these events culminated in "Lifting the Veil of Isis" during the  U.S. ceremony to lift the Debt Ceiling.


On July 8th, former first lady Betty Ford passed away at age 93.  As one of the most visible and outspoken first ladies in history she embodied the essence of the Divine Feminine/Isis.

(see All the Happy Creatures blog for more on wives, first ladies, and Isis)

Her husband, former president Gerald Ford also died at age 93 in 2006.


Fourteen (7+7) days later on July 22, Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik committed both a bombing and a mass shooting.

The tragedy was quickly coined the "Norway Twin Attacks" in the media, thereby creating a direct link to 9/11 and the Twin Towers (more on the mystical method of Twinning/Mirroring at the Aferrismoon blog).

The death toll was initially announced as 93, including 7 bombing victims and 86 mass shooting victims. (for more on how 93=Thelema, see previous post).

Then the total number of victims killed in both the bombing attack and the mass shooting was lowered to 76 (7x6 = 42...the Jupiter number).

Next, here comes the Mirror (another aspect of Twinning), as the death toll of those killed in the mass shooting on Utoya Island is quickly reduced to 68 from the previous count of 86.

Note that we've seen the Mirror technique used before with the numbers 69/96 in the 9/11 foreshadowing movie The Big Lebowski

Lebowski writes a 69 cent check dated Sept. 11th. The account number begins with 96.

In Norway's case though it's a 68/86. This is deliberate because it indicates the necessity of adding a 'Plus One' element to correct the value (68 + 1 = 69).

The 'Plus One Problem' is theoretical gematria.  To really get the theory you must reload the speech of The Architect to Neo from The Matrix. Neo, we learn, is the sixth appearance of an anomaly that typifies the inability to balance a simple mathematical equation. Neo is the One, the 'plus one' of this problem.The Wrong Way Wizard

Based on this 'Plus One' scenario there would have to be one last permutation in the death toll count (to create a number 1 to balance the equation). 

The 77th and 93rd floors were hit in the WTC attacks. 77 = OZ = Oslo. Interesting that this incident managed to include both those numbers. 

Well, exactly one week (7 days) after the massacre, the final official death toll of all victims was increased to 77.  American Airlines Flight 77 was the plane that crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11.

The number 7 is the biblical number of divine perfection or spiritual completeness.  7 days are also required for the sanctification of the altar with a blood sacrifice. (Exodus 29:37)

77 is the biblical number that signifies The One (the Christ) because there are 77 generations from Adam to Jesus.  Also, in Numerology the letters C-H-R-I-S-T equal 77 when added.

Jesus said, "I am the light that is over all things. I am all."The Gospel of St. Thomas (verse 77)


On 7/30, billionaire philanthropist John Anderson passed away at the age of 93.  He had gifted a total of $42 Million dollars to UCLA since 1987.

On 7/31, it was announced that a 17-ton boulder had been placed at the Flight 93 Memorial crash site in tribute to the victims.


All of these 93's link to NASA mission STS-93, the 26th launch of the space shuttle Columbia (in Gematria the name of the God of Israel [YHWH] = 26).

The launch took place on July 23, 1999 (July 23rd is one day after the Norway attacks...a 'Plus One' sync).

On that flight Eileen Collins became the first female U.S. astronaut shuttle commander.

Twelve specially-minted 22K Gold Sacagawea Dollar Coins flew aboard the Columbia to honor her accomplishment.

Historically, a Native American Princess was an early symbol of the U.S. before being replaced with the image of the Goddess Columbia.

This was a major Alchemical clue alerting us to soon expect an event honoring the appearance of the Divine Feminine, the Goddess Columbia (a.k.a. The Statue of Liberty/Isis/Hera/Juno, wife of Jupiter).

THE GRAND FINALE (Return of the Goddess):

The 2nd Card - Isis of the 7 Veils.
"She stood, and we all cheered..."Aferrismoon blog, Jan 2009

On Monday 8/01 (7 months after being shot in the head) Rep. Gabrielle Giffords returned to thunderous applause in the U.S. House of Representatives for the critical vote to lift the Debt Ceiling.

This involved both a Mirror effect and a 42/Jupiter sync (discovered and Tweeted by @strangeye on 8/01):

Her vote also increased the number of Democratic votes from 268 to 269...yet another elaborate 68/69 'Plus One' ritual.

The Goddesses: Hera, Juno, and Gabby. 

And like the Flight 93 Memorial, Goddess Gabby Giffords (GGG=777) received her own spherical relic (Egg?) as a monument to honor her return to the House.

Tuesday 8/02 a large, round 4ft-diameter tank from the space shuttle Columbia wreckage was found in Nacogdoches, Texas.

The World-Egg

The Egg relates to the  Gnostic idea of the "Mother of All Living", Sophia the goddess of wisdom out of whose womb the whole world is supposed to have issued forth.

The World Egg is laid by the Goddess and hatched by the heat of the Sun God.—Ostara ritual

The World-Egg out of which when cloven asunder Heaven and Earth and all things proceed.—Gnosticsimus, Lipsius

The shuttle Columbia broke apart upon re-entry into the atmosphere during its 28th spaceflight on Feb. 1, 2003, killing the 7 crew members on board.

Thus, the literal unearthing of a piece of the shuttle resonates the resurrection of the Goddess as signified by Gifford's congressional re-appearance.

The Juno Tarot Card (left); NASA's Juno Mission - The bullet for the Cosmic Trigger? (right)

Is this the symbolic birthing of a New World (Order) to be capped off by NASA's Juno Mission to Jupiter on Friday 8/05?

Y, the Letter that can FLY.

. . .

In the film Blade Runner, Roy Batty was born on 1/8 and is killed by Harry-Son Ford, Han SOLO (= OSLO). The Japanese world cup champions (Jap girls in synthesis) are the Grail Maidens. The Templars are the Knights of the Grail. And in the death of the negative anima (Amy Winehouse), the positive anima (gABBy) is resurrected (they always travel in pairs)--looking just a touch androgynous. 

Amy Winehouse died on July 23. The 23 Skidoo is associated with lifted skirts (lifting the veil). 

Search for "Juno" and every image is Ellen Page. Here we see Her on the tiger skin rug, signifying Her integration of the animal energies of the libido (slaying the Basilisk).

Juno, after being impregnated by the Holy Fool (Michael Cera, Scott Pilgrim), takes pity on the ailing and impotent Fisher King (Jason Bate-man, Batman--or perhaps Jupiter?) and gives him the Divine Child.

Another North Way (in al-Aqsa)?

Judaism regards the Temple Mount as the place where God chose the Divine Presence [= the Shekinah] to rest (Isa 8:18) . . . The Al Aqsa Mosque rests on the far southern side of the Mount, facing Mecca.

In Aleister Crowley's Book of Thoth, the Page (representing the final Heh in the Tetragrammaton, the Kabbalistic daughter) is the Princess. In the Princess of Disks we see her similarly draped in animal skin, showing the union of spirit and matter. (Baphomet?)

For instance, no sooner has the Princess made her appearance than the Prince wins her in marriage, and she is set upon the throne of her Mother. She thus awakens the Eld of the original old King; who thereupon becomes a young Knight, and so renews the cycle. (Aleister Crowley)


  1. very interesting Sibyl - this might partly explain the recent attention to the word "dove" (colombe) I have experienced, which includes seeing the trailer for the upcoming film Colombiana, due to be released Aug 26th, about a female assassin out to avenge her parents' death.

  2. Amy Winehouse = the Plus One death, I think. Does GG look a bit Harry Potterish to you? (The Demiurge becomes the Divine Hermaphrodite.)

  3. You guys made some great additions. The WTC floors 77 and 93 pic makes my skin crawl. And the 86, too. The whole thing irks me. I know these correlations between 9/11 and the Norway attacks are correct, but I sure wish they weren't.

    As I was writing I kept seeing more and more number syncs until I finally had to make myself stop even looking. It's very hard to keep the perspective of the Seer without getting emotional pulled in.

  4. I bumped into the letter Y today:

    —about the disappointment of being from a certain young, urban generation. (Wells notes that it was somehow tagged with "Generation Y," but, she says, "I was hoping for 'Omega'" instead.)


    Generation Indigo?

  5. Yes, it irks me as well, most of the time I'd rather just ignore current events altogether rather than get entranced by watching the shadows on the wall of the cave. But the numerology here is a bit too uncanny. Juno seems to explain the Juno mission rather well--healing the King?

    I hope that the comment in the last post wasn't interpreted as sarcasm (again). I realize how confusing and useless I am.

    Sirius Black is Harry's "God-Father," there's your Dark Self.

  6. RE: AMy and gABby
    AM is 'mother' in Hebrew while AB is father.

    She returned in blue which goes with her Blue Dog status. Its also the colour that corresponds to Sirius.

    Re: the vote, and apologies for more numbers -

    269 = AB BN RVCh - Father, Son, Holy G;

    161 = ADM OYLAH - the 'primordial' or 'exalted' man { 161 = 7x23 }

    430[total votes cast] = NPhSh - the animal soul of man.

    430 is also the amount of letters in Genesis, Chap.1 [ Hebrew version]

    186 = QVPh , which is the letter corresponding to the Moon card that has Twin Towers on it.

    68+86=154 = 2x77

    Juno being fired into Jupiter sort of swops the sexual roles .
    Are they trying to impregnate Jupiter with a bit of Gabby's noggin?

    Thanks for the links to old post.


  7. This seems to be how it all fits together, horrendous as it may be:

    Captain Picard/Ahab, as the individuating man, must overcome the Borg collectivists by defeating the Queen, as seen in a previous post. (But Data, or the robot that wishes to transcend itself, must also enter into the coniunctio with her.)

    Anders Behring Breivik (the ABBa-father as the builder of Self) similarly overcomes the Marxist collectivists by defeating Amy Winehouse.

  8. @Eleleth...interesting take. He must defeat her. But in order to defeat her, he must become her.

    I think I gleaned some similar understanding from Jung (The Red Book p.263-264):

    "You are a slave of what you need in your soul. The most masculine man needs women, and he is consequently their slave.

    Become a woman yourself, and you will be saved from slavery to woman….

    It is good for you once to put on women’s clothes: people will laugh at you, but through becoming a woman you attain freedom from women and their tyranny.

    The acceptance of femininity leads to completion. The same is valid for the woman who accepts her masculinity."

  9. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/08/08/newsweeks-michele-bachman_n_920860.html

    Should we be worried? Sirius Black (Barack Obama) dies in the fifth book.

  10. the columbia wreckage/Gnostic egg reminded me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIFsdVPXMnE

  11. The red and white tinctures, plus the fish (the mystic body of Christ)--Dali is a Hermeticist for sure.


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