Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cleared for takeoff

In a few minutes, the Phoenix should take to the skies once again. With Astro-knots/nuts Boe and Bowen (Dave Bowman) on board.
Isn't this little space opera a year too late?

And, just as I'm about to post this, Michael sends me a sync-ready Monopoly story, where the new gameboard features a Hal computer (or as Michael wrote "all knowing tower of Sauron").
I was going to do a post on my blog today about Monopoly, since I had covered a different Monopoly remake in January, and connected it to Mars - which seemed to foreshadow Revolution in Cairo(which is named after Mars).

I agree with Michael and Doug. We're ready to pass go. We're cleared for takeoff.
Let's fly.

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