Sunday, January 6, 2013


(Gilles Quispel, Gnostica, Judaica, Catholica, pp. 258-9)


  1. "The Aeon of Horus is here: and its first flower may well be this: that, freed of the obsession of the doom of the Ego in Death, and of the limitation of the Mind by Reason, the best men again set out with eager eyes upon the Path of the Wise, the mountain track of the goat, and then the untrodden Ridge, that leads to the ice-gleaming pinnacles of Mastery!"

  2. Path of the wise indeed! Dennis

  3. The eye is indeed the entire symbol...

    The dark being the valley of 3, 6 and 9, ie the container mother at the heart of all.
    The white being the mountain of 1, 4 and 7, ie the white father who excludes.
    The color being the event horizon of 2, 5 and 8 ie the mediator/offspring of its two parents, it shows forth..what the black and white could not.

    Freke and Gandy are good reading!

    1. Thank you Dennis, this is admittedly sort of anti-post wherein I experimentally do something where no-one gets killed. However, let us remember that though Love is in Chesed and the symbol of Venus encloses all of the sephirot, Wisdom and Understanding are found only above the Abyss, when the Universal Sorrow is comprehended.

      Reading The Kabbalistic Mirror of Genesis at the moment. The Major Tom post would've been a lot easier to write if I had read Freke & Gandy's Jesus and the Lost Goddess beforehand, since they say everything I said there (except for the Mars thing, that comes from Alvin Boyd Kuhn). I started with the primary sources (you ain't a player until you've read the Panarion), but these guys know how to synthesize and make these things Understandable.


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