Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Leaving Gravity: It's Coming It's Real

If McCluhan was correct that print is heat, then what is the sun? 

The sun is light 🌞

Hell Is





Rotate your TV screen 90 degrees counter-clockwise 

Play Swans Leaving Meaning + Gravity by Alfonso Cuaron (at 00:00:37)

“It is something that behaves like imagination and matter without ever doing damage to the ontological status of one or the other. This sounds like pure pathology in the context of modern thinking because we expect things to stay still and be what they are and undergo the growth and degradation that is inimical to them, but no, the redemption of spirit and matter means the exteriorization of the human soul and the interiorization of the human body so that it is an image freely commanded in the imagination.”

🌜 do the snow angel πŸŒ›


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