Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Last Dance

 Psalm 91:1 
He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

I was watching this youtube video about tomorrow's 5/20/12 annular eclipse as representing a conjunction between sun and moon, or spirit and matter, and I totally dug it.

So go watch and come back. I just wanted to add to the awesomeness. The eclipse represents a union or "marriage" between Sol and Luna, a marriage that would naturally require a ring. Of fire.

The headdress of Isis resembles an annular eclipse. Isis, Goddess of the Moon, makes congress with the Sun, her royal husband.

5/20 is 52, the number of cards in a deck of playing cards. Like 22 in the deck of Tarot, it is a symbol of completion, or perhaps the cosmic reshuffle. It's a symbol of ending, the last "chance".

Devin from Phoenix, was kind enough to send me the link to the video, he said:
I don't know about everything in this video as far as its relevance/"truthiness" but it does have some intriguing points. I am still trying to research sun, radiation consciousness type themes but haven't had a "Eureka" moment yet!

The path of the eclipse's shadow travels from China to North America, and enters NA aimed at Eureka, CA. "Eureka" means "I found it!" usually uttered by a miner '49er when he strikes gold. I can't tell you how many yellow/gold syncs have been swimming around, I think the best one was seeing a guy wearing a batman logo t-shirt, with a golden bat! He is risen, indeed.

In the 1999 sci-fi blockbuster Independence Day (ID4), the first sign of an impending alien invasion was a foreboding shadow cast over the moon as the massive alien vessel blocked the light of the sun. Soon, an alien signal is discovered by SETI - coming from the moon. This 'shadow-casting' was repeated on earth as the giant saucers took position over the most prominent Masonic monuments of each target city.

Curiously, Will Smith, the star of ID4, was amorously attacked by a Ukrainian man, at the Moscow premier of Men in Black III.

SETI is in New Mexico, Albuquerque, which, oddly enough, is directly where the shadow is headed, passing darn close to Roswell, on its way. Naturally, 'Dark Shadows' is playing in theaters.

The odd thing (to me) is that Donna Summer, the disco black Isis, literally closed the bar every single night, with her song "Last Dance" - the last chance for romance. Alan at Happy Creatures connected my Donna to Jimmy Page, Lead Zeppelin and the Stairway to Heaven: "A Spring Clean for the May Queen". Which, in the white suburbia of the '70's, was also the "Last Dance" of every high school dance.

. . .

The Disco Queen (Binah in Assiah)

Disco Queen Donna Summer embodies the Queen of Disks in the Tarot. As the first He of the Tetragrammaton, she represents the shadow of loss that embodies Original Death of the Cosmic Mother, personified by Mal in Inception. We are pointed backwards in time, and it is for this reason that her death is closely tied to 9/11, a repetition of the original Cataclysm from the Lightning Flash. There was something toxic in the air.

The Hanged Woman

Mary Kennedy's death further mirrors this event. Her suicidal death  by hanging (for such a voluntary departure from the One can only be regarded as a suicide) is a representation of the original Sacrifice. The Queen of May was sacrificed to ensure the fertility of the crops. (See the "Death is the Road to Eleusis" post, among many others, where all of this is discussed.)

Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever is the second album recorded by post-rock band Explosions in the Sky, released on September 4, 2001. . . . The band also garnered a small amount of media attention as the liner notes of this album contained a picture of an airplane and the text "This Plane Will Crash Tomorrow". A rumor circulated that the album was released on September 10, 2001, the day before the September 11, 2001 attacks, but this is untrue. According to, the album was officially released September 4, 2001, exactly one week before the attacks. An interview with Stylus claims the album was available as early as August 24, 2001. Members of the band told Stylus that they had the artwork and idea for the liner notes for over a year before the attacks on the World Trade Center.

The Key

Antonin Artaud's surrealist one-act play, There is No More Firmament, depicts events that seem to parallel 9/11, albeit on an esoteric level. The subject, again, is the rape of a Lady of the Stars, and the union of Heaven and Earth:
An ordinary street scene,
actors coming and going rapidly.

There are bits of ordinary conversation:

("Wines... window-glass... gold's going down")

Suggestions of violence and insanity:

("He's undressing me. Help, he's ripping my dress off..."
"I'm on fire, I'm burning, I'm going to jump")

Finally, the word "Sirius"
repeated in every tone of voice
and in every pitch of the scale:


Then a loudspeaker thunders:


Actors rush about claiming that
the sun is getting bigger
the plague has broken out,
there is thunder without lightning, etc.

A reasonable voice tries to explain:

"It was a magnetic phenomenon..."

The loudspeaker tells us:


One actor claims it is the end of the world.
Another says it is two worlds ramming each other. [...]

Finally, one scientist comes forth to explain to the audience:

"The molecular grouping in Sirius is everything.
These two forces, ours and theirs,
had to be put in touch with each other."

"Star light, star bright, first star I see at night . . ."

The classical Gnostic mythos holds that the Demiurge steals Sophia's fire to create the world. Pinocchio presents a familiar cosmology: Geppetto the demiourgos is ruler of Time and Matter; he has no power of his own and creates only lifeless wooden objects. It is the Blue Fairy who intercedes by descending from the stars to grant the wooden boy life. (Why she would do so evinces a sort of irrationality and, it is indicated, even suicidal tendency.) 

"He's undressing me. Help, he's ripping my dress off . . ."

A Clockwork Orange presents the same incident, only here the theft of her power is illicit and the consequence is Murder.

The Sue Lyon and George C. Scott film The Flim-Flam Man further elaborates this mythos, wherein the Flim-Flam Man (the Great Deceiver), in order to grant life to his wooden boy, steals Lolita's car (that is, her power) when she descends Jacob's Ladder.

Compare with the above Clockwork Orange clip and witness how a coherent narrative is communicated through time and space. 

The subject is the Sphere of Generation, in which a certain spiritual principle, whom we may call Persephone, is eternally torn apart. Lo is depicted at the bottom of Jacob's Ladder, under the bondage of Time and Death represented by the clock behind her.

"One actor claims it is the end of the world. Another says it is two worlds ramming each other."

Osiris in the Pool

Saturn appears in Binah in respect of its blackness in the Queen’s scale . . . It becomes then reasonable to argue from analogy that since the end must beget the beginning, the symbolism will follow; hence, blackness is also attributed to the sun, according to a certain long-hidden tradition. One of the shocks for candidates in the “Mysteries” was the revelation “Osiris is a black god”.

Saturn, therefore, is masculine; he is the old god, (the god of fertility) the sun in the south; but equally the Great Sea, the great Mother . . . (Aleister Crowley)

Stanley Kubrick deliberately modeled the decor of Room 237 in The Shining on the Queen of Cups in the Book of Thoth. When Jack enters, the music that plays is "The Awakening of Jacob". In the Old Testament, Jacob experienced a vision of the Stairway to Heaven, wherein he witnessed angels falling to earth. (This symbolism has been previously explained.)

Tom Cruise's character returns to the Mansion and the Mysterious/Sinister music that is heard was first used in the 1946 'David Niven' film, A Matter of Life and Death (1946) when Niven's character is being judged in heaven. This film was released as Stairway to Heaven in the U.S. (MK Ultrasound)

This is the Mystery that is witnessed in Eyes Wide Shut when Mandy (Binah) slays herself for Dr. Bill. The 237 glimpsed after this scene underscores the connection between the two films.

And we are further given to know that Mandy and Lo are interchangeable. EWS would seem to pinpoint the End of the World as circa August 1962, when Marilyn Monroe fell asleep in Hades ("Ex-Beauty Queen in Hotel Drugs Overdose").

But a repetition of the "end of the world" motif comes in the year 1977 (777 = the Lightning Flash of creation), the year Elvis the King (born January 8) dies in the toilet, David Bowie (born January 8) releases four albums (two with Iggy Pop, including the song "China Girl"), and Donna Summer releases "I Feel Love."

Binah in Asia-Assiah

"It's just a spring clean for the May Queen . . ."

And in Poltergeist, when the spirits first enter the home from the television the time is clearly shown to be 2:37. The young girl (another Persephone analogue) is again seen  descending Jacob's Ladder--and falls into the television set, i.e. the Sphere of Generation.

"She died on Videodrome."

Walk the Lyne

Everything under the Sun is in tune
But the Sun is Eclipsed by the Moon

Stairway to Heaven

The Great Magical Work will be to ascend the Ladder of the Three Degrees, a task suitable only for artists and madmen. The First Degree is the Spirit still firmly embedded in the Saturnine element; the Second Degree is the regimen of the Fool ("JOKEZ IS JOKEZ"); the Third Degree is the slaying of the terrible Minotaur and assuming his place at the center of the Labyrinth.

Run Lola Run

The Flim-Flam Man

Dig that Whole, Forget the Sun

"Let Mary inviolate be torn upon wheels . . ."

He's the big boss and you're the hot sauce

"30 days hath September, April, June, and November . . ."

"I am thinking of aurochs and angels, the secret of durable pigments, prophetic sonnets, the refuge of art."

A film by Sofia


Tell Me Great Seal 
How does it feel to be so weyese?

Not Now John 
we gottta get on with the film show
Holywood waits at the end of the Rainbow

'Crazy, over the Rainbow...'
Rule 42
Green is the colour of her kind
Quickness of the Eye deceives the mind 

The Dog Star

Lucy is Lucifer, the shade of the ancient goddess fallen from the heavens (= Mal Cobb). She teaches Initiation (Clockwork Orange style), but the Grail (the Football) is eternally out of reach of the King (= Dom Cobb). Herein is a mystic allegory.

Lucy as the High Priestess and Anima Mundi is holding the TORA-TARO, or "Horror Comics," the Book of the Real Horrorshow of material existence. Charlie Brown is Ptah, the Demiourgos of the Primordial Pitcher's Mound, who has stolen Lucy's fire to create the world. It is for this reason that she is dark (Sophia's deficiency) and demands his sacrifice. "Wait until you get my bill."

237,000 miles to the moon . . .

Mother Moonstar

Mistah Brown, he dead

The Gaga dancer

Who's pulling your strings?

(Robert Graves)

Leelee Sobieski as Sister Honey in The Wicker Man

J'ai baise ta bouche, Jokanaan

The Sacred King is sacrificed as an atonement for the death of the May Queen, thereby fulfilling the economy of the universe: "Killing me won't bring back your goddamn honey!"

Erycina ('of the Heather')

"Got any Beemans?"

Bring me the head of the Disco King

The King of Discs


  1. Jimmy Page played at the Olympic closing ceremony in 2008 from a London double decker bus that came apart (echoes of 7/7?).
    And it is rumoured that in the 2012 closing ceremony, "Take That" among other bands,including maybe the Rolling Stones,Coldplay and Paul McCartney will be playing as well.

  2. great post. i'm really excited about the energy of today's eclipse. this post is also particularly resonant for me since i spent the afternoon practicing the dance routine for a Michael Jackson flash mob. the last dance indeed!

  3. Thanks for the amazing additions, everyone. For some reason this is a crazy important day for me.

  4. And where did those amazing collages "splice" come from? You could get lost in there, Alice...

  5. Thanks Michael, they came from Eye

  6. Tried to put in a link to designate my contribution but it got erased. That actually feels appropriate w/ the subject, no pun intended (Dig that Whole, Forget the Sun). How am Eye Knot meyeself? When there's only one of us hare. Phukh, Eye'm Late!

  7. Ha! Saw a boat yesterday: "Knot in Kansas". But yea, that's how it is around here. Of course, I, being the Demierge, can and do claim authorship of this entire post/realm... thing.

  8. The Flim Flam Man... holy Jeez! I saw that movie when I was a kid. Great article.

  9. It is interesting you invoke "Artaud" in the same space as "Stairway to Heaven". The lyric "shadows taller than our souls" has always sounded to me (on the album track) like "taller than Artaud" or "taller than a toad".

  10. We disagree on the smallest of particulars. You say the world ended in 1963; I say it ended in 1962. 1963 was merely President Jack's futile attempt to unite himself with the Queen of the Underworld, who was already thoroughly ensorcelled by the Great Magician. Time travel is the only option to reverse entropy.

    Teddy Daniels: After she tried to kill herself the first time, Dolores told me she... she had an insect living inside her brain. She could feel it clicking across her skull, just... pulling the wires, just for fun. She told me that. She told me that but I didn't listen. I loved her so much.

    Dolores Haze dies in 1952 in Nabokov's book, which is the year that Dolores Chanal dies in Shutter Island. Michelle Williams went on to play Marilyn Monroe. Revolutionary Road takes place in 1955, the year Marty performs the coniunctio on his parents. But this was all at the behest of Doc Brown the Demiurge hanging from the lightning-struck clock face (Christopher Lloyd, Danny Lloyd, Harold Lloyd, etc.).

    The Flim-Flam Man escapes his prison at the end, sacrificing his adoptive Son in the process. Take this as you wish.

  11. The Little Red-Haired Girl, brilliant.

  12. The Flim-Flam Man is Roman Polanski is Dom Cobb, in eternal exile from his homeland for figuratively raping a young girl.

  13. This article did not fully come together until the Bee Gee (Disco King) offered his head to the May Queen, thus fulfilling the eternal psychodrama of Videodrome.

    In The Flim-Flam Man, the Son must be sacrificed not for humanity's sins but instead to atone for the monstrous crime of the God-Father, namely, the original theft of divine Fire (Lolita's car). This is the fundamental paradox.

  14. The Tree of Life is depicted with the three supernals in black and white. The lower seven sephirot are in color. The Adam was split at the end of Dr. Strangelove (the nuclear apocalypse now), and all of Stanley Kubrick's subsequent movies are in color.

    Clockwork Terror makes the Lolita/Clockwork Orange connection concrete.

    Sharon Tate as the scarlet woman in the Clockwork Orange break-in scene. Charles Man-Son as the Adamic/Pinocchio child of the Demiurge, Roman Polanski-Dom Cobb the Flim-Flam Man himself. "Helter Skelter," or: "you're waiting for a train . . ."


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