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JFK Reloaded (Where Were You in '62?)

"Mrs. Kennedy is organizing herself," the President said good-naturedly. "It takes longer, but, of course, she looks better than we do when she does it."

Persephone was abducted by her bridegroom Hades to the realm of the dead when she picked a special hundred-headed narkissos . . . so-named because of its narcotic properties, obviously because that was the essential nature or symbolism of Persephone's flower. The marital abduction or seizure of maidens while gathering flowers is, moreover, a common theme in Greek myths and Plato records a rationalized version of such stories in which the companion of the seized maiden is named Pharmaceia or, as the name means, the "use of drugs". . . . There can be no doubt that Persephone's abduction was a drug-induced seizure. (The Road to Eleusis: Unveiling the Secret of the Mysteries )

[Donald] Wolfe's book strongly suggests that Robert Kennedy was involved in the murder of Monroe. Here is one of the closing paragraphs:

"Did they intend to murder Marilyn Monroe? Or was the intent to subdue her with a "hot shot" if she caused any problems while they broke into her file cabinent in the guest cottage; took the notes, letters and legal documents, and searched for the book of secrets? The evidence points to premeditated murder. In the presence of Bobby Kennedy, Monroe was injected with enough barbituates to kill fifteen people." . . .

An alternative theory is that the Mafia killed Monroe in order to frame the Kennedys for her death. In "Doublecross" a relative of Sam Giancana states that Giancana had her murdered for just that reason. . . . It seems that if Monroe was murdered, it was either by Bobby or by the Mafia for the reasons cited above. . . .

First, if the Kennedys were behind it, the Monroe murder in itself would provide the strongest possible incentive for Bobby to assist in the cover-uo, for fear an unfettered investigation of the Kennedy assassination would cause the reopening of the Monroe case. If the Kennedys murdered Monroe it certainly constitutes the darkest secret of Camelot.

Second, it also provides a possible alternative motive for the murder of JFK: retaliation for her murder. . . . If the Mafia did not kill Monroe but thought the Kennedys did, that might have given the Mafia another reason to seek the death of Jack Kennedy. (Tim Gratz)

Months after Monroe’s death, even though the case was purely a police matter, agents were still interviewing potential informants on the subject. Edgar’s old journalistic mouthpiece Walter Winchell would later write an article virtually accusing Robert Kennedy of the star’s murder. In 1964, with help from the Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals, a right-wing activist called Frank Capell published a booklet linking Robert Kennedy to the events surrounding Monroe’s death. Perhaps not coincidentally, one of the founders of the Motion Picture Alliance was Edgar’s old friend Lela Rogers who – according to her daughter Ginger – was still in contact with the Director. Later, in the sixties, ranting on about the Kennedys during his California vacations, Edgar would rarely fail to bring up Monroe’s name. Years later, at home in Washington, he would respond to a question about the case from a young neighbor, Anthony Calomaris. ‘He said she was murdered,’ Calomaris recalled, ‘that it wasn’t a suicide, that the Kennedys were involved.’ (Anthony Summers, Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover)

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The deaths of both Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy are foreshadowed in this 1962 episode of Route 66Tuesday Weld, declared legally dead, returns home. Nobody remembers her. "Miriam Moore" = "Marilyn Monroe." Tuesday Weld as the ghost of Marilyn Monroe wears the Mask of God and invades the fallen universe to avenge her own death. The King has been judged and found wanting. It is precisely Love, personified by a young girl, that she mourns. "Love is a Skinny Kid." Such a simple and powerful message is entirely lost on most. 

The JFK subtext is hidden, and not revealed. The King's killing is presided over by Jackie (who, as Isis, gathers up his brains) to atone for Marilyn (d. 1962).

(Anton LaVey, Popular Witchcraft: Straight from the Witch's Mouth )

Weld (center) with Marilyn Maxwell and Gary Lockwood in Bus Stop, 1961.

"[Tuesday Weld] played a young singer, Cherie, in the seventh episode of ABC's television series Bus Stop, with Marilyn Maxwell and Gary Lockwood. This was the same role Marilyn Monroe had played . . ."

Marilyn is the Fool as Aleph as depicted in New Order's "1963" video, which is seemingly unrelated to the song itself. Her journey through space-time is long and perilous.

It was January, 1963
When Johnny came home with a gift for me
He said I bought it for you because I love you
And I bought it for you because it's your birthday, too
He was so very nice, he was so very kind
To think of me at this point in time
I used to think of him, he used think of me

And though he was ashamed that he had took a life
Johnny came home with another wife
And he often remembered how it used to be
Before that special occasion, 1963

Like in a love affair, when the love is gone

My gift would be a great surprise
I saw hatred in his eyes
He never meant to hurt me

Oh, God, Johnny, don't point that gun at me
There's so many ways our lives have changed
But please, I beg, don't do this to me
Johnny, you keep on using me
Can I change my life for any price?

Niagara is the whole thing in microcosm. Joseph Cotten (JC) is JFK; Marilyn is consorting with the qliphoth (being, in a sense, "waterproof"), her secret shadow-lover--like Lilith (= Lolita), she is unfaithful to her husband Adam. "This is the girl"--down in space, it's always 1962.
What George [Joseph Cotten] does not know is that Rose [Marilyn Monroe] and Patrick are planning to murder him. The next day Rose lures George into following her to the dark tourist tunnel underneath the Falls. There Patrick is going to kill him. . . . A frightened Rose leaves the hospital intending to return to the U.S.A. Finding George waiting at the border for her, she runs and tries to hide in the carillon bell tower. George catches her and strangles her beneath the bells, which remain silent. Remorsefully he says, "I loved you, Rose. You know that." . . . George scuttles the boat to slow it down and manages to get Polly [Jean Peters] onto a large rock before he goes over the Falls to his death. ("Niagara")


Marilyn is the Spirit, while Jean Peters is the deeper Wisdom behind the chaos of things. Jean is Jackie, the cool and rational girl who survives the conflagration that does away with all of her rivals. She was probably really manipulating all of the other characters towards her own ends, but you'd never get her to admit it.

Jackie as the Wisdom of the World-Soul conceals a greater intelligence than even Marilyn possesses (who succumbed to "death" in the world--taking too many pills of slumber), and is the one who collects together the brains of the King in her alchemical cauldron and, as Hecate, escorts the King into the Underworld.

But Jackie is, after all, JFK's real wife; the King must be united with the Shekinah, who is "dark but lovely" (Katie "Homes"). Thus in Niagara JC is sacrificed in order to heal the division in the Tree between YHWH and the Shekinah (Mr. and Mrs. Cutter), or between transcendence and immanence. 

Marilyn was Norma Jeane before she became the Hollywood Blonde, and her twin in Niagara is Jean Peters, rescued from "the rock" (the Philosopher's Stone, or Blood Diamond) at the end of the film. These are contradictions that are difficult to process by the rational mind--keep reading.

"Marilyn Monroe," then, was a mask put on very deliberately (and ironically) by Norma Jeane Baker, who was conscious all her life of being two women, a real one made of flesh and blood, and an electronically generated construct. The woman we know and refer to today as "Marilyn Monroe" was never confused about this basic fact of her existence, unlike many other, less sophisticated, actors and actresses who are unwittingly swallowed up by their public personae. . . .

That the foregoing is no mere collection of random associations inspired by a psychoanalytic daydream is confirmed for us by the reiteration of such imagery in Marilyn Monroe's first great film: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes  (1953) . . . if gentlemen prefer blondes, they also like brunettes, and from the film's opening image of Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell paired off together in identical glittering red showgirl dresses, to the double wedding sequence at the film's conclusion, the blonde and the brunette are scarcely ever separated throughout the duration of this film. . . .

Marilyn Monroe plays Lorelei Lee [= Lolita], a gold digger who is interested in men only for their money, while Dorothy Shaw is a romantic who is forever dreaming of erotic possibilities. Thus, Lorelei's concerns are those of the dayworld of social prestige and achievement, while Dorothy's erotic inclinations are more suitable to the nighttime and the bedroom. . . .

The association of the goddess of the night and the underworld with the cosmic watery abyss is traditional. In the pair of goddesses represented in ancient Egypt as Isis and Nephthys . . . the filmmakers, in a naìve way, got the tradition right: the blonde = the sun, the social world, and the quotidian concerns of daily life; the brunette = the moon and the night, the realm of the genitals and their hidden, indoor rituals which have the effect of bringing the dayworld into being. . . . 

Marilyn Monroe's lifelong battle against the decay of her own aura as a result of the growth and flourishing of her electronic persona became a fight to preserve her own sanity. . . . a kind of psychological entropy that became worse with time, ultimately resulting in the mental catastrophe that landed her in an insane asylum. . . .

The Greenson devouring Marilyn

And so the end comes, inevitably, for Marilyn's doppelganger will tolerate no more of these attempts to efface her presence in the electric universe. She has devised a plan; a plan which, this time, will succeed in killing off the real Marilyn Monroe once and for all. . . .

If Spoto's theory is correct, then Marilyn's death was not a suicide and probably not even an accident, but the direct result of a celebrity stalker's obsessions which ended with her death at his hands. Indeed, Greenson and his accomplice, Eunice Murray, remind one of nothing so much as the demons out of Manichean myth who are jealous of the beings of the Kingdom of Light and so, when those luminous beings descend to the material world, the demons kill and devour them, wishing to possess their light inside themselves. (John David Ebert)

(Marilyn starts fires)

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Think Shutter Island  again. Michelle Williams is Marilyn-Dolores, the drunk. Hanged Man Leo DiCaprio is looking for Rachel, the Shekinah. He's not quite sure who she is, either. King Leo (Jack) talks to Dolores (Glinda) and knows it isn't real . . . But Leo was the one who actually killed his wife. Marilyn and JFK are linked as pneuma and its dam of red blood; to kill one is to kill the other (the King has slain himself). But her world was unreal; an illusory farce; goading is needed to attain Jackie's reality.

Leo is insane, and Hierosolyma est perdita. It is the Empire that tells Leo that he has sinned. The doctors overseeing his Initiation give him a lobotomy, i.e. a Kennedy-esque "head wound" (dicap-itation).

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Osiris in ignorance had fallen in love and united himself with her sister as with herself, and seeing as proof the honey-clover wreath which he had left behind with Nephthys, she sought for the babe—(for she [N.] exposed it immediately she bore it, through fear of Typhon). (Plutarch)

The phenomenon of the King as a construct, the Yod, arises as a consequence of the illusory play between Aleph and Tav (Alpha and Omega) in the continuum of space-time. To believe in forward motion is to believe in the illusion of history and its many fleeting phenomena; the only truly rational faith is that in backwards motion (back to the future).

(First coniunctio: Nigredo)

(Joseph Scovitch, JFK's Death and the Kabbalah)

Jackie miscarries (Sophia's ectroma), Marilyn dies, Jack dies. These three are one. Jack gets killed as soon as he decides to stop fooling around and devote himself to Jack-ie (repentance leads to death, as said). 
Jacqueline subsequently gave birth to a second daughter, Caroline, in 1957, and a son, John-John, in 1960, both via Caesarian section. A second son, Patrick, was born prematurely in an emergency caesarean section on August 7, 1963, and died two days later. ("Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis")

And that Isis brought forth from her union with Osiris after his death Harpocrates--who missed the month and was weak in his limbs from below upwards . . .

For the genesis of Apollo from Isis and Osiris that took place while the Gods were still in the womb of Rhea, is an enigmatical way of stating that before this [sensible] cosmos became manifest, and Matter was perfected by Reason (Logos), Nature, proving herself imperfect, of herself brought forth her first birth.

6. Wherefore also they say that that God was lame in the dark, and call him Elder Horus; for he was not cosmos, but a sort of image and phantasm of the world which was to be.

[Mead's note:] These two paragraphs are, in my opinion, of the utmost value for the critical investigation of the sources of the famous Sophia mythus of Gnosticism. The imperfect birth (Abortion) of the Sophia (Wisdom, Nature, Isis), as the result of her effort to bring forth of herself, without her consort, or syzygy, while still in the Pleroma (Womb of Rhea) . . . (Plutarch)

The real Kennedy, the man who was casting this electronic shadow into the ether, was crippled by Addison's Disease and in constant pain from a faulty spinal column. Very often, he had to prop himself up on the backs of chairs, or else lean over desks to support his weight. He was as lame as the Fisher King out of Arthurian romance whom it was the job of the knights to heal. (John David Ebert)
As said re: Jennifer's divided body--Into Darkness begets the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge and Conversation with unfinished Titanic/Nephilim Angel identity in Tartarus (Revelation 9:11). Apollyon rising from Rose Well 1947. Contrary to the Image on the television, Osiris the Fisher King has a dark side.

The emblematic fruit of the tree of knowledge has been generally considered to be the apple; but it was very often described by the grape growing on, or hanging to, the elm. On ancient cameos the tree of knowledge is constantly described by a vine, producing its fruit among the branches of the marital elm. (Anacalypsis)

In all of this, we must remember to read the story on multiple levels; as with the Genesis narrative, when read in its orthodox sense, it is the story of the Fall; when read in its Gnostic sense, it is the story of Initiation. The American flag is 13 red and white roses with 50 Watergates in the sea of Binah. There's no place like Holmes. Shekinah's red Rosemarys hint at the King's impending severe judgment. Marilyn's revenge.

Back and to the left-hand path


Lee (as in "Lolita," played by Sue the "Lyon" of Divine Strength) Harvey Oswald (as in Shadow Man Mr. Harvey) pulls the trigger. "Lee" is also Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy's middle name. "Lee" is the Hebrew letter Lamed, meaning ox-goad. "Bouvier" means a cow-herd. Lamed is the (November) 22nd path on Geburah (Justice), goading the Bull-King towards Golgotha.

Jack opens Room 237 on the Moon and seals his death. Ted Kennedy at Chappaquiddick on the date of the Moon landing is Osiris in the Nile (July 18, 1969). Here it is relevant that while Ted survives, the girl does not, which is not a part of the Egyptian myth but echoes the opening of Room 237 in The Shining. The Moon is a dead satellite. Yet Binah (the Moon) is also the Omega Point, and thus to choose to pluck the fruit of Knowledge and walk upon its surface is to take the first steps towards the reconciliation of the cosmos (tikkun).
It is the sea that purifies the world. And the "Great Sea" is in the Qabalah a name of Binah, "Understanding."

It is by the Understanding of the Magus that his work is purified.

Binah, moreover, is the Moon, and the bowl of this cup is shaped like the moon.

This moon is the path of Gimel through which the influence from the Crown descends upon the Sun of Tiphereth.

And this is based upon the pyramid of fire which symbolizes the aspiration of the student. (Book 4)
When Grail King JFK set his aspiration on the lunar unconscious (the concealed forces of the Moon), his betrayal by the forces of Darkness was foreordained. (They say the Mafia "Underworld" slew the King.) Consider this "revolt" to be a hand reaching up from the Dark Water for a moment, only to be subsumed into the Mire of confusion. Marina Oswald is the ocean.

"Where we had thought to slay another, we shall slay ourselves."

Mythologically speaking, then, we must note that the pig is an animal with an underworld valency attached to it, just as the eagle or the lion have upperworld valencies by virtue of their association with the sun. When, for example, Persephone is swept up and carried away by Pluto, pigs are said to have tumbled down into the chasm along with her. Pigs, furthermore, are often the cause of the hero's downfall: Adonis is gored by a boar, and so in Irish mythology is Diarmuid, and even the Buddha, in one tradition, is said to have been killed by eating poisoned pork. In a woodcut by Albrecht Durer, we see Christ at the Last Supper struggling with Judas, while the plate on the table before them features the remains of a tiny, roasted pig. The pig is thus the means whereby the ancient solar hero is pulled down into the dark, swirling vortices of the abyss.

Cuba, then, is the underworld which will give way beneath Kennedy's feet and swallow him whole. The motives for a conspiracy against him always point back in one way or another to the Bay of Pigs and his failure to provide the necessary military back up. And later, after the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy will pull the plug on Operation Mongoose, and order funding to the anti-Castro exiles to be cut off altogether. (Notice how the subliminal fact of the mongoose being an inveterate enemy of snakes subtly casts Castro into the role of the great Serpent to be slain). If Kennedy was the solar hero with the great eagle on his shoulder, then Cuba, with its pigs, was Kennedy's Hell. (John David Ebert)

Wishing to slay the King, we slay ourselves, and Castro laughs (another castration in the Taurobolium for Cubele's Cuban temple priests). The Cuba trial cube (Osiris' coffin) is the thorn in the King's side.

The 2013 West, Texas explosion occurred on April 17, the first day of the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961. Ariel Castro = Ariel as Gnostic Demiurge. Castro the King of the Corn on the Kaaba tries to eat at the Golden Arches of the Underworld; Persephone as Hecate the Triple-Goddess makes her escape. The resurrection motif is pictured through a glass, dimly (not the Beast, but the Lost Lam[b], DeJesus). 

It is worth remarking that the camera eye perceives and reveals reality in terms of its own grammar of myth, as is evidenced when, in the episode of the Zapruder film in which Kennedy is shot in the head, Jacqueline is seen trying to climb out onto the back of the limousine, whereupon she appears to retrieve something from the hood of the trunk and then climbs back in beside her husband. It was later revealed that she had retrieved a piece of her husband's skull, an apparently nonsensical act, given the circumstances, until we realize that it is perfectly consistent with the imagery of myth. When, for example, Osiris is torn apart and the pieces of his body are scattered to the four directions, his wife Isis goes about with a little basket collecting all the pieces of him. His wife, that is, in anticipation of the conspiracy theorists, is already attempting to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. (John David Ebert)

Jackie the Shekinah in black mourning garments lights Jack's eternal tophet. Bouvier = "cowherd"; Hathor the cow goddess stands at the gate of the underworld. Jackie never changed the Channel--the play remains the same to catch the conscience of the King; murderers are on the throne, Isis laments, ad infinitum. The 1960s are an expulsion from paradise with no corresponding rising action. Nor can there be, as we are these deposed rulers.
Meanwhile the cells of the body of God are homeless, in prison, sprawled out on some bed in the Franklin Home for Boys, kneeling at some altar taking it from some righteous priest. These houses of the holy are all empty shells that used to house the left over kernel of truth . . . we used to know. . . . Our houses, our civilizations, are all empty shells of this one truth now forgotten. If you build a fake house, the real house will be thrown away. Afterall we lifted a queen up, who is no queen. A king, who is no king. You and I are these things, abdicated. We are enrolled in the adversaries school till we remember the one and only lesson. (Eugene)

'Tis given out that, sleeping in my orchard,
A serpent stung me. So the whole ear of Denmark
Is by a forgèd process of my death
Rankly abused. But know, thou noble youth,
The serpent that did sting thy father’s life
Now wears his crown.


Oliver Stone's JFK makes reference to Lee Harvey Oswald being the protagonist of Kafka's The Trial; the film version  is the story of  Oswald as patsy, released a year before the Big Event. ("Can there be any doubt that behind my arrest, a vast organization is at work, and establishments which contain civil servants, officers, police and others?") The Curse of the Law falls upon Plato's Just Man.
According to the gospels, Jesus is an innocent and just man who, at the instigation of the Jewish high priests, is hauled before the Roman governor Pilate and condemned to die on spurious charges. . . . As early as the fourth century BCE, Plato had laid down the expected fate of the 'just man', writing, 'The just man will have to endure the lash and finally, after every extremity of suffering, he will be crucified.' The gospels portray the 'just man' Jesus as conforming to these expectations. (Freke & Gandy, The Jesus Mysteries)
The New Testament is the record of how only the Just Man will be subjected to the full force of the Law; the man of wickedness knows only evil, and thus is unbothered by it (this, too, was JFK's error, as Baudrillard hints).

Snow White and the Huntsman

The Sibyl of Cumae protected the Roman Republic and gave timely warnings. In the first century C.E. she foresaw the murders of the Kennedy brothers, Dr King and Bishop Pike. She saw the two common denominators in the four murdered men: first, they stood in defence of the liberties of the Republic; and second, each man was a religious leader. For this they were killed. The Republic had once again become an empire with a ceasar. "The Empire never ended."

The Sibyl said in March 1974, "The conspirators have been seen and they will be brought to justice." She saw them with the third or ajna eye, the Eye of Shiva which gives inward discernment, but which when turned outward blasts with desiccating heat. In August 1974 the justice promised by the Sibyl came to pass. (Philip K. Dick, VALIS)

Amid religious protests that garnered worldwide attention, Diệm [= Jack] lost the backing of his US patrons and was assassinated, along with his brother [= Bobby], Ngô Đình Nhu by Nguyễn Văn Nhung, the aide of ARVN General Dương Văn Minh on 2 November 1963, during a coup d'état that deposed his government. ("Ngo Dinh Diem")
Vietnam is Apocalypse Now King Kill. Saigon is Miss Zion (China Girl). Diem, the good Catholic president, is assassinated by the CIA 20 days before the other assassination. A crisis of faith. Ironic parallelism with JFK. Communists in the Other Side.


Rosemary's Baby is half-divine (from the Mother), half-satanic (from the Father the Devil). As Jack (Jacob, Tiphareth. Zeir Anpin) is nailed to the Cosmic Tree by the three nails of the assassin, the King changes his form:
  • Kennedy, Mercy
  • John-son, Mildness
  • Nixon, Severity
LBJ gives with one hand (Great Society); takes with the other hand (Vietnam)--"A great man and a horrible man rolled into one." Nixon's signature is on the Moon: Black Fire on the White Fire. A dark mission for solar Freemasons raising the martyred Hiram from the dead.

(Donald Mackenzie)

November 22 is the last day of Scorpio and Jacqueline Kennedy married Aristotle Onassis on Skorpios. Sophia and Judas form a pact. They say that Virgo and Scorpio were originally a single sign (this is chopping a girl in half, again)--Jackie & Aristotle. Equilibrium is maintained by Libra, even when existence is divided against itself. Leo in Scorpios?

"If they're killing Kennedys, then my children are targets"--Jackie relocates the Greco-Roman-Egyptian temple of Isis-Osiris to America, thus preserving the Mysteries after they are scattered by Typhon. In going Greek, she adapts herself in disguise to the new wind of Kennedy-killers.

Inline image 3
Jackie's Byblos/Torah = THE GREEK WAY

For that "Isis" is Greek, and [so is] "Typhon"--in that he's foe unto the Goddess, and is "puffed up" through [his] unknowing and deceit, and tears the Holy Reason (Logos) into pieces and makes away with it; the which the Goddess gathers up again and recomposes, and transmits to those perfected in the art of divinising . . . These things they say were done on the seventeenth of the month Athur, in which [month] the Sun passes through the Scorpion; it being the eight-and-twentieth year of Osiris' reign. (Plutarch)


Inline image 1

LBJ has always been the Caretaker; Jackie is exiled from the Temple.


The Jewish girl with the dead Catholic husband marries Aristotle; this is Adolf von Harnack's "Hellenization of Christianity." Isis's ship is made of papyrus--the New Testament is the formula of the Dying God Osiris, written in Greek. The body of Osiris comes ashore at Byblos = books = Bible. The Texas School Book Depository.
It is, perhaps, not without significance that the "chest" is first of all drifted to the Papyrus country, and that the baris of Isis should be made of papyrus. It seems almost as if it symbolised some "vehicle" that was safe from the "crocodile" of the deep. In other words, the skiffs are not paper boats and the crocodiles not alligators." (G.R.S. Mead)

Peter Law, Ford

The Warren Report with Gerald Ford at 888 pages is the gospel of Peter, the story of the martyred Catholic Messiah, AKA Kennedy "brother in Law" Peter Law-Ford--a world of Black Fire in the WC of the Book Depository of Ford's theater. The scarab Beatles are the Four Evangelists who take up the cause of the martyred Messiah; but their doctrine becomes dead and petrefied--Paul is dead, miss him.


Christ fights the Empire, but then becomes the Empire when they take his Image and create the Outer Church, transformed into a god and martyr by the very people who killed him. This is the Image of the Beast that becomes the substitute for the truth.

The Two Babalons are 1) the Outer Church ruled by Lilith and 2) the Interior Church ruled by Shekinah. Those who cannot perform the great sacrifice themselves will have certain external representatives do it for them, until such time as they remember, as Hamlet did, that the King has been dethroned and a usurper has taken his place. But this is true on its own level, inasmuch as the image accurately represents the mystery.

The Beast 666 slays himself (Scovitch)

Revelation 13:3

The wounded head, the lamb, and the book (depository)--
And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast. . . . And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. (Revelation 13)
If Jack is the "Beast" as the Wizard has indicated, then Jackie must needs be the "Lamb" in distinction from that. The multitude worship the Beast, or the patriarchal Savior-King (the Image of the Beast as the Visible Church), as Jackie's status as Sophia (the Invisible Church) is unknown to them. The crucial line is that the lamb was slain "from the foundation of the world,"--in the beginning of things, and not in the historic narrative. When the historical Jesus dies (having sacrificed his beastly element on the cross), the Empire infects his doctrine with its derangement. All part of the Mystery-Play's ouroboros of symbolically-charged madness.
Jean Baudrillard has written that the Perfect Crime was the murder of reality by the simulacrum; the replacement of the real by the virtual, which has eliminated all traces of the real that it sought to duplicate. In the present case, the Perfect Crime has not been the murder of Kennedy, but rather the usage of television as a means of inventing him in the first place. (John David Ebert)
Jack's head wound was also miraculously healed somewhere between Parkland and Bethesda, when Set further mutilated Osiris' body. Oswald the iconoclast was "sheep-dipped," or washed in the blood of the Lamb--the Fool on the edge of the Oak Cliff defying the Beast's Hollywood image

Rev. 13 deals with the specter of the Beast as Big Brother the All-Mystifier (the "Wizard of Oz"). The "Lamb slain from the foundation of the world" (Rev. 13:8) is Elisa Lam in the bitter Dark Water (Rev. 8:11). The archontic prophets of the Abyss conjure Fire from heaven (Rev. 13:13) and bind her in a crystal chamber. The Book of Revelation is part of a cosmic narrative that eternally renews itself from quantum moment to quantum moment, rather than defining some sort of end to linear time in a final apocalypse. "All I get is that the Apocalypse was the recension of a dozen or so totally disconnected allegories, . . . And this explains why the end of the world does not happen every few years, as advertised" (Crowley).

"Isn't that why you decided to kill President John F. Kennedy, because Marina wanted to watch him on TV?"

That is, Jack is the television president; the Image of the Beast, the exoteric Church of the Dead Man; Jackie = Sophia, the Lost Elisa Lamb in the bitter water-waters. The text is opaque; the Warren Commission has omitted the Truth and left only the dead letter--"a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma." Jackie as High Priestess holds the Book/Lamb.


Father Abraham Zapruder the Quantum Observer shoots Kennedy's Image in the Ford Lincoln while Marilyn (Sitzman) steadies his hands as he travels from Aleph to Omega.

Rose Marie "Rosemary" Kennedy (September 13, 1918 – January 7, 2005) was the third child and first daughter of Joseph Patrick Kennedy, Sr. and Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald, the first sister of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. Considered psychologically unstable, she underwent a prefrontal lobotomy at age 23, which left her permanently incapacitated. . . . She wore a gown made of white tulle with a net train and carried a bouquet of lilies of the valley. Her sister Kathleen "was stunning, but she was only a shadow of Rosemary's beauty" . . . "a picturesque young woman, a snow princess with flush cheeks, gleaming smile, plump figure, and a sweetly ingratiating manner to almost everyone she met".
Rosemary Kennedy is the Girl, Interrupted locked in the insane asylum with a missing brain. JFK's brain is splattered on television, seen by the world; Rosemary's brain is seen by none, forgotten by the world. Snow White locked in the north tower. This is not seen by those who worship the Image of the Beast, or the Dead Man on the cross, and are not Knowers of the Lamb. Give us Barabbas.

Horus on the cross

Ink droplets in Shekinah's quantum phenomena (Black Fire on White Fire)

To absorb, devour, or destroy the universe is one of the terrifying functions of the black goddess. She brings death not just to the individual but to the cosmic egg itself in which individuals, high and low, live out their respective separative lives over and over again. In the Mahanirvana-Tantra (4.29 - 31) the goddess is addressed as the supreme yogini because at the end of time she devours the devourer of time himself, Shiva in his form as Mahakala. (Georg Feuerstein, Tantra)

Isis created a magical serpent out of dust and Ra's spittle. She placed the serpent on the path that the sun god usually took when he was traveling by day, and the serpent bit him. Ra had power over all things, and so he ordered the poison to leave his body. However, as the serpent had been made from Ra's own spittle he was unable to cure himself. He called on Isis (who was already a great magician and healer). She told him that she could only heal him if she knew his secret name. Ra tried to fob her off with some of his lesser names, but eventually he relented and told her his true name. Isis immediately cured Ra, but he could not take back the power that he had granted her by telling her his true name and from that point on Isis was equal even to the sun god in power. (J. Hill)
The King Osiris lies slain, chopped into pieces (a shattered crystal). In a cognate myth, Isis uses the serpent (Set) to wound the Sun King in order to take his Omnific Word for herself. (That is, in the concealed narrative, it is Isis who actually kills Osiris for her own purposes, in order to recover her lost light, like Sophia and Judas colluding to betray Christ.)

In truth, the whole Image of the Beastly Sun King of Camelot was a lie, and he is living on borrowed light, which is why he gets cut down by the concealed forces of the Moon--in some respects a spontaneous revolt by the Collective Unconscious. But the Empire never ends, really, and the closed loop resists assaults upon it. The head wound is miraculously healed.

"Kings should never give their Word."

Monica Lewinsky is Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, the Jewish girl stealing the gentile King's spermatic Logos behind closed doors for her own mischievous glory, thereby bringing near-ruin to the Empire. David Lynch (divide lynchpin) sussed this out before it happened with Lewinsky-alike Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn) as the Queen of Diamonds (bait for King Killers) in Twin Peaks. Fenn then becomes Jack Ruby's blonde in the nightclub-whorehouse in Ruby frequented by Jefferson Davis Tippit (the King of Lower Egypt--Oswald slays both).

The brunette precedes the blonde as the end precedes the beginning. The Queen is the Dark Crystal that is shattered in the creation of the universe (Black Dahlia motif). "Judyth" Baker claims to have been Oswald's lover; all things are truth in conspiracy land through the lens of gnosis.

She'll beat you if she's able


Oedipus Rex (L. Harvey Oswald's head on a platter)

Frank Sinatra, Janet Leigh (Psycho), and Laurence "Harvey" star in Manchurian Candidate. Set is the assassin dressed in the garments of the Priest of the Sacrifice, knowing and yet not knowing. Keira Knightley the Dark Knight is Harvey's bounty hunter (assassin) daughter Domino (black on white, white on black) in suicided Tony Scott's film.

(Second coniunctio: Rubedo)

(50 Gates in 50 States)

It all points back to the Ryder in the Book Depository, as depicted in the "Without a Trace" music video--the King is with the blonde; Jackie pulls the trigger. If Christ were not sent to the Cross by Judas, the redemption would not be accomplished; Sophia will draw all these things back to herself. Jack is an adulterer and time flows backwards; he needs to be goaded by ShTN.

There is not Jack, Lee, and Jack; there is only Jackie and her eternal sorrows, attempting to create Life on Mars to alleviate her loneliness with a man of dust. They en toto are Dorothy in Malkuth gazing up at the image of the Beast crucified on the cross over the rainbow Qesheth, impossibly high above her, not knowing all these things are her.

All it takes is one Judas (a lone gunman)--and one girl with a chair who realizes time is running out and shatters the illusion (Self to Self).

The Birth of Athena

God, he told us, had fired a beam of pink light directly at him, at his head, his eyes; Fat had been temporarily blinded and his head had ached for days. It was easy, he said, to describe the beam of pink light; it's exactly what you get as a phosphene after-image when a flashbulb has gone off in your face. Fat was spiritually haunted by that color. Sometimes it showed up on a TV screen. He lived for that light, that one particular color. (Philip K. Dick, VALIS)

The Fisher King's Vesica Piscis Watergate


Oak Cliff

Fool on the Clint Hill (armed with a dream) . . .

Inline image 2

(Protect the Queen)

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