Friday, April 1, 2011

Brave Little Taylors

Angels in the Grassy Knoll

"Dallas [site of the JFK assassination] Green throws out the ceremonial first pitch as his dad, John Green looks on at opening night of the Canyon Del Oro [= "Gold"] little league, Friday, April 1, 2011, in Oro Valley, Ariz. A statue was unveiled and a field was renamed Green Field in memory of Green's sister, Christina-Tahylor [sic] Green who played little league for Canyon Del Oro. Christina-Taylor Green was fatally shot on Jan 8th while attending an event with Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords." (Mercury News)
Tucson shooting victim honored by angel statue
Lei Hennessy-Owen [LHO = Lee Harvey Oswald!?], 51, already has a design —a thin, steel angel she created after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks —and was looking for opportunities to place it. Her goal is to have angel statues placed at sites around the country.

She made one for the site of the fallen Twin Towers in New York and another for the Pennsylvania field where the hijacked Flight 93 [= Θελημα] crashed....

Hennessy-Owen said she was touched by the story of Christina-Taylor, who was born Sept. 11, 2001, and wanted to make something positive to come out of that day.

Crist said she picked the angel because "of the connection to 9/11," she said. Plus, Crist said, "I'm all about angels."...

After the 9/11 attacks, Hennessy-Owen said firefighters near her home in Blaine, Wash., suggested she create a large angel to take to New York City.... It was later placed in a hangar at the John F. Kennedy International Airport along with other pieces of steel from the site.

More fun with Maath
Mi Key und Frau Minne
The little tailor, who only made believe to be asleep, began to murmur plainly, “Now, boy, make me that waistcoat and patch me those breeches, or I will lay my yard measure about your shoulders! I have slain seven at one blow, killed two giants, caught a unicorn, and taken a wild boar, and shall I be afraid of those who are standing outside my room door?” And when they heard the tailor say this, a great fear seized them; they fled away as if they had been wild hares, and none of them would venture to attack him. And so the little tailor all his lifetime remained a king. ("The Gallant Tailor")
"It was just that she looked so damn nice, the way she kept going around and around ..."
Mary rides the Beast--golden rod & red hat.

"Horus ... has not destroyed Typhon utterly, but has brought over to his side his efficacy and strength; hence they say it is that the statue of Horus at Coptos grasps in one hand Typhon’s virilia." (Plutarch)

¿& 2, Brute?

NASA Launches David Bowie Concept Mission
Can you hear me, Major Tum?

The archangel Gabriel.

C ~
our in-house tailors:
creepy like serpents?

Freddie MERCURY of Queen singing his ballad to the champs/chomps

Essenes? Wohin gehen wir essen?

Shin ש = Tooth
Manhattan Man and the King of Camelot
The Fool on the Grassy Knoll

Ozymandias meets the Duke

Alan (trying to repost):
Baseball and E.T.s or flying beings from the heavens:

JL as the Scarlet Woman

During one crucial game, orphan Bridget White insists that she can see the angels helping out the "live" ballplayers — understandably so, since it was Bridget's prayers to the Archangel Gabriel that prompted the angel to visit McGovern in the first place.

JL -> Chris Lloyd as seen in Fun with Maath



A guy came to the door this morning, trying to sell Mariner's Baseball tickets. This sync stream is hitting a home run.

Dan Clowes, "On Sports"
Masonic Baseball: The ball (Baal) is the Spermatic Logos (the Son) thrown by the pitcher (in the place of the Masonic G--God the Father) and hit (ejaculated) by the batter's phallus (Ace of Wands). The catcher is he who has to "catch" (i.e., sublimate) this seminal energy before it is sacrificed in the "field" of matter. Though the ball, the phallus of Osiris, may be lost for a time, it always returns to the Source--the Primordial Pitcher's Mound. (This, kids, is the real meaning of The Catcher in the Rye!)

When he hears a voice telling him to build a baseball field in the midst of his corn crop in order to give his hero a chance at redemption, he blindly follows instructions. The field becomes a conduit to the spirits of baseball legends. Soon, Kinsella is off on a cross-country trip to ease the pain of another hero, the reclusive writer J. D. Salinger ... ("Shoeless Joe")

Mad T Man
Mad T Party


  1. really great post Eleleth! loving the connection to Ophiuchus. i may be a little slow at times, actually just realized with this post, how relevant the tailor/taylor syncs are to my own life - a couple of years ago i completed an intensive apparel design trade program to learn tailoring skills, haha! oh that hilarious universe - the divine cosmedy. :)

  2. Last night I was on the subway and I saw an advertisement that said something about "Mayhem" and I got to thinking about the month of May and what the connection to Hem could be. I was thinking about Hem as the clothing term, but didn't make the connection to Tailors/Taylors.
    Thanks for this.

  3. Alan, your addition seems to have gone mysteriously missing, sob sob!

    I still have no idea why the word "Taylor" is suddenly so important. Maybe one of you guys will figure it out.

  4. Thanks El. I just reposted. I think that was all I had.

    The importance of Taylor? Good question. We shall see.

  5. The Great Arcanum of Baseball, revealed at last ...

  6. Quite. My Holy Grail book was all over baseball, naturally. Every baseball game is a living tarot... or something. Who's on first? I was literally always out in left field when I was a kid, some things never change. Of course, the sperm ball did hit me in the black eye. Hurt like hell. Fun fact: my little league baseball coach turned out to be a major league pederast. Not that I ever had any personal proof, but apparently he eventually became coach of boy's varsity at the local high school, and nobody could believe it because he was such a polite fellow in church and came from such a good family.

  7. Field of Dreams is a trip. Kevin's prominent crotch in the center of the circumpunkt, wearing 501 jeans, the row of corn, the dead being born again, he meets his dead father...
    "If you build it, they will come". How Masonic can you get?

  8. Costner as the Hanged Man; Osiris the corn spirit--good catch. (Pun intended?) Home plate (a glyph of a house) is upside-down from our vantage point.

    Then there's golf with the "tees"--the phrase "tigerwood roadstaff to his stay" appears in book 1, chapter 2 of Finnegans Wake.


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