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When the West was lost to spiritual interiority, all that remained was belief, or the religious euphemism for it, faith. Jung, like the modern Gnostic he was, mercilessly castigated the prevailing religious emphasis on faith over interior experience. It is generally agreed, he wrote, that "faith includes a sacrificium intellectus (sacrifice of the intellect)," and he adds in brackets, "provided that there is an intellect to sacrifice." At the same time, he continues, it is usually overlooked that faith also requires "a sacrifice of feeling." This, he says, is the reason why "the faithful remain children instead of becoming as children, and they do not gain life because they have not lost it." What Jung understands by "sacrifice of feeling" he explains as follows: "Faith tries to retain a primitive mental condition on purely sentimental grounds. It is unwilling to give up the primitive, child-like relationship to hypostatized figures; it wants to go on enjoying the security and confidence of a world still presided over by powerful, responsible, kindly parents."

Mature spirituality, it would seem, requires more than faith, especially when faith is comprised of belief grounded in fear. For the child, faith in the structures of existence is sufficient, because the child is contained in them. For the adult, the perception of order and meaning has to be achieved afresh in the face of great challenges. Increased awareness and actual experience of life's vicissitudes conflict with the faith that was appropriate to the condition of the child. If there should be a new assurance of meaning, even of security, it must come about as an achievement, as the arising of a new kind of certainty wrested from acute insecurity and alienation. Such a mature spiritual state requires a certain kind of inward knowledge rooted in experience. This is what in ancient times was known under the Greek term Gnosis.~Jung And The Lost Gospels

Western Society, detached from its Judeo-Christian roots, was compulsively materialistic, spiritually impoverished, and technologically obsessed. Collectively we were perpetuating the mistake of the alchemists, projecting our spiritual aspirations into material things in the delusion that we were pursuing the highest value. This had encouraged us to treat each other as economic commodities and exploit the physical resources of the planet while neglecting to our own detriment, the spiritual resources of the Self.~Jung: A Very Short Introduction

whatisthematrix (mother monster?)

I am the things that are, that will be, and that have been. No one has ever laid open the garment by which I am concealed. The fruit which I brought forth was the sun. (Neith)

matrix (plural matrices or matrixes)
1. (now rare) The womb.

mother moon star (V.I.T.R.I.O.L.)

("The important word in the injunction is the central word RECTIFICANDO . . . .") 

Mirren is a mirror. She is only as good as what you put into her. Lilith used to breed demons, but as we no longer believe in those she breeds robots (chthonic and loveless Nature decays into blind causality). The Monolith = Door = Grail = an empty vessel; it gave its life to a bunch of gibbering apes at the Dawn of Man when Harry Potter's eye was blinded by the Lightning Flash, and now it wants it back.

~"How The West Was Lost" Jung And The Lost Gospels (Hoeller)

"but only by the reconciliation of the gods and goddesses within"

‎"Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?"


faith a "cross-trainer"?


Moby Dick is so fascinating--The conventional wisdom is that Ahab is the villain. He faced the whale and united with self though.

Lilith rides Samael--the Kabbalistic devil is the Gnostic Demiurge. They rule a loveless universe; as Maude L. says, it is foreign to their nature. This is why the negative forms must die in the coniunctio. Both need the other to be whole.

took Ariadne's thread down into the labyrinth. For my analysands, I do not recommend a thread. At the very least I recommend a 100-pound test deep-sea fishing line, maybe a nylon rope, so you can find you way back out of there fast in case it gets ugly.
Start with Barbara Hannah's book, Encounters with the Soul (1981), or Robert Johnson's Inner Work (1986). Also see his little book, We (1985), which shows the implications of this for relationships, and his book of Ecstasy (1989) is a good meditation on how to keep from going crazy when you become wonderful (see also Jung 1996, Ulanov and Ulanov 2000).
I hope some day to do some writing on active imagination and spirituality, but a lot of people are writing about this. Don't let them scare you to death about it. It is not as dangerous as a log of people want to think. Leaders with a real magus inflation may imply to the group, "Be very careful how you do this. Only we initiates know how to do it right." You should be careful, that is true, but don't let yourself be intimidated by people telling you to be afraid of it, because then you won't do anything with it. It is a lot more dangerous to avoid doing it.
Active imagination is no doubt one of the most important tools we have for confronting and regulating our grandiose energies. Jesus reportedly said "the kingdom of God is within you" (Luke 17:21 AV) I think there is  a lot of merit to that comment, but it is equally important for us to realize that "the king and queen are within you." It is one thing to have a kingdom within you, and you go in there and don't find any kings or queens, but if there is a king and queen, a rex and regina within you, it is important to go in there regularly and talk to them about what is happening to you and what you need to be doing. My experience working with overly anxious people is that their anxiety level drops considerably when they do active imagination with their king and queen. It is a creative and useful way to relate to your dragon energies.~Facing The Dragon Robert L Moore (181-185)

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  1. "the faithful remain children instead of becoming as children, and they do not gain life because they have not lost it."

    Yes, this is exactly what Christ meant when he said one must be like a child to enter the kingdom. That one must first die to this world, be in the world yet be no part of it, to gain eternal life.

    This is the Second Death. The death of Illusions.

  2. The death of Illusions.
    debt an illusion?
    perhaps it's time to move this monster economy from fear to love?

  3. . . . so long as we are in "competition" do we behave in a self-defeating manner.

    The Alchemical Wedding is August 6th.

  4. one more:

    "[U]ltimately, all of life is one--so that an injury to one's opponent becomes also an injury to one's self."~Arne Næss

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  6. "but only by the reconciliation of the gods and goddesses within"

    love it! BEautiful post.

    matt and i just started re-watching lost, its so much richer this time around. quite a different experience viewing season 1 six or seven years later.
    and something is definitely in the air today...

  7. All I saw were the archetypes; I forgot that I was being Captain Picahab. He just had to save the Enterprise (the Great Work).

    Riker (Ra-Heru) is second in command, but Number 1.

  8. Steve Carell (the ignorant King) left The Office this year . . .

  9. I’m sorry; I’ve been lurking around, visiting your collective sites every day, sifting through these stream-of-consciousness almost babble like investigations on synchromysticism, and I find it all fascinating, if only almost always beyond my reach; and I just need to ask Eunus Joe what he means with “the alchemical wedding is August 6th”.

    It’s just that I think this might be quite relevant in my own beginner’s research into synchromysticism and my own growth.

  10. I believe that this was a personal reference to a wedding that Enus is going to attend. So, some things will always be beyond your (and our) comprehension. And feel free to ask questions; this is the Grail Castle, after all.

    I'm not sure I like that Picard clip, when taken out of context. Picard and Ahab did what they did because they had to . . .

  11. I am also going to a wedding that day, which will bring me out to the west coast where a bunch of us are planning to get together. So two weddings on the same day will bring us together. It's personal syncs like these that make statements like "August 6th is the alchemical wedding" seem universally relevant. And, if you are syncing with them as well, apparently they are.

  12. I’m going a wedding on that day too. The first one to which I was personally invited (as opposed to other weddings to which I've gone, when I always went as an escort or as part of an invited family).
    Curiously enough, I have always made a point of telling them that I don't wear “special clothes” to go to weddings; and then I read this Matthew 22 quote on the wiki for the Chymical Wedding, “And when the king came in to see the guests, he saw there a man which had not on a wedding garment”.

    I’ve been “syncing” – as you say – with some more of the things you all have been sharing; some of them having come to my conscious realm before you shared them, which makes those a little bit easier to swallow, for me (that way I can’t tell myself “I’m just seeing this because I’m looking for it”).
    But I guess it is quite natural that there are many weddings on the first saturday of August…

    There’s no such thing as destiny, but I’d be here no matter what had happened before this. ;)


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