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haRishon JB

Well, it seems there is a new Obama "Birth" issue, revolving around another proposed alias. And quite an interesting name it is.

Harrison J Bounel
haRishon & JB

Kabbalists explain that when the soul of Adam ha Rishon was created, it was in contact with the Creator. But the pleasure it derived from this contact was restricted since the soul did not make any independent effort.
The Creator, on the other hand, wanted the soul of Adam haRishon to evolve on its own. For that purpose, in a premeditated act, he exposed it to greater pleasures. The soul, in turn, received the greater pleasure, discovered how much it enjoyed it, and suddenly felt that it preferred the pleasure to the contact with the Creator. In consequence, the attitude of this soul toward the Creator changed immediately, and lost contact with Him.
It is like a person who is praying to win the lottery, and promises that if he wins, he will donate half of the prize to charity. But once this man wins the lottery, the pleasure he is exposed to overcomes him and his priorities change. He “forgets” his promise, and suddenly finds many avenues of investment that are much more fascinating than donating the money to charity.
Fragments of Pleasure
As a result of the disconnection from the Creator, the soul ofAdam ha Rishon was disconnected from the spiritual world and shattered into many fragments, called “particular souls” or “individual souls.” According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, this process is called “the breaking of the soul of Adam ha Rishon.”
The soul of Adam ha Rishon became fragmented into many particular souls because the burden of all the pleasures that appeared to it was too much for one soul to carry, while maintaining contact with the giver of the pleasure: theCreator.
As the process continued, souls came down to this world and clothed in human bodies. Similarly, if we want to move a weight of one ton, we cannot ask a single person to do it. But if we divided the ton into a thousand little weights of one kilogram, and gave a thousand people one piece each, we would easily move this weight.
In much the same way, after the breaking, each soul is awarded very small pleasures compared to the huge pleasure that the common soul experienced initially. Each piece can gradually learn how to receive its intended pleasure, while maintaining contact with the Creator.
There is an allegory by Baal HaSulam that concisely expresses the breaking process and its purpose: “There is an allegory about a king who wanted to send a large sum of gold coins to his son, who was overseas. Alas, all the people in his country were thieves and deceitful, and he had no loyal messenger. What did he do? He divided the coins into pennies and sent them by means of many messengers. Thus, the pleasure of stealing was not worth blemishing the king’s honor for.”
--Baal HaSulam, Tree of Life, p. 129
Ceasing to Reincarnate
Today we are already past the breaking stage. Each of us is a messenger of the king, and we are all carrying pennies from the treasure. Our mission is to do what the king ordered, to resume contact with the Creator, while we are still alive. Until we place the coin in its place, we will continue to come back into this world.
Kabbalists refer to this process as Tikkun (correction). The meaning of Tikkun is the ability to incorporate in our lives the awareness that we are all on the same journey, aspiring for the same goal.
The Tikkun takes place in two basic stages:
1. In the first stage, we repeatedly return to this world, without knowing the purpose of our lives.
2. The first stage prepares the ground for the next stage, in which the desire to know what we are living for awakens in us. Only once this awakening begins does one begin the conscious Tikkun.
However, we can accelerate the process. Kabbalists, who have already been through the correction process, teach us how to correct our own pieces. When we do it, we will climb to the height of the spiritual ladder, and we will not have to reincarnate into this world.
The Holy Ari writes about it in his book Shaar HaGilgulim (Gate to Reincarnations, p. 10): “All the children of Israel must reincarnate until they are complete with all the lights of the soul.” This means that each of us will correct him or herself and will return to the root of one’s soul, thus completing one’s role and bringing the whole of humanity to its perfect state.
The Whole is (much) More than the Sum of Its Parts
The purpose of the study of the wisdom of Kabbalah is to assist each of us, pieces of the soul of Adam ha Rishon, to return to a state of unity in the quickest possible way. When each of us corrects his or her share, we will be realizing the goal for which we came into this world and will be awarded tremendous pleasures, because the whole is worth much more than the sum of its parts.
When the correction mission is completed, all the pieces will join into a single, great soul, the corrected soul of Adam haRishon. A wondrous light, filled with love will shine in our souls, the light that the Creator wanted to give while Adam’s soul was still broken. This (corrected) state is called Gmar Tikkun “end of correction.”


Schwarz Egg's secret son
John the necromancer's secret Sonja
Now: Obama is the secret Hairy Son?

are you a bad enough dude?

sic semper tyrannis: jachin wilkes boaz and the lion king kill in [harrison] ford's theatre

harrison is the president

Stone's original idea for the main role was to propose it to Harrison Ford, whom he said had "a pretty similar face as of George Bush". ("W. (film)")

Harrison Ford's speech in Air Force One is about the brutal regime of "Radek" ... Or is that Ratko Mladić?

Three weeks later, U.S. President James Marshall (Harrison Ford), visiting Moscow, delivers a different speech than planned. He starts by saying that he doesn't deserve to be congratulated. He explains this by the shock of the sight of the so many refugees fleeing from the horror of Kazakhstan. Marshall reveals that they only acted because American national security was threatened by Radek. He says that Radek's regime is responsible for the murder of over 200,000 men, women and children, and for over year, America just sat back and let it happen, while just issuing economic sanctions and hiding "behind the rhetoric of diplomacy". He states that "real peace" is the presence of justice along with absence of conflict. He declares that he is changing American policy, political self-interest will no longer stop America from doing what is right and that the capture of Radek is the start of a new offensive against terrorism and vows that he will never negotiate with terrorists, and that it's their "turn to be afraid".

Gary "Old-man" (the Old Adam) is the leader of the terra-rists ...

on the edge of some crazy cliff



  1. Your Gnosis is always appreciated. My middle name is Harrison, Dennis Harrison Igou. Never heard this Tikkun story before. Perhaps I will gather my many souls and become in his image? However there is always two sides to each and every coin(dualism). Shine forth Alan. Dennis

  2. Interesting post. I never heard the Tikkun story before either.

    Cool how Obama's SSN begins with 042.


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